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ARKHIPOV Alexei Andreevich.

( Sculptor)

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Biography ARKHIPOV Alexei Andreevich.
photo ARKHIPOV Alexei Andreevich.
The son of the sculptor, the grandson of the engineer, a descendant of the builders of Atlantis. After many transformations was born around 4 o'clock in the morning of March 16, 1955.
. Began to sculpt in the womb, she just worked on the restoration of the palace in Pushkin, and, naturally, the first teachers were his father and mother, strict but fair.
. Then there were the school wall newspaper, drawing on the desks, hands, walls
. Army soldiers have been made, koi with gusto shot from pushechek, slingshots and guns with suction cups.
In 1972. The case came to me LVHMU them. Fly on the faculty of Sculpture. And then it started serious training. To provide a picture - that there is a sculpture.
. 1977 - Diploma of the Institute and, as a reward, and a half years in the Army, where in general was not at all boring.
. Further, since 1980, there were many different exhibitions - big, small, personal, etc.
. B biographies found honorary degrees and awards
. Honorary Diploma in OZINTARI (RIGA) in 1988
. Second Prize Renaissance medals, Paris, 1986.
. 1991 - Prize GENRI DROPSI - Paris (mastery of the art medal, a trip to Paris).
. 1999 - awarded the medal "In honor of the establishment of the Order of St. Andrew" (1698 - 1998).
. 1991 - 1992 g
. - Made monument to Cherepovets - two monks - Theodosia and Athanasius.
. Participation in exhibitions in Switzerland, Holland, Italy, France, USA, England and Germany.
. Several personal exhibitions in St. Petersburg.
. Works acquired by the Hermitage, the Historical Museum in Moscow, the Russian Museum, UNESCO (Paris), Mint (Paris).
. Private collections: Russia, U.S., France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg (Ministry of Culture).
. A project of monuments: FM Dostoyevsky - Luxembourg, Anna Akhmatova, "Andrei Rublev", "Dante Alighieri", FIShalyapin
. Prizes for State. Circus (Chinezelli), ocean catamarans - Dubai, "The boy, playing in small towns," the prize "Fantasy" - Interpresscon.
Shortly after the appearance of money, appeared and the first medal, it makes no sense to specify exactly when. The silver moon and the dazzling sun - beautiful images of circular shapes of direct relevance to the coin.
. Circumference - the most common form in the universe.
. In the right circle is absolute magic - this scheme spherical universe, both visible and not seen through the eyes
. After all, medals can not be two sides, and four or six, if one is invested in another, like a pyramid.
How many wars and strife, the world is split into many pieces, the same circle - a symbol of unity and infinity at the same time. The head has a spherical shape, the brain and eyes, too.
Symbol of unity exists everywhere. The unity of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit in the Trinity. "Rig Veda" says "There is only one Being, the sages call it by different names". But the words of Plutarch: "Single people can not have a single god, . because there are no gods, barbarians, or Greeks, . north or south of the gods, . but just, . as sun, . the moon, . and land, . and oceans are the same for all of us, . whether, . what names people call them different, . and the Logos and The Providence commanded all of us.,
. Medalist could adopt the motto "E Pluribus Unum" ( "Out of many one"), which is written by Virgil and adopted on the obverse of the press United States
. Users stopping time, capturing an event, and themselves become an event.
Great monuments of great people often disappear without a trace, often find the same coin, and carefully preserved in museums and private homes. Medal is omnipresent, like the eyes of the Lord God.

Photo Arkhipova Alexei A.

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ARKHIPOV Alexei Andreevich., photo, biography
ARKHIPOV Alexei Andreevich., photo, biography ARKHIPOV Alexei Andreevich.  Sculptor, photo, biography
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