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POPOV Vladimir

( Honored Architect of Russia, Chairman of the St. Petersburg Union of Architects and a member of the Presidium of the Union of Architects of Russia.)

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Biography POPOV Vladimir
Born in 1928 in Leningrad.
He graduated in 1951, Architectural Faculty of the Leningrad Civil Engineering Institute. Then an over several child was a graduate student, worked at the Leningrad branch of the Academy of Construction and Architecture of the USSR.
From 1957 until now all the creativity VV. Popova associated with the institute LenNIIProject and the Chief Planning Authority Leningrad. In LenNIIProject previously they had passed way from the ordinary to the head architect, architectural and planning workshop.
. For 19 years, VV, Popov worked in the Chief Planning Authority in Leningrad (now the Committee on Urban Development), deputy chief architect of Leningrad and the first deputy chief of Glaucus
. Then, in 1986 led to LenNIIProject project management, projection major public sports facilities and medical profile, and now is the chief architect of this institution.
VV. Popov as an author, a participant or leader of group of authors has developed more than fifty projects for construction in Leningrad-Petersburg and its suburbs. - Drafting of detailed planning, construction of residential areas, squares and other urban complexes, as well as projects of individual residential and public buildings and structures. Among these mention should be made on ensembles Victory Square and the Constitution, the large houses in the Moscow region, on Sadovaya and Civil avenues of the Leningrad River Station, a high-rise building of the Institute Hydroproject and others.
. When you create many projects VV
. Popov used a means of synthesis of architecture and monumental art, has worked closely with the artists on these, for example, facilities like Music School in Moscow near underground station "Obukhovo". In addition, he is the author of the overall composition and architecture of the monuments to Lenin implemented in Simferopol and Ruzayevka, Lermontov in Penza.
VV. Popov repeatedly participated in various architectural competitions, many of the competitive work awarded.
For 30 years, VV. Popov is a member of the Town Planning Board of Leningrad - St. Petersburg, of which 24 years - a member of the presidium and 12 years was its Deputy Chairman.
. Along with a great creative and administrative work of Vladimir for many years has taught part-time faculty of architecture at the university city - first, . in 1968-79 years as assistant professor at the Leningrad Engineering-Construction Institute (now St. Petersburg Arhitekurno Construction University), . and currently a professor and head of personal creative workshop of the Institute of Painting, . Sculpture and Architecture named I.E,
. Russia Repin Academy of Arts, a member of the Scientific Council of the Institute. They trained many students. Are already known and successful in St. Petersburg and other cities. VV. Popov was elected a member of Russia Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences, as well as an academician and a member of the Academic Council Office in Moscow, the International Academy of Architecture, corresponding member of the Russia Academy of Arts.
. Since 1955, VV
. Popov - a member of the Union of Architects. He is currently Chairman of the St. Petersburg Union of Architects and a member of the Presidium of the Union of Architects of Russia. He is a member of the Commission under the President of Russia on the State Prize of Russia in the field of literature and art.
. For the active, creative and social activities Vladimir Popov was awarded the Order of Honor, four medals and was awarded the honorary title of "honored architect of Russia.

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POPOV Vladimir, photo, biography
POPOV Vladimir, photo, biography POPOV Vladimir  Honored Architect of Russia, Chairman of the St. Petersburg Union of Architects and a member of the Presidium of the Union of Architects of Russia., photo, biography
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