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Felix R. Lurie

( amateur photographer.)

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Biography Felix R. Lurie
photo Felix R. Lurie
"If I'm somewhere without a camera, I was not there ..."
Felix Lurie

Amateur photographer.
Felix R. Lurie - one of the oldest amateur photographers of our city - was born Aug. 19, 1930 in Leningrad. Father Felix practiced photography, he taught his son to the camera. After the war in school, Felix went to fotokruzhok.
In 1956, F. Lurie graduated from the Leningrad Military Mechanical Institute. After Voenmech already in Saratov F. Lurie, as the only amateur photographer in the group entrusted with the design speed filming, and he was fascinated kinolyubitelstvom, becoming one of the founders of the Saratov film club.
In 1959 F. Lurie returned to Leningrad. Movie Club in the city was not, but worked actively celebrated throughout the country folk photoclub Vyborg palace of culture. Since 1960, F. Lurie became a member of this club. Since then he has not parted with the camera. It was in the club at a meeting with the famous Leningrad professional photographers - Bryazginym and Stukalov - F. Lurie learned how to make photo albums - handmade books on one subject. As a rule, they were dedicated to nature - "Autumn", "Fog," "Bridges". And since the interests of Felix Robertovich can be divided mainly into three categories - literature, theater, painting, he began to devote little album literary evenings, open art exhibitions, performances. There are many hundreds.
Since 1968. F. Lurie worked at the Arsenal design engineer, he has about 30 design inventions. Photography has never been his profession, and only in the late 90-ies he worked under a contract of six months in the theater "Through the Looking Glass", has made 50 portraits for the foyer of the theater.
Was a regular contributor and member of the editorial board of a large-circulation newspapers and the plant is constantly placed there information and reviews of exhibitions, performances and literary evenings in our city.
At Arsenal was club literature. People's House book "Arsenalets" organized in 1972 a literary loan in the House in the writer's name. V. Mayakovsky, which regularly, for many years held meetings with famous writers, poets and playwrights. F. Lurie has become regular at the House of Writers and made many fine portraits: Ida Nappelbaum, Paul Antokolsky, Nathan Adelman, Daniel Granik, Mikhail Zhvanetsky Andrew Bitova, Abramov, Bella Akhmadulina ... Portraits he always gave his characters, and his collection contains many appreciative reviews.
F. Lurie loved going to exhibitions and soon began taking slides, mostly little-known paintings by young artists. Gradually formed a collection of about five thousand slides - with their help, as a lecturer society "Knowledge" photographer regular reviews of art exhibitions at its plant in photoclub, . Now, . when painting became part of the underground stories, . it slides used by critics,
In the 70-80-ies in our city have been very popular folk theater, which was given a little more freedom - and it worked great directors, who later became well-known artists. Henrietta Yanovskaya in the theater "Blue Bridge" (in the Palace of Culture. Volodarskogo), Benjamin Filshtinsky in "Crossroads" (in DC I Pyatiletki), Vadim Golikov at LSU, Leo Schwartz in "Four windows" (Palace of Culture. Lenin).
"Mother of Jesus" Volodin, "Marat-Sade" Weiss, "The Suicide" Erdmann, "Dragon" Schwartz - these pieces in those days could only be seen on the stage of people's theater - in trade, they were not allowed. In these groups there was a staff photographer - and F. Lurie gladly filmed performances and produced Photogazette and little album, I've been to theaters on tour in the current near-abroad - in Tallinn, Tartu, Vilnius, Kaunas.
"Kulturtregerskoe hobby" F. Lurie and communication with the worlds of literature, theater and painting in some cases led to the fact that among the people whom he acquainted with each other, there were new and creative communication and relationships. Extensive "data bank" F. Lurie needed and the World Club peterbuzhtsev ". When issuing the anthology "You, Petersburg useful not only portraits - some participants were in the almanac on the" tip of the wizard.
Many exhibitions held in the cafe-lounge "Old Village", also appeared with Felix Lurie.
Since 1998, Felix Lurie fascinated by color photography. Some of the most memorable works of the master - Women's portraits, among them, of course, and photos of his wife.
Personal life of the artist has developed successfully. His creative activities heeded by the people closest. Erlena Lurie - poet, sculpts remarkable figures of dough, sewing, photography became involved in youth. Camera and introduced them - talking at the stadium during the commemoration of 250 anniversary of St. Petersburg. Two sons, Felix Robertovich - artist and scholar - also like to photograph.
The camera allowed F. Lurie acquainted with a wide range of writers, . artists, . actors and directors, . and who were "heroes" of his many exhibitions, . and regular visits to a variety of literary evenings, . exhibitions and performances have led to, . that he became a chronicler of the cultural life of our city with the 70-ies of modern times,
. Many of the F. Lurie published in journals "Soviet Photo", "Neva", "Aurora", "Youth", "Ogonyok", "Amateur", in the newspapers "Soviet Culture", "Literary Gazette," Change, "" Evening St. Petersburg "," Neva time "," Rush Hour ". Portraits are often placed in the books of the St. Petersburg writers and literary critics, they can be seen in numerous photo exhibitions, stands at the House of Writers.
The city has been 15 personal exhibitions F. R. Lurie, which, along with the portraits represented genre and landscape shots.

Photo Lurie Felix Robertovich

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Felix R. Lurie, photo, biography
Felix R. Lurie, photo, biography Felix R. Lurie  amateur photographer., photo, biography
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