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Parfenova Tatiana

( Designer)

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Biography Parfenova Tatiana
photo Parfenova Tatiana
Tatiana Parfenova was born in 1956 in Poltava. In 1964 she moved to St. Petersburg, where he lives today. In 1977 graduated from the School of Painting. V. Serov, and in 1990 - the Moscow Institute of Technology. In 1988, Tatiana Parfenova became the winner of the contest "Intermodulation" in Czechoslovakia, and in 1989 - the competition "Young Designers" in London.
She made Parfenova in the early 90's. At this time, she wondered artistic and emblematic aspects of modeling clothes and draws inspiration from the works of Russian and European avant-garde artists beginning of the century (the projects "Matissovskaya Harmony" and "blue space Miro), . is correct and accurate geometric objects (project "Geometry", . includes a series of "Squares" and "Lines"),

In February 1995, Tatiana Parfenova decides to open his fashion house. Success does not have to wait long: in April 1995, Tanya received from the hands of the chairman of the jury Paco Rabanne first prize "Golden Button" on the international festival "In Vogue" for the first collection of home "Safron". In autumn 1996, Russia's Fashion Week collection Parfenova Mount Marat "recognizes the best collection of the year, and a dress from this collection receives a Grand Prix" Golden hanger "on the Moscow competition" Dress of the Year 96. (Later this dress, created from seventy-four parts, has acquired the newest department of the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.)

. In spring 1997 collection "Garda" Parfenova, in the first show which was attended by a famous fashion model 70 years Benedetta Bardzini, has been shown in many cities in Germany, including the Days of St. Petersburg to Hamburg
. In the same year, a dress from the collection "Chinese went from house to house" gets a prize at the competition "The dress, the 97" as the best evening gown

. In autumn 1998, Tatiana Parfenova with his collection "demo" takes part in the Moscow Fashion Week, . and in March 1999, the following collection of houses - "Urban details" - is in Ottawa and Toronto, . which has attracted the interest of representatives of the Canadian "fashion" business, . public and the press,
. At the same time, House is developing a corporate style of large companies: in 1998. were made costumes for the reception of service Grand Hotel Europe in St. Petersburg, and in 1999. - Developed corporate identity and created uniforms for the staff of the hotel "Baltchug Kempinski".

In September 1999, at the professional exhibition Salon Pret-a-Porter in Paris, in the sector "La Boutique" Tatiana Parfenova represents a collection of vesna/leto-2000. Later, in November 1999, at VI Fashion Week in Moscow House presents another collection, called "Tourmaline". In it were based on a mixture of ethnic motives of various peoples of Russia - Buryat, Tatar, Chuvash. The collection is very warm and cheerful, easy and affordable. It used high-quality, expensive fabrics - silk, cotton, synthetics and wool is smooth, the last manual processing (wetting, pressing, pressing, dyeing), so that even the business of this collection of jackets like fleece jackets.

The main colors of the collection - red, terracotta, brick, and used dark blue, gray, white, and the whole gamut of golden ocher hues, characteristic of Russia's peasant costume. Models style of old and decorated with embroidery, sequins and colored beads. To emphasize the integrity of the collection, as a contrast Parfenova uses accessories - a collection of colored costume jewelry, glass beads 50-70-ies, beaded jewelry. Models are decorated with embroidered satin compositions, repeating in miniature of the avant-garde and nisprovergateley dogmas in the world of art ( "Marilyn Monroe" by Andy Warhol, "Black Square" by Kazimir Malevich).

Today the fashion house "Tatiana Parfenova works forty people each year are produced
two seasonal and two intermediate collections

. During his career, Tatiana Parfenova been awarded: a master of the festival "Master Class" (1996, . Saint-Petersburg); prize "Gold Business" (for the most successful venture up to 1996), "Silver tunics" in 1997 at Fashion Week in Moscow, Russia (for its contribution to the development of Russia Fashion) prize "brilliant minds" in award for "Best Designer of the Year" in 1998,

Widely known work of Tatiana in the theater and film: the costumes for the 2 nd and 3rd of episodes of "Winter Cherry" (dir. I. Maslennikov); costumes for the film "Circus burned, clowns ran" (dir. V. Bortko); costumes for the Bolshoi Drama Theater. BDT "California Suite" with a. Freundlich and D. Basilashvili
. Works Tatiana Parfenova participated in numerous exhibitions: "Garderopp" - art exhibition of contemporary carnival costumes in the Manege (1993, . Saint-Petersburg), exhibition of new acquisitions of the newest trends of the Russian Museum, . dedicated to the 5 th anniversary of the Department (1996, . St.Petersburg, . The State Russian Museum), "Gifts and the acquisition of the Russian Museum" (1999, . Saint-Petersburg),

Photo Parfenova Tatiana

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Parfenova Tatiana, photo, biography
Parfenova Tatiana, photo, biography Parfenova Tatiana  Designer, photo, biography
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