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Vadim Savchenko Parfenevich

( Chairman of the Board of the Association 'Folk arts and crafts and trades of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Oblast', Honored Worker of Culture of Russia.)

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Biography Vadim Savchenko Parfenevich
photo Vadim Savchenko Parfenevich
Born April 8, 1938 in the town of Falcon Vologda. My father worked for various energy-related enterprises, was in the Army during the Finnish War and served during World from 1941 to 1946. Family Vadim Parfenevicha - mother, . brother, . sister - lived during the war in the city of Gorky, . and after leaving his father from the army in 1946, moved to live in the city of Pskov region Nevel, . where his father began to work primarily in energy-dairy - Cannery, . his mother - the head of the kindergarten,
After graduating in 1955, 10 classes Nevelskoj school Vadim moved to Leningrad, graduated in 1956. Technical College N2 and began working at the Admiralty elektrogazosvarschikom merger. Since 1957. served in the Navy, beginning in Kronstadt, and then - in Severomorsk, was discharged in 1961, a second lieutenant and went back to work electric welder at the plant and simultaneously enrolled to study in the evening at the University of the chair in art history. Engaged in social work and in 1961 was promoted to head the October orgotdelom RK Young Communist League, in 1966. was transferred instructor orgotdela District Party Committee. In 1967. graduated from University majoring in art, in 1971. was transferred to administrative work, first deputy director Lentorga Personnel, and then in 1973. Director Works picturesque decorative arts organizations of the Leningrad Art Foundation of the RSFSR, in 1976. was appointed director of the Fund. He was elected several times as a deputy District Council. In 1980. was the leader of a team of specialists in Mongolia, and since May 1983. worked as the Director General of the Leningrad union of folk crafts. When creating the Association of Folk Art Trades and Crafts of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region "was elected Chairman of the Board, and in 1999, reelected to the regular 5 years. In 1994 it was awarded the title "Honored Worker of Culture of Russia".
Can not imagine my life without books, all the time, parts kit and its library. Constantly surrounded by friends, unfortunately, many are no longer alive. Very fond of spiritual company, to sit with friends in the bath, but mostly in a person thinks decency. Not shy to miss a couple shots of vodka or a good portion of the other temples, very fond of good wine. And vodka prefer their own cooking and knows a lot of recipes, which he himself and invents. He is a member Rossiyskogo oldest branch of the Brotherhood of the Knights Tastevin ", which consist of only 28 people from Russia. Quite often happens abroad in various countries, by organizing them in the exhibition and the culture of St. Petersburg and pr. It replaces Vadim Parfenevichu holiday, in which he was not more than 10 years, believes that climate change is already leave. About 20 years does not know the words newsletter and not miss work for a single day.
First sat behind the wheel of a car after 60 years, goes to his dacha on Zhigulis. Married a second time. Wife Nellie Savchenko Leontievna member of the Journalists Union, now is not working. His son Sergei is engaged in business, is the owner of the club "London". Grandson Timur finished 1 course in the law faculty of the Academy of civilian control.
. Reviving, . develop, . economically and creatively to support artists, . artists, . engaged in crafts - this is the problem that confronts a, . created by the order of time, the Association of "Folk Art Trades and Crafts of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region", . unites today more than 40 different enterprises in the city producing artistic products,
. The Association is the greatest in Russia jewelry association "Russian Gems, the Lomonosov Porcelain Factory, as well as enterprises engaged in production of artistic products made of bronze, crystal, stone and pr. Master Painters Association and can perform the full range of artwork from the interior of the project to its realization in nature, and the manufactured product as a joke employees, ranging from a "bast shoes to diamonds". The Association regularly participates in various international exhibitions, making it 2-3 large exposure for the year. In its asset exhibition in New York, London, Paris, Munich, Frankfurt, Geneva, Africa, Brazil, etc.. In October 1999, exactly 10 years after the first exhibition in Moscow, the Association will organize a large exhibition in Rossiyskom Cultural Foundation. In the nearest plans of the Association - participated in the creation of the St. Petersburg Cultural Center in Paris, the organization of exhibitions in Nice, and Boston.

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  • marin ovidiu for Vadim Savchenko Parfenevich
  • hello dear sir !my name is MARIN OVIDIU and i am from bucharest romania . i am very happy to find this site with your father impressive biography.i write this message to you for my cousin who met your father in bucharest about 8 years ago.mr savchenko came in romania whith an folk art exhibition .my cousin have a gift shop in center of bucharest and she collaborated very well with mr Savchenko.recently, 2 months ago,she visited sankt peterburg and tried to find mr.Savchenko because she is very interested to collaborate whith mr Savchenko s association, but she could not. my cousins name Is MATILDA DUMITRESCU .it is difficult to find contact on internet because writting differences.please dear sir send to me an e-mail adress or a phone number to make possible contact with your father. my e mail is tata_ovidiu@yahoo.com .i wish you all the best !
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    Vadim Savchenko Parfenevich, photo, biography
    Vadim Savchenko Parfenevich, photo, biography Vadim Savchenko Parfenevich  Chairman of the Board of the Association 'Folk arts and crafts and trades of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Oblast', Honored Worker of Culture of Russia., photo, biography
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