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Photo Gallery SALTYKOVA Irina (27)
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Biography SALTYKOVA Irina
photo SALTYKOVA Irina
Zodiac sign: - Taurus
. Favorite author: - Spock
. Favorite Actor: - Mickey Rourke
. Favorite actress: - Sharon Stone
. Favorite singers: - Bryan Adams, Sting
. Favorite singer: - Cyndi Lauper, Kylie Minogue
. Hobbies: - Dancing
. Favorite animal: - cat
. Favorite food: - berries
. Favorite drink: - wine
. Favorite color: - depending on mood.
. Car: - Toyota

. Born May 5, 1966 in the town of Novomoskovsk, Tula region
Father was a machinist, his mother worked in a kindergarten.

The fifth grade Irina engaged in artistic gymnastics. Become a candidate for Master of Sports.

In 1981 he entered the Civil Engineering.
And in 1990 - at the Moscow Engineering Construction Institute.
After his studies worked as a secretary-typist.

In 1985, she was vacationing in g. Sochi, on the staircase met her future husband, while a soloist of "Forum", Viktor Saltykov.
Soon Irina married and gave birth to her daughter Alice.

Not long worked in the group "Mirage" second vocalist.
Then she began to work in a variety of restaurant "Delhi".

Soon the work in a variety show is over, Victor got a little bit and Irina was looking for ways to earn.

In 1993, bought a commercial tent and began to engage in business. And the sellers she worked dancers husband, who at that time were without work.

Soon after a major quarrel Victor left.
As he left, he took and his dancers (vendors who worked with Irina). Find honest and conscientious people proved difficult. And Irina sold tents.
Irina decided to become a singer ... Managed to gain from the sale of certain sum, which could allow it to try to realize our plans.

Debut Irina Saltykova in concert was held in 1994 in Moscow at the cinema "Warsaw". The first song that Irina has performed as a singer was "Let go" to the music and words with. Mudrova. This happened at the studio Alla Pugacheva.

February 1, 1995 Saltykov recorded his first song, "Gray eyes to the music and the words of Oleg Molchanov Arcadia Slovorosova.

That summer, Irina shot a video for the song "gray eyes", loudly announcing himself.
Since October 1995, she finished invited to speak. In the same year released the album "gray eyes" to the studio SOYUZ.

Moreover Irina Saltykova albums out: 'Blue Eyes', 'Alice', 'The best'.

Interview with Irina Saltykova:
- Is it true they say that in childhood you were capricious and harmful?
- No, I was pretty modest girl. But sometimes vrednichala, like all normal children. Sometimes, when my brother insulted me, I closed the bathroom and cried. In addition, I included the water to be irritated by the noise. When he got tired, he would go, and I stopped crying. When he appeared, my roaring renewed. So I vrednichala.

- What do you do in order to maintain itself in such a way?
- As a child I was a candidate for Master of Sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics. I have the title of Candidate Master of Sports. In the regional competitions are often held prizes. Hence, perhaps, easy and free behavior on stage. Perhaps I could achieve something in this sport, but in thirteen years I had to leave gymnastics. But such a figure I have the eighth grade, and I'm not doing anything to save her. There's no time. I work for a producer, director, administrator and performer - all at once. Besides, I am musical and artistic director of his team: put the program, decide what suits and who sew. Very negotiate a lease rooms. It includes three families: helping family, mom. And although I have Alice the nurse, and for the house - the assistant, all the everyday problems are solved by itself: no one for me will not go into a store and do not choose my dress or, for example, microwave. Repairs to the new flat - also for yourself: have led the people, checking their work. And besides all this, I must always look like a star: Picture on TV interview. I get tired so that even my dreams are not dreams. Only occasionally - such a nightmare! Everyone who knows me, they say: 'Ira, you're broken! " But while I am holding. Well, if I go every six months in a beauty salon - is sacred: the job requires. If I do not look good, does not work.

- How do you think of their appearance, to the figure?
- As a child, the exterior was my main problem: I considered myself very ugly. In any case, I thought so. Until the eighth grade, none of the boys did not pay any attention to me. But when I first put on her makeup and no uniforms, and normal clothes, I suddenly noticed. And I realized that in this life I can for something aspire. I well remember how, when I was sixteen, a friend invited me to witness the wedding. Especially for this, I sewed a dress of bright red translucent fabric: the front was a huge (at the time) cut, and when walking and when I'm sitting down - he disagreed, his back - naked. Parents were horrified when he saw. And at the wedding everyone had forgotten about the bride. I do not know whether this is good or bad, but then I felt myself very healthy. Gradually the mother began to get used to my antics and now even dictates what should I wear for a particular case.

. - How do you think about what you call "Barbie"?
. - Dolls have always been my most favorite toys
. I treated them very carefully: for them, I had a special crib bedding: all this I was sewing and knitting itself. I had dolls, adult, teenage dolls, dolls, children, girls and boys. She played with them from morning till evening. The most favorite was a doll that looked like a nine-month baby - with a bald head, crooked arms and legs: it was very convenient to wash and wrap in blankets. And twenty years before I was very fond of cartoons: they looked like film. Until now, with pleasure watching a fairy tale. I think that is normal. Here's Alice, I is not so: it is almost never played dolls, and when we were with her at Disneyland, I think I liked it more than she: I am pleased to see running around all these tales, but she preferred to ride on the carousel. "Barbie" is very loved in our country. And it seems to me quite natural: her dresses, legs - so subtle, elegant: for beauty - an integral part of our lives.

- Is it true that you've come to the scene only because of its outward appearance and the fact that his wife had been in. Saltykov?
- No one takes me seriously! To me, I'm sure there was only myself! I even remember how to bring the clip in a musical version for television, and I was told that the material is gray, will be hard to climb. So funny happened - a gray material and the name of the clip "gray eyes". But the video appeared on television and was really taking off.

- Do you feel happier by becoming independent than at the time when you were married?
- In married life I have not had the opportunity to relax, take a. I was accountable to and dependent. And now I can buy extra shoes, go to the beautician, when I want to go on three days rest. Up in the morning, soak in the bath - that's what you have good. Tint, combed - and you are beautiful. And in family life as the morning starts? Know? In the evening I bought a new shop in the shadow. And I think: they go to me or not? I can sit in front of the mirror trying to at least an hour. In family life have I had this time? I bought a dress, not like it, gave her friend and went bought the following. And I'm in it will beautiful. From these details depends on the whole complexion of the women. And the gleam in his eyes appear, and in a good mood.

- Do you think that a married woman is descended stupid woman?
- Who husband drinks, yes! I completely ceased to look after themselves, when his daughter was born. Everybody wanted to have time - and for the child to look after, and her husband to please. He did not recognize the nurses, mamok - it was necessary that I myself can handle everything.

. - Working women know what to look beautiful every day and be in the form - it is a heavy cross! How do you manage to always look good?
. - Sometimes I lie as much in poldevyatogo morning and get up about 2 hours of the day ..
. Everything depends on the internal mood.

- How would you describe the style in which the work? Do not bother if you felt second-class "pop"?
- Yes, my style - popular music. In primitive music, which sometimes hear, I really feel ashamed. But not for their. We, of course, lag behind the West.

- Is it true that all the costumes for the dancers and their Do ye imagine yourself?
- Yes, I have always tried to dress well. I'm Taurus, and this sign loves everything that is dear and beautiful. Incidentally, the "Christmas Meetings" Alla, probably five times complimented my costume: I had a very nice hat. She sewed on my commissioned a famous fashion designer Alexander Shishilov.

. - How will your new image?
. - It depends on the time, I am always changing and I love different clothes.

. - In your first movie "gray eyes" is an episode when the bartender pours a stuffed his belt shaker molochnobeluyu liquid in the glass, you are sandwiched between the legs
. In the speech to "Russia" You invited from the floor of a young man, invites him to kiss her in the ass. Meanwhile, your filming for "Playboy" nothing sverhotkrovennogo no.
- The one episode in the "gray eyes" offered to the director: it was the Dutch bartender, and they have a special school "Erotic Cocktail". I agreed. But do not imagine that it will cause such a fuss. And in "Russia" was awful: some losses, and the first day was such a commotion, I'm tired, puts make-up for half an hour before entering the scene. But on the second day was full. I wanted to bring pleasure to the spectators: they also want to look at me closer, touch. So I behaved like a fool: he wanted to laugh Hall. In general, I very rarely performed the same thing the same way - improvising. I have been instances when, during a speech I was crying because all my songs in some way connected with my life. And taking off for "Playboy", I was not going to strip: I do not need, I have another profession.

- The customs and emancipated tamer male hearts Irina Saltykov suddenly drawn to the romance - it is heard in new songs. What happened? Spring? Emotional?
- In 20 years we have all alleged by itself tamers of life, then you grow up, become wiser and gentler. Actually, my goal - to become the ideal woman.

- Is it true that you have discharged their shortcomings on paper and trying to get rid of them? What are these drawbacks?
- There are many, but I will say only some. First, never let anyone criticize. Secondly, you need every day in sports. Third, learn a perfect English, then eat right, to respect the. I can not always be tractable and restrained. While I try.

- What do you consider your strengths?
- They have many. More than disadvantages. Intelligent, beautiful, kind - what is it?

- Would you exchange your life experience and brains to that freshness and youthful skin, of which you dream?
- Yes, unfortunately, no brains, when fresh skin. In principle, all my suits. I have a favorite thing, I have a well-fed, clothed child - it is very important! I can give her a good education and upbringing. I am quiet and thank God even skin fresh.

- Apparently you - the economic man. Is that true?
- Hostess I classroom. No nurses in our house has never been. My husband was constantly on tour, and I got a daughter and was engaged in farming. I love the comfort and cleanliness in the house - that's my weakness. We do less housework - just no time. I helped my mother, and daughter grew. There is a driver who hauls her daughter to school. And so - all on me.

- A lot of your fans had the impression that you are a beautiful woman with obviously male character. Is this true?
- This is the first impression of me. In fact, I characterized by only one male trait - self. And inside me lives a weak, vulnerable and sensual woman. My independence has allowed me to achieve much, but my feminine qualities hinder me in life. Many of them, I would like to get rid of.

- Are you studying?
- Graduated. I received a degree in economics at Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI former).

. - Do you think that the resulting specialization is useful to you in the future?
. - Of course, in business all handy.

. - How do you relax?
. - Normal rest for me - it is somewhere in the Canary Islands
. Because of busy I do not often able to realize his dream. But this year I have to rest ... And when I get tired to be serious, business and the accumulated fatigue requires going, then I just relaxed in close company. "Tumble fool" can and my daughter Alice. Good rest I have not had nearly four years. So, pull up to ten days once a year. I love the sun, the sea, I love sunbathing. That's for me to rest.

- Is it true that you are dreaming about another child, and is it true that soon this dream will be fulfilled?
- Of course, I dream! Probably every woman dreams of children. I hope that my dream will come true. But I will not guess. You know, in every life can be.

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