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Retuinskih Alexander

( Director-General of the International Training and Consulting Scientific Practical Center of Russian fighting art 'RETAL', president of All-Russia public organization "Federation of Russ)

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Biography Retuinskih Alexander
photo Retuinskih Alexander
Born February 28, 1953, in Mr.. Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russia. He served in the Soviet Army, worked as a teacher of physical culture in the university Krasnodar city. C 1991 and the present Director General of the International Training and Consulting Scientific Practical Center of Russian fighting art RETAL.
The first trainer, who gave Alexander Ivanovich start in sport and in life was Krivorotov Alexander, Honored coach of Russia in Sambo. With 20 years of Alexander professionally judo, sambo and melee fight. Master of Sport in Sambo and judo medalist and champion of the All-Russia and the All-Union Competition. Since 1980, began his research on Russian martial art. Since 1982. to 1989. - Instructor-methodologist for close combat ATC g. Krasnodar and the Krasnodar Territory (Society "Dinamo").
In Krasnodar, from 1980 to 1990, attended classes in unarmed combat instructor, a renowned expert Kadochnikova AA, prompting a new insight into a system of movements. Skills training and teaching experience Athlete enabled Alexander Ivanovich on a new approach to the methodology of training process, . to a new sport and combat training system ROSS (Russia Patriotic Self-Defense System),
. From 1990 to the present, he is the organizer and leader of Russia and International workshops on Russian Martial Arts - ROSS. In 1992, with his colleagues organized a Federation of Russia Russian martial art http://www.ross.ru and was elected its president. In this post is to present.
In 1993 he was elected to the World Championships in sambo in g. Kstovo chairman of the Committee of the Combat Sambo Federation Sambo in Russia Russia and the deputy chairman of the commission at the World Combat Sambo Federation Sambo (FIAS).
In 1995, registered as know-how and patented, the author's method of preparation of "Russia" with the eight directions in which the principles are used ROSS:
Hand to Hand "Schools of survival in extreme conditions".

School updated sambo and judo ".
School bayonet "(fencing on the rifle, sporting and combat section).
School training security guards and bodyguards ".
School for Advanced Studies in games of power sports. (Hockey, American football, rugby, etc.).
"School Health".
School dances and martial dances ".
School sports hand combat ".
Since 1997 appointed head of the combat training of Cossack Forces in Russia and abroad of the General Staff of the Union of Cossack Forces in Russia and abroad, with the rank of Major-General of the Cossack troops. He is currently an adjunct faculty unarmed combat and overcome the obstacles of the Military Institute of Physical Culture, Mr.. St. Petersburg.
In 1998, the St. Petersburg Academy of Physical Culture named. Lesgafta open Dept. of fencing and the Russian martial art "ROSS". Retuinskih AI. is the founder and chief editor of the magazine "Russian Martial Arts - ROSS" http://www.journal.ross.ru
. In 1998, Alexander received a invitation from the founder and president of the World Council Club Grand Masters of Martial Arts "U.S., . Professor, . Grand Master Frank Sanchez, . provide the training ROSS, . as a national martial art Russia,
World Council of Grand - acknowledged masters and certification systems in Russia, and its author Retuinskih AI. introduced to the Council of the club with the rank of Grand Master RBI - ROSS. In 2000. Alexander Ivanovich awarded the title of Honored coach of Russia.
In 2001 at the initiative of the World Club Grand Masters (USA), together with the President of Russia VV FRBI. Putin was given the title "THE LEADER OF THE WORLD". Was handed the first time since the founding of the Grand Club - Masters, . Frank was also awarded Honorary Sanchez 10 dan and Red Zone for, . that in Russia there, . preserved and developed national martial art, . as part of the culture of Russia - RBI, . and he alone among all the presidents of the world, . so perfectly combines the leadership of the country with such a manly sport, . as martial arts!,
. Also served with the title "Honorary Member FRBI" great athlete, the State Duma Karelin AA
This event was held in St. Petersburg on 19 February, during a 10-year anniversary on the movement of the Russian martial art of BKZ "October". Were shown demonstrations of the best teams from 40 regions of the Federation, among whom were World Champions and European Federation of visitors from the U.S.. This president, chairman and founder, "the World Council of Club Grand Masters of martial arts, Professor - GRANDMASTER FRANK E. SANCHEZ-Frank Sanchez, . founder of San-Jitsu, . a black belt judo, . jujitsu, . Karate, . 10 given by the Guam system of martial art, . honorary member and advisor to more, . than 23 international organizations martial arts http://bushido.org/ ~ whfsc, . and GLENN C,
. WILSON-Glenn Wilson - Professor, . Grandmaster, . one of the founders of the White Dragon Warrior Society, . President of the Academy of the Fire Dragon, . 5 times World Champion, . 8-fold Champion USA, . teacher famous athletes and movie stars: Cynthia Rothrock - "Lady Dragon" - Cynthia Rothrock (Female Dragon) and Don Wilson "The Dragon" - Don Wilson - (Dragon) http://www.pailum.org,

. To cover this event Russia Media, . as well as founder and head of the elite, . the oldest and the world's largest magazine on martial arts - BLACK BELT "Black Belt" Magazine, . published in the United States from Los Angeles (California State, . USA) Richard Price.,

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  • Svetakr for Retuinskih Alexander
  • Alexander, hello! That you write Light, Inna and Karina Krinitsy.Pozdravlyaem of you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! All the best!
  • Arma for Retuinskih Alexander
  • Hello Alexander. My name is Basil, in 1999, 2000. studied in St. Petersburg in the center "Retal" system "ROSS" from Svetlova Sergei Konstantinovich. Since then, the relationship with the center was lost because I have moved to another city. Can not find any information about the center and the Federation of FRBI. Surely not all died down and killed, it would be very sorry and Aubin. Sincerely Pilipenko Basil.
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    Retuinskih Alexander, photo, biography
    Retuinskih Alexander, photo, biography Retuinskih Alexander  Director-General of the International Training and Consulting Scientific Practical Center of Russian fighting art 'RETAL', president of All-Russia public organization "Federation of Russ, photo, biography
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