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Marie d'Agu

( The Countess)

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Biography Marie d'Agu
photo Marie d'Agu
Being a muse - honorable occupation, but very ungrateful. Especially if the muse descends from his pedestal and is the real life of the creator. And doubly sad when she's muse is not alien to creative research and wants to be recognized as a person and as a result lose their illusions.

The name of the composer Franz Liszt all know a little bit familiar with the music. But the Countess Marie d'Agde knows almost no. Although the history of their love of the subject of several books, the most famous and talented of which is a novel Honore Balzac "Convicts love" ( 'Les amours forces'), in which the countess is derived under the name Arabella. Subsequently, the countess herself released memoirs, in which some detail speaks of his love for Liszt. Unfortunately, this love ended sadly.

Countess d'Agde, nee Flavin was born in a French family, but in the German city - in Frankfurt. When she was only 10 years old, she had already attracted attention for their wit and beauty. When she grew up around it, as recognized beauty, began to crowd the whole army admirer, one of which belonged, among other things, the British ambassador William Lem (the beloved husband of Byron), Danish envoy Pechlin, Chateaubriand.

. Later, she moved with her mother in Paris, where its success as a secular beauty was no less great
. One of her contemporaries described her as a tall blonde with long red hair, big dreamy eyes, white velvet skin, elegant nose, and noble forehead outlined. Hands and feet were her young and beautiful. On top of that she possessed a remarkable musical talent. But:

But despite all these qualities (and perhaps why), no one offered her hand and heart. True, she remained indifferent to the courtship and compliment her showered. To the one only to General Lagarde, an elderly man, but has a whole arsenal of French polish, she felt a certain attraction between them and struck up a sort of novel, but it ended in the beginning. General suddenly gone, never explained in the love of his beautiful girlfriend.

Beautiful Marie finally married a man, worthy in all respects, but nothing glorified. Count Agde was older than her for twenty years (as extinct general!), . is notable, . rich, . exercised great influence at the court of Charles X, . was very strict in matters of honor, . Society was able to hold a pleasant conversation, . chivalrous behaved with respect to the ladies: Truly grand marriage, . Countess, . probably, . would be happy, . if not distinguished restless nature and a thirst for experience.,

. She already had three children, and she now and then she went to balls, sparkled in the light, which has always been a delightful, striking the toilets and the expression of satiety and boredom
. Countess felt himself richly gifted person, a refined intellectual, claimed a leading role in all the salons and casually shattered the hearts of a dozen men, until she met Franz Liszt.

. It happened in the salon of the Duchess of Duras, where he read poems and played on the piano
. Liszt, who visited this salon, was still a young man, but full of promise. Tall, slender, thin, with pale marble face and high forehead, a thinker, he immediately gave the impression of an extraordinary man. Moreover, everyone knew that he often hesitated at that time, whether to become a priest of art, or a priest.

. As a musician, he was riveted to the general attention, and among his ardent admirers were persons such as Alfred de Musset and George Sand, whose works had great influence on him
. The ladies took care of him, behind this 'Paganini Piano', the name of Liszt. Nobody paid any attention to the fact that leaf humble origin, as his father was a minor official: secular manners and musical genius made aristocratic areas of Paris to forget about it. Liszt became a real idol on the altar of which women are often brought their modesty, honor and reputation.

She brought them to the victim and the Countess d'Agde. She fell in love with Liszt. Perhaps the crucial role played by the fact that the brilliant young man did not respond directly to her feelings, and she is not accustomed to such treatment. However, the path of love are inscrutable. Moreover, the efforts of the Countess is very successful: prevailed at the time the idea of free love, sung, in particular, in the novels of George Sand, was very fashionable in Parisian high society.

. But the continuation of fashionable novel was shocking: the Countess d'Agde left her husband and went with Liszt to Switzerland
. The sheet was on top of bliss, as can be judged from the following letter to one of his friend, writer: 'If you want to describe the story of two lovers happy, then select the shore of Lake Como. Never before has the sky has not judged me so blessed corner of the earth. The magic of love must be there to act with a vengeance. Imagine the ideal image of woman, the heavenly beauty which inspires awe, but close to it - a young man who is faithful and happy not to the best ... Oh, you probably already guess how to call this a love couple! "

Happiness Liszt lasted a long time, because during his stay in Switzerland, the countess bore him three children: Daniel, Christina and Cosimo. But was she schastlivaN unlikely. Liszt was a loving father, an ardent lover, but: the poor, to say the least - poor. Paradise in a tent does not work, because the Countess d'Agde is not accustomed to hardship. The usual scenes, quarrels, and the case ended with the lovers parted.

Love is over, the memories remain. Countess d'Agde to fill the void in his life, began writing. Perhaps she preferred to be representative of bohemia, but did not reject the light of a failure. Her first novel 'Nelida' was a great success, as she described it in his own life. Of course, Liszt got it "on the full program, but it is unlikely to be surprised. Most Marie also had hard times after the publication of the novel of Balzac, and only something he in no way did not take it personal accounts.

The novel caused a lot of blame, but he eagerly read. Chateaubriand found it even a model witty irony. However, belletrizovannye memoirs always enjoyed success, especially if you go during the life of the protagonists.

Herself a writer to pay little attention to the criticism: it creates. Perhaps she was not allowed to sleep laurels George Sand. Marie to imitate not only in life but also in literature and even chose a male pseudonym - Daniel Stern. Under him, among other things, she published her history of the revolution of 1848.

. In this book, Countess expressed democratic views, which are mainly due to stigma, which she suffered in aristocratic areas because of illegal connection with a sheet
. However, the Countess d'Agde has always regarded itself as 'an exceptional creature', and hardly would even write a history book on the generally accepted canons.

And yet the fate of cruel fun of it. She was a talented writer, has created a brilliant interior, and has remained in history only as a friend of Liszt, and contemporary, George Sand. Probably, and she realized the futility of Marie his efforts, because life ended in a madhouse, virtually forgotten by all, including, and children.

. A leaf which is lived in wealth and honor to a great age, never no one talked about his beloved
. Neither good nor bad - nothing. However, he generally avoided talking about women: his only mistress was always music.

No muse - music.

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Marie d'Agu, photo, biography
Marie d'Agu, photo, biography Marie d'Agu  The Countess, photo, biography
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