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Dolgoruky Catherine

( Last love of Emperor Alexander II)

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Biography Dolgoruky Catherine
photo Dolgoruky Catherine
On the enthusiasm of Alexander II Princess Dolgorukoi talk in the salons and palaces of St. Petersburg in 1867. By this time the king-reformer was already very worn out and tired of power and, according to people close to him, 'ceased to be king as soon as the reception finished his ministers and took off his uniform dress'. Twenty princess captivated young freshness, gentleness and mild manner, in which lurked a tender, impressionable nature.

At court she appeared rarely - on occasion large outputs and court balls. In light was reputed to be very pretty: a short, handsome, with a magnificent complexion, a pleasant shade of blond hair, giving softness of her haughty little too high brow.

. This emperor and remember the princess in one of the fashionable entertainment
. Coming in the behavior of the emperor began to find more oddities. His mercy to the organizers of balls in honor of a favorite, his incredible tolerance for divorced ladies, who most often appeared at the court in the absence of the empress, agitated city. As if by magic has been a growing number of divorces in circles close to the throne noisy scandals. 'This is now the time', - complained about the emperor and legitimized extramarital affairs.

Empress learned to have happened from the emperor. Conceal from her the secret of the fact he could no longer that in 1872 Princess Dolgorouky birth to a son George, and a year later - the daughter of Olga. With the Empress thought about this, we can only guess. Even in the darkest hours of life and who would not say a word about the connection of her husband.

Ten years affair Catherine Dolgorukaya secretly moved to the Winter Palace. The princess took the small rooms directly above the chambers of the sovereign. The last often heard cries over his head and actions of children. Sometimes it happened at a time when the Empress was on the toilet. Maria has changed dramatically in the face, but a rare effort of will immediately suppressed pierced her pain. For the present, maids or a hairdresser, she found a natural explanation for the strange sounds. In 1878, the princess gave birth here Dolgorukaya second daughter, Catherine.

The Empress, along with the suffering heart endured physical suffering. She was hopelessly ill. In the Winter made a hermetically sealed chamber in which the empress had to take hours of inhalation. A year later, she was not able to move in Tsarskoe. There went the emperor alone, but knew that with him the princess. 'I myself begged the Emperor to go - on his deathbed to shield her husband's empress - fresh air and rest will benefit him. "

He visited his wife almost every day. Increasingly, found her in a dreamy, morbid hallucinations. May 21 Empress was very weak. Alexander II wanted to spend the night in the city, but Botkin assured him that the days of Maria Alexandrovna is not considered. It was that night, until the whole house was asleep, she quietly died.

After her death, found a letter to the Emperor, written in a long time ago. Maria thanked her husband for years lived happily with him zhizn.Pogrebenie happened according to the adopted ceremony, but without any solemnity, in which it expressed sorrow to the widowed spouse.

. A month later the city crept new rumors
. It seems that 'good and cordial Emperor' has given the title of Serene Highness Princess Dolgorouky. Smoke without fire, and these rumors have had their reasons.

July 4 in Tsarskoe emperor summoned the Count Adler-Berg. Without further ado, he announced his decision to marry. 'The princess sacrificed for me, - he continued - from this context, children were born, and, finally, to do it tells me a sense of duty'. Graf confused. At first he could not find words to persuade the emperor. He began to beg the emperor to abandon the decision, in the opposite case - to abdicate.

Vain drew indignant graph of the fatal consequences of the act. Vain to scare the fall of prestige, threatened indignation and even disdain of society. His life, the life of the Emperor of the State was ready to put the feet only woman at the feet of the princess Dolgorukoi.

- The wedding is scheduled for the day after tomorrow, - he said.

Past collapsed overnight.

Two days later, Alexander II was married to Princess Dolgorukoi. The ceremony occurred in the camp of the church, located in one of the halls of the Great Tsarskoselskogo palace.

. The same day Alexander II signed the act in the Senate, announcing its entry in the left-handed marriage with Princess Dolgorukoi providing her name and title of Serene Highness Princess Yuryevskaya
. Same name and title were children: son George eight years and seven daughters Olga and Ekaterina two years - with all the rights of legitimate children, following the articles of the Laws of Russia Empire.

'The Emperor wished to make me his wife, I am quite happy and never allow myself to get out of his modest role'. Heir and tsesarevna stood thunderstruck.

In parting, the emperor invited them to the Crimea, where intended to serve four days. Princess Yurevskaya had to follow him on the same day, but in the ordinary express train. Before leaving, she allegedly received an anonymous letter threatening to kill her and one of his daughters during the journey. Then the emperor renounced these earlier promises, the family followed the same train. Veil of secrecy promised continued to subside. In Crimea, the emperor's wife, presented his retinue in the Livadia Palace. The newlyweds settled down in it alone, seeing strangers from time to time - for lunch or an evening party in the cards.

It ended 'music' velvet season. In St. Petersburg, waited for the new season: fall, Opening Day, the first snow, the prime minister, Epiphany frosts. Returned from the Crimea Emperor found a little haggard. He conducted himself with deliberate ease and unconcern. Now he was extremely concerned about the new position of his wife.

Grand Dukes even though they were fascinated by the new wife of the emperor, preferred to maintain a relationship with her unpardonable in the eyes of the emperor distance.

Behind the scenes of this whole public life taken the most unexpected measures. Preparations were the coronation of the new empress. Princess Yurevskaya already ordered in Paris gown, and many approximate the emperor saw the code for the maids of honor Catherine III, invented by himself.

In the magazine article appeared, in setting out the old story of the coronation of Catherine I. Knowledgeable people that hint was understood. Everyone kept a cautious silence.

. And on the streets of St. Petersburg were not uncommon among those 'suspicious characters' - in a broad crumpled hat and dark glasses, long hair, unkempt beard and indispensable plaid coat worn over
. There were rumors that their pockets are crammed with bombs.

In the city the Emperor appeared not otherwise than mchas at full speed in a closed carriage, surrounded by an escort of Cossacks. He seemed to flee from the stifling legitimate protest of the family, from St.-Petersburg discontent light on the whims of a young couple, from himself, finally, because in moments of insight, he saw clearly that he did not approve of neither man nor God.

. The accident occurred on the waterfront of the Catherine Canal, March 1, 1881
. The first bomb killed a boy, delivery man, that passes with his basket, and destroyed the carriage of the Emperor. Attracted by the type of accident, Alexander II came. He stood at the rail embankment and leaned against him. At this time two police officers grabbed a man in. The Emperor called them and ordered to take him.

. - Leave, - he turned to the police.

. - That you threw bombuN - asked the emperor and added reproachfully, heavily lisping: - Hogosh, hogosh!

. Piped snatched from his pocket a shell and threw it under the feet of the king.

. The funeral took place exactly one week after the assassination
. There were muffled cannon shots, they heard the roar funeral bells, rode on horseback to different sides of ceremonies and orderlies. During the funeral procession Princess Yuryevskaya replaced closer to the grave. But she has not coped with the feelings began to scream, and the court doctor took her away.

Funeral chariot was carrying the coffin of Alexander II, covered with gold brocade. There was a sentimental legend, though it lay in the cut princess Yuryevskaya her lovely hair ...

And so it snapped the reign of Alexander II. Reign, which began so beautifully thanks to the abolition of serfdom. On his desk lay there another draft reform. It concerned the establishment of an elected assembly - the institute, which could initiate the development of constitutional monarchy. Stories had anything to document this so and lay unsigned. And the new Catherine, Catherine III, Russia does not adopted.

Recovering from grief, the princess Yurevskaya left with children to France. She settled in Nice, where, without the slightest protest from the Russian colony continued to build himself ousted from the Empress. In the accounts of British and French banks, the princess lay a few million, part of which was laid by Alexander II, and another came thanks railway concessions it received as a gift when he was still in the sultana.

. The princess and the people came to Russia
. At first the young imperial couple was attentive and sympathetic to her. Emperor allowed even to call myself 'you'. He provided her and the financial position, providing a separate palace and a hundred thousand annuity. But time has taken its toll and soon the imperial family of the princess met a cold civility. In one of his visits, she said that as soon as her daughter grow up and will go into the light, she will return to St. Petersburg and will provide balls. Empress silent. Alexander III said in response to just one short phrase:

- At your place, - he said very quietly, - instead of giving balls, I would have locked himself in a monastery.

Since then, the princess Yurevskaya in Russia did not appear. She survived her husband for thirty-odd years and died in 1922.

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  • It is a very interesting subject for history lovers as myself and as thus I permit myself to let yu know the translation requires a person with proper English. Pease have this done for history's sake. thankyou
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    Dolgoruky Catherine, photo, biography
    Dolgoruky Catherine, photo, biography Dolgoruky Catherine  Last love of Emperor Alexander II, photo, biography
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