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Vladimir Alexandrovich Kotelnikov

( Twice Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of Lenin and State prizes, member of Russia Academy of Sciences)

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Biography Vladimir Alexandrovich Kotelnikov
photo Vladimir Alexandrovich Kotelnikov
Born September 6, 1908 in Kazan in the family professor of Kazan University, a prominent Russian engineer and mathematician - Kotelnikov Alexander Petrovich (1868 - 1944). Mother - Kotelnikov Varvara Petrovna (1876 - 1922). Wife - Bogatskaya Anna (1916 - 1990). Children: Alexander Kotelnikov (1940 - 2000), Nyquist Natalia (1942g.rozhd.) Queen Marina (1956g.rozhd.).

In 1926, while remaining faithful to his childhood and youthful enthusiasm only emerging science - in radio, joined the Electrical Engineering Faculty of the Moscow Higher Technical School named after Bauman (Moscow Higher Technical School).

In 1931 he graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MEI), which at that time separated from the Moscow Higher Technical School as an independent institution, and received a diploma in electrical engineering, specializing in radio engineering ". As one of the best graduates, they left him in graduate MEI. In the same year (1931) before the start of classes in graduate school he spent several months working at the Research Institute of Communication of the Red Army.

. While studying in graduate school (1931-1933) VAKotel'nikov chose the theme of his scientific work relevant to the time problem bandwidth telecommunication links, . in the solution of which he was the first mathematically precisely formulated and proved "sampling theorem", . which was later named after him,
. Nyquist theorem, which was published in 1933, became one of the fundamental principles of communication theory and has become one of the cornerstones of computer science.

. After finishing graduate school in 1933, VA Kotelnikov, staying to teach at MCI, joined the Central Research Institute of Communications (ZNIIS) People's Commissariat of Communications of the USSR as an engineer, then chief engineer
. Later he became head of the Laboratory of the Institute of Radio Communications of the USSR People's Commissariat evolved from ZNIIS (1933-1941).

. Kotel'nikov owns a number of serious engineering developments made in the prewar years and during the Great Patriotic War
. Under his leadership, had created a unique radio equipment installed on the route Moscow - Khabarovsk. The establishment of this line was at one time a major achievement of national and world radio engineering.

. In 1941 he led them to the laboratory was evacuated to Ufa, where entered into evacuated earlier from the Leningrad State Allied Industrial Experimental Institute N 56 of the Ministry of Electrical Industry
. In these institutions VAKotel'nikov head first group, and then the laboratory. Wars have been started to work on the creation of new communications systems are protected from potential plays, successfully continued in Ufa. Manufacturing equipment developed was established in the besieged Leningrad at the plant N 209 and with direct participation of VA Kotelnikov. In these works he had to solve many scientific, technical and organizational problems.

. In 1941 VAKotel'nikov formulated a clear position on how the requirements should satisfy mathematically nedeshifruemaya system and given proof of its inability to decode
. This work and the sampling theorem (Nyquist theorem) were fundamental in the development of national cryptography. Created under the leadership Kotel'nikov nedeshifruemye communications system successfully used in the 1942-1945 years for Moscow's ties with the fronts, . in the army, . and during the adoption of the surrender of Germany to regard the Soviet delegation to Moscow,
. For results VAKotel'nikov twice been awarded the State (Stalin) Prize of I degree - in 1943 and 1946.

. After returning to Moscow from evacuation in 1943 lab Kotel'nikov moved to the Office of the NKVD.

. In 1944 VAKotel'nikov went to work in the MEI (Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Radio Engineering, Head of Department), where he worked until 1980

Actively engaged in issues of radio VAKotel'nikov made significant improvements in the technique of the reception of weak signals. The results of these studies were summarized in his doctoral dissertation, which he defended in 1947. In it he formulated later became the classic principles of the theory of potential noise immunity. This work was published in 1956 and brought a scientist world-wide recognition.

From 1947 to 1953 VAKotel'nikov devoted much effort to the organization and development of OKB MEI: was the first director and chief designer of the organization, which once joined in the work on the rocket and space program, the USSR. Team OKB MEI was one of the largest developers of space radio electronics.

. In 1953, aged 45 Kotelnikov was elected once a member of the Academy of Sciences (bypassing the rank of Corresponding Member).

. In 1953, VA Kotelnikov became deputy director of the newly established Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics (IRE) USSR, then - as its director (1954-1987) and since 1987 - Honorary Director
. They were carried out huge work on the organization of the Institute's involvement in it for the best scientific expertise, the selection of scientific subjects, which largely determined the quick exit of IRE in the number of leading scientific institutions in the field of radio electronics.

. From 1968 to 1990 VA
. Kotelnikov was also professor and chair of the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute.

. The name Kotel'nikov associated formation and development of a new direction in space exploration, planetary radar, his ideas are used to create management and control of spacecraft
. Under his leadership, was held radiolocation Venus (1961-1964), Mercury (1962), Mars (1963), Jupiter (1963). For these works in 1964 he was awarded the Lenin Prize

. Outstanding achievement of the world were radar survey the northern part of Venus, . carried out in 1983-1984 with the help of apparatus "Venera-15" and "Venera-16", . which made it possible to obtain radio images of northern part of the planet on a large scale (approximately 115 million,
. Q.. km) with a resolution of about 1 km. A study of these unique data set was created and published the first in the history of science "Atlas of the surface of Venus, whose editor is Academician VA Kotelnikov.

VA Kotelnikov - a major organizer of Soviet science. From 1970 to 1975, he was vice-president and then became the first vice-president of the USSR (1975-1988). Throughout this period, he oversaw the Section of Physical-Technical and Mathematical Sciences of the USSR.. Since 1988 he is an advisor to the Presidium of RAS.

For many years VAKotel'nikov is the principal editor of "Technology and Electronics", headed by the Scientific Council of the Academy of Sciences on "Radio Astronomy". Over the years, and currently heads the Council for International Cooperation in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space "Interkosmos" (now Section of the Academy of Sciences of the Outer Space "International cooperation").

. In 1973 -1980 years VAKotel'nikov was Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR.

. Academician Kotelnikov earned credibility not only in our country but also abroad
. He is a member of many scientific organizations: Member of the International Institute of Engineering in Electronics and Electrical Engineering (elected in 1964, ,
. In addition, Academician Kotelnikov is a member of the Association of Russia member of the International Academy of Astronautics, a member of the Engineering Academy and the Academy of Creativity.

Merits Kotel'nikov awarded high awards. He twice Hero of Socialist Labor, awarded six Orders of Lenin, the Order of the October Revolution, two Orders of Red Banner of Labor, the Order of Honor, "" Honor "," For merits before Fatherland "II degree. He was awarded the Lenin Prize, USSR State Prize twice. Academy of Sciences awarded Kotel'nikov Gold Medal A. S. Popov (1974), Gold Medal F. V. Lomonosov gold medal and a prize named after M. V. Keldysh.

His scientific and public work awarded by foreign awards and prizes: International Institute of Engineering in Electronics and Electrical Engineering - Medal X. and S. Benov and the Gold Medal of AG Bell Foundation, named after Edward Rein (Germany) - the main prize for Fundamental Research, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences - Gold medal for services to science and humanity "and a Gold Medal Fr. Kе≥iе╬ц╜k, Slovak Academy of Sciences - Gold medal for services to science ", the Society of Polish Electricians - a medal named after Professor Ian Groshkovskogo, COSPAR - Medal Vihrama Sarabhaya; International Prize of. J. Nehru and others

VAKotel'nikov - author of three books and numerous scientific articles.

Lives and works in Moscow.

Address: Russia, 117901, GSP-1, Moscow, V-71, Leninsky Prospect, 14.

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Vladimir Alexandrovich Kotelnikov, photo, biography
Vladimir Alexandrovich Kotelnikov, photo, biography Vladimir Alexandrovich Kotelnikov  Twice Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of Lenin and State prizes, member of Russia Academy of Sciences, photo, biography
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