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Biography ZAKhAROV Yuri
photo ZAKhAROV Yuri
Born May 1, 1950, Mr.. Nikolaev in Ukraine. Father - Zakharov Georgy Mikhailovich (1926 g.rozhd.) - A retired colonel. Mother - Zakharova Zenaida E. (1923 g.rozhd.). Daughter - Natalia (1969 g.rozhd.). Granddaughter - Stanislaus (1992 g.rozhd.).

Father S. Zakharova was the military. The family often had to move, to live in different cities of Russia. Longest of all my father served in Baikonur in Kazakhstan - 13 years. There Sergey graduated from high school, an eight-year and enrolled in 1966. in Radio Engineering College. The houses were all musical, all loved to sing. Father Sergei within 30 years was the first trumpet of the Odessa Opera Orchestra. Musical genes of the family could not help but reflect on Sergei. They are especially evident during his service in the army, where he was rotnm "Zapevalov". S. Zakharova sent to inspect the amateur performances, where he falls in Song and Dance Ensemble "Friendship" House of the Soviet Army Central Asian Military District. In 1971, Mr.. been prematurely discharged from the army and sent to Moscow to enter the School of Music. In Moscow, Sergei Zakharov entered the department of musical comedy musical school Gnesinyh in class Margarita Josephovna Landa.

As a student, he received an invitation to become a soloist of the National pops orchestra and running LO Utjosov. which appeared two years. In February 1973, Mr.. Sergey Zakharov went to work at the Leningrad Music Hall and transferred to the Leningrad Music College im.Rimskogo-Korsakov at the office "solo singing". Artistic Director of Music Hall Ilya Rachlin instilled Sergei diligence, anxious attitude to the stage, taught diligently work on every song, every song as on the next Solo Performances. Spring 1974. I held an international competition in Bulgaria "Golden Orpheus", which Sergei Zakharov was awarded I-st prize. Autumn 1974. followed by competition in Dresden (Germany), followed by the International Pop Song Contest in Sopot (Poland), Bratislava Lyre "(Czechoslovakia), competition in the city of Zielona Gora in 1976. - And everywhere the first. For the young singer that was then an unprecedented achievement. Then there were numerous foreign tours, the first plate, the first shooting in the musical film "Heavenly Swallows" where Zakharov played a major role, together with such actors as L. Gurchenko, A. Mironov, A. Shirvindt..

Until 1985. Sergey Zakharov worked at the Leningrad Music Hall, then in the Philharmonic various cities of Russia: Magadan, Ulyanovsk, Odessa. Since 1986. singer is working independently, first with his ensemble, then, since 1991, with pianist Alexander Kogan. In 1991. Zakharov became a soloist of art agency of the Union concert figures of St. Petersburg.

Sergey Zakharov - a special phenomenon in the national stage. Particular around: on the scale of talent on the properties of the artistic image, the level of musical culture in the direction of creative search. He is clearly not subject to the caprices of a fluid fashion. At his concerts reign high spirit and atmosphere of reverence, for the occasional pop-Hall.

Sergey has been and remains a role model - Georg Ots. "With him I met in the seventies, - says Sergey - and since then my work is marked by his blessing. He lived more creative life, never betrayed me in anything - the very embodiment of nobility and culture. "Infect" one noble and culture of his idol, Sergei Zakharov also is on track, nothing changing yourself.

Singers are available are different forms of music - from songs and ballads to operatic arias. He has to each vocal works his attitude, his understanding. He is sensitive to the opinion of the authors of song and always strives to bring it to listeners. The first chords - and the audience poured enchanting sounds of the lyric baritone, rolling, bewitching timbre. Voice Sergei Zakharov unique beauty of timbre, strength, flexibility, flight. He is able to absorb the sounds of orchestral accompaniment, fill in the space of like the sounding body, becomes a tangible ..

. The singer has absorbed the high culture theater and vocal art, . combining with the artistic taste of the bright emotionality: latitude of breath and chant, . explosions of temperament, . unexpected transitions from forte to piano, . undulating maintaining sound, . evokes a feeling of excitement, . barely audible, . continuing to vote in the last fading notes, . resembling four points at the end of lines of poetry Apollon Grigoriev, . construction of songs as if on a change of plans, . imparts depth to it - this is not a complete listing of features of executive manners artist,
. The richness of expressive actor opens up opportunities for creativity. He happily combines the gift of a vocalist, an actor and storyteller's gift of music.

During the years of creative work they were prepared many concert programs. Among them are performances in the concert hall "Russia", . and orchestra-Union television and radio are running Mikhailova, . and in the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, . and with the orchestra of Russian folk instruments im.N.P.Osipova running N. Kalinina, . and with the orchestra Variety Theater,
. Four consecutive years, Sergei Zakharov, participated as an honored guest in the programs of the international festival "Slavic Bazaar". Many of the solo singer's programs were shown on central television.

The singer toured in 41 countries: UK, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Israel, Latin America, Austria and etc.. In all countries, he performed with the program of Russian romantic music, works by Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Glinka, Mussorgsky. There was also a program of urban romance, and always - Russian Music in Russian. In addition to pop songs and ballads, S. Zakharov much attention to the art of opera. Currently, the singer is preparing for the premiere of the opera "Eugene Onegin" at the theater im.M.P.Musorgskogo in St. Petersburg (artistic director of the theater - Stanislav Guadasinsky). Ahead - the work of the party in the opera "Prince Igor".

During the years of creative activity, Sergei Zakharov, issued on 3 CD-giant "Tune" ( "Poet Sergei Zakharov (1974)," Russian Romances "(1983)," centripetal force. Popular Music "(1986) and 5 compact discs (" The keys fragile soul. Music of St. Petersburg bard Mal'tseva "(1993)," Zakharov perform Russian folk songs and ballads, accompanied by the orchestra of folk instruments by V. Popov, "" Touch of Love. Recording a solo concert of the concert hall "Russia" in the orchestral accompaniment directed by A. Mikhailov (1997), . "About you and about themselves" (1998), . "Russian romances and songs, . accompanied by the Orchestra of St. Petersburg Radio and Television under Gorkovenko S. (1998),

Creativity S. Zakharova devoted more than 200 articles in domestic and foreign journals, published since 1974. At present, Sergei Zakharov has its own recording studio. In St. Petersburg were 52 radio broadcasts from the cycle "At delicate keys of the soul", prepared by the singer, and since January 1999. begin a new transmission cycle - "Do not forget" about the creation of the most popular local singers, starting with the beginning of the century to the present day. Sergei G. engaged and active in social activities, a lot of help to veterans of St. Petersburg scenes. He is Deputy Chairman of the Union concert figures of St. Petersburg. Every year, spring and autumn Union holds two charity concerts, the proceeds of which are directed to the maintenance of life of older actors. Sergey Zakharov has been acting in the St. Petersburg House Veterans' scene. In addition, he leads the All-Russia Children's Festival "Little stars".

In 1988. Sergei Zakharov was awarded the honorary title of Honored Artist of Russia, and in 1996. - The title of People's Artist of Russia. In 1998. during the celebration of 400 anniversary of the Odessa Opera Sergei Zakharov was awarded the Order of Nicholas the Miracle Worker, the International Order of UNESCO, for augmenting the good on earth, for N41. It is interesting that this Order of N1 has Pope John Paul II, and the Order of the N40 - in Russia's singer Elena Obraztsova.

Sergey Zakharov - music fan. They are a great collection - music library of the best singers in opera, beginning with the end of XIX century to the present time. His favorite performers are Tito Gobi, Tito Ruffo, Maria Callas, Sutherland, L. Pavarotti. In the collection of Sergei Zakharov, there are also about 400 titles of jazz and symphonic music. He especially likes music performed by the Orchestra under Herbert von Karajan.

Another dragging Sergei Zakharov - flowers. House of the singer is 50 km from Saint-Petersburg, on the edge of the forest, surrounded by beautiful summer flowers, flower beds, alpine slides, small decorative ponds. All this is done with great skill and loving hands of the Sergei Georgiyevich. But, as he says himself, the greatest passion - is the granddaughter.

Lives and works in St. Petersburg.

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ZAKhAROV Yuri, photo, biography
ZAKhAROV Yuri, photo, biography ZAKhAROV Yuri  People's Artist of Russia., photo, biography
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