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Vladimir Morozov

( Member of the Academy of Art, Professor.)

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Biography Vladimir Morozov
photo Vladimir Morozov
Professor VP Morozov - leading authority with a worldwide reputation in the field of vocal science, . author of many scientific papers and methods of studying the process of singing, . particularly, . original theory of resonant singing, . of great practical interest for vocalists.,

. E
. E. Nesterenko (from the characteristics VP Morozov, rector of the Moscow Conservatory in connection with the submission for the head of the Institute of vocal science, January 16, 1996)

Born on 01.04.1929 r. G. Krestcy Novgorod region. Father - Petr Morozov Efimovich June 21, 1895, Mr.. Mother - Morozov (Rodionova) Irina April 29, 1899, Mr.. Children - Peter V. Morozov 12.02.1978 g., Morozova Irina 08.01.1971 g. Morozov, Andrey 17.11.1961 r. He graduated from Leningrad State University, Department of Biology, the Department of Higher Nervous Activity (1955) and graduate school at LSU in the department of Biophysics (1958). Specialty: human physiology, psychophysiology, bioacoustics, psychoacoustics, musical acoustics, vocal methodology, art studies. Doctor of Biological Sciences (since 1972), Professor (since 1982) worked as research assistant (from 1959) Head of the Laboratory bioacoustics (1982) Institute of Evolutionary Physiology of. I. M. Sechenov; parallel - became the organizer and head of the Laboratory of singing voice at the Leningrad State. Conservatory of Rimsky-Korsakov (1960-1968). Since 1987 he is head of the Laboratory of non-verbal communication of the Institute of Psychology RAS, . is also the head of the Interdepartmental Center "ART AND SCIENCE" (Art and Science Center) of the Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Culture of Russia (1988 to present,
. BP.) Since 1991 - Professor of Interdisciplinary specializations musicologists Moscow State. Conservatoire. P. I. Tchaikovsky. Morozov V. P. Member of the Academy of Art. In 1971, Mr.. invited members of the International Association for the experimental study of singing (International Association for Experimental Rescearch in Singing, . USA), . Member of the Publishing Committee of the International Journal Journal Research in Singing, . published by the Association (USA),
. In asset Morozov. P. - Development of the theory of nonverbal communication, the theory of artistic type of personality rights, natural foundations of music and art, the theory of singing process. He is the author of the original resonance theory of art of singing, . new scientific concepts of vocal and emotional hearing hearing, . new methods for evaluating musical and artistic and vocal abilities and endowments: psychoacoustic tests diagnosing emotional hearing, . vocal Hearing, . musical ear, . acoustic criteria of aesthetic perfection of singing and voice vote, . as well as original concepts and practical method of obtaining a psychological portrait of man (in t.ch,
. emotional and aesthetic portrait) on the peculiarities of speech and the speaker's voice. Morozov In. P. belongs to a number of works on Bioacoustic communication and echolocation of dolphins. Professor Morozov V. P. published over 300 scientific and popular publications, including monographs: Vocal ears and voice, music, 1965; Secrets vocal speech, Science 1967; Guide Phoniatrics (al. Call. monograph.), Medicine, 1970 Children's voice (al. Call. monograph.) Pedagogy, 1970; Biophysical principles of vocal speech, Science, 1977; Entertaining bioacoustics. Language of emotions in the world of animals and humans, Knowledge, 1983, 2nd ed. 1987. (Book is awarded the 1st prize at the All-Union Competition "Science and Progress", published in Spanish, Czech, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Latvian, Slovak languages) Perception of speech: questions of functional brain asymmetry (otv. red. and co-author of Call. monograph.), Science, 1988; mechanisms of the brain - a guide to Physiology (co-author of Call. monograph. under. red. Acad. N. P. Bekhtereva), Science, 1988; Language emotional brain and the computer (co-author of Call. ed.), Knowledge, 1988; artistic type of person: integrated studies (scientific. red. and co-author of Call. monograph.), CIM, 1994, etc.. He is fond of artistic photography. In his student years he studied singing (as a singer, bass) in the class of solo singing of the Leningrad State. University, a well-known vocal teacher M. M. Matveeva, sang in the choir under the direction of LSU honored. Worker. Art G. M. Sandler. Lives and works in g. Moscow.

Address: Russia, 129366, g. Ul. Yaroslavl 13, Academy of Sciences Institute of Psychology, Center for Art and Science ". Fax: (095) 282-92-01

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Vladimir Morozov, photo, biography
Vladimir Morozov, photo, biography Vladimir Morozov  Member of the Academy of Art, Professor., photo, biography
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