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Muromtsev George S.

( Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Member of the Russia Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Vice-President of All-Russia Society of Plant Physiologists.)

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Biography Muromtsev George S.
photo Muromtsev George S.
Born March 26, 1932 in g. Moscow. Father - Muromtsev Sergei Nikolaevich (genus. 26. 05. 1898). Mother - Muromtseva Vera (genus. 8. 07. 1900). Daughter - Daria (genus. 8. 01. 1963).

In 1954 he graduated with honors Biology and Soil Department of Moscow State University. M. V. University specialty microbiology (mycology), and plant physiology. In 1955 - 1957 he. was trained in graduate school VNII Agricultural Microbiology. Worked in VNII Fertilizers and Soil Science Agricultural Sciences (1958-1960 gg.) VNII Phytopathology Agricultural Sciences (1960 - 1970 gg.) VNII Agricultural Microbiology (1970 - 1973 gg.) VNII Agricultural Biotechnology (1974 g. present). All scientific activities Muromtseva devoted to various aspects of the relationship of higher plants to microscopic fungi. In 1963 he defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Biological Sciences on the theme 'The biological synthesis of gibberellin'. An extensive series of works devoted to the microbiological synthesis of gibberellin on the basis of the fungus - a producer Gibberella fujicuroi. He organized the country's production of gibberellin A3 (gibberellovaya acid). Among the physiological studies: the first work (early 60's.) Depending on the physiological activity of gibberellin on the structure of the molecule ( 'structure-function'); study the biological feasibility of the synthesis of gibberellin A3 for the parasitic fungus G,
. Fujicuroi. Since the late 70-ies. present - a series of works on the biosynthetic plant growth regulator fuzikoktsinu (producer - phytopathogenic fungi Fusicoccum amygdali), Organization of microbiological production of domestic product. First discovered endogenous fuzikoktsin in flowering plants, which makes the basis to consider it phytohormones. Since 1960, Mr.. present - a series of works on the role of microorganisms in phosphorous nutrition of plants (based on established VNII agricultural microbiology laboratory soil mycology). Especially important to work with arbuscular fungi (ecology, immunology, supply plants with phosphorus from the soil). Academician Muromtsev set up a laboratory for microbiological synthesis of VNII Phytopathology Russia Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Golitsino, . Ramenskoe., . 60-e gg.), . laboratory soil mycology in VNII Agricultural Microbiology (St. Petersburg, . 70-e gg.), . laboratory of plant growth regulators in agricultural biotechnology VNII Russia Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Moscow, . 80-e gg.),
. Author of numerous publications, including monographs: Muromtsev G. S., Agnistikova In. N. 'Gibberellin. " M. Science, 1984, 208 pages; Muromtsev G. S., Butenko R. G., Tikhonenko T. P., Prokofiev M. N. 'Fundamentals of Agricultural Biotechnology. " M. Agropromizdat, 1990, 383 pages, as well as general theoretical and review articles: Muromtsev G. S. 'Occurrence of Fusicoccance in Plants and Fungi'. J. Plant Growth RegulationN 1994; Muromtsev G. S. 'Is Fusicoccin a New PhytohormoneN'. Russian Journ. Plant Physiol., Vol. 43, no. 3, pp. 421-433, 1996. Member of the Russia Academy of Agricultural Sciences, . Member of the Biotechnology Academy, . Vice-President of All-Russia Society of Plant Physiologists, . member of the New York Academy of Sciences, . Member of the European and the American Society of Plant Physiology.,

. Academician Muromtsev government awarded orders and medals
. He is fond of dogs and sports (swimming).

Lives and works in g. Moscow. Address: 125206, d. Moscow Timiryazevskaya st., Q. 42, VNII agricultural biotechnology.

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Muromtsev George S., photo, biography
Muromtsev George S., photo, biography Muromtsev George S.  Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Member of the Russia Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Vice-President of All-Russia Society of Plant Physiologists., photo, biography
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