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Shilov Igor

( Doctor of biological sciences, professor, academician of RAS.)

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Biography Shilov Igor
photo Shilov Igor
Born April 9, 1921, Mr.. in Podolsk, Moscow Region. Father - Alexander Ivanovich Shilov (1888 g.rozhd.). Mother - Shilov (Netsengevich) Sofia Radomirovna (1897 g.rozhd.). Wife - Soldatova Anna (rod.26.10.1923 g.). Son - Shilov Alexander I. (rod.24.08.1957 g.).

In 1939-1945, Mr.. - Held active military service in the Red Army, participated in the Great Patriotic War.

After the war ended in 1945. entered and in 1950 Mr.. graduated from the Biological Faculty Moscow State University,. In 1950-1953 he. his postgraduate studies in Biology and Soil Sciences, defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of biological sciences, then the dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Biological Sciences (1965).

From 1953 to 1960. worked as a research assistant at Zvenigorod Biological Station of Moscow State University (Odintsovo district, Moscow region). In May 1960. came to the Department of Vertebrate Zoology, Biology and Soil Sciences. First was an assistant (1960), . then Associate Professor (1960-1966 gg.), . Deputy Head of the Department of Vertebrate Zoology and General Ecology, Biological Faculty (1966), . Head of the Laboratory of Ecology, . Systematics and faunistics amphibians, . reptiles and birds, Moscow State University, . Professor,

In 1984. elected a corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR, and in 1994. - A member of Russia Academy of Sciences

. The most important scientific and practical achievements of Professor IA Shilov are: development of programs and methods of laboratory workshop on ecology terrestrial vertebrates (1961); study the laws regulating heat in birds, . formulation of the concept of phasing of development (1968), the development of general principles of eco-physiological adaptations of animals, . wording of the rules of two levels of adaptation (1985), studies the fundamental principles of structure and functioning of animal populations, . development of the concept of population homeostasis and determining ecological and physiological mechanisms for its maintenance (1977, . 1988, . 1991.) Development of the concept of maintaining homeostasis at different levels of organization of biological systems, . as the central problem of ecology (1997),

. Academician IA Shilov is the author of about 200 scientific papers, . including 10 monographs and books: "Rodents - pests of orchards and gardens" (co-authored, . M.: MGU, . 1960), . "Workshop on the ecology of land vertebrates (M.:" High School ", . 1961), . "Regulation of heat transfer in birds (eco-physiological essay) (Moscow: MGU, . 1968), . "Heat regulation in birds" (Sprigfield, . Virginia, . USA, . 1973), . "Workshop on Vertebrate Zoology" (co-authored, . M.: "High School", . 1969, . 2 ed,
. - 1981), . "Ecological and physiological basis of population relationships in animals (M.: MGU, . 1977), . "Overall ornithology" (co-authored, . M.: "High School", . 1982), . "Physiological ecology of animals" (M.: "High School", . 1985), . "Population Ecology and Ecophysiology,
. Soviet scientific Reviews ", Section F. Physiology and General Biology Reviews. V.3. Part 1. (Harward Academic Publishers Gmbh, . London, . 1988), . "The structure of populations of mammals / / Questions teriologii (obsch.redaktsiya, . M.: "Science", . 1991), . "General Zoology" (co-authored, . M.: "High School", . 1994), . "Ecology" (M.: "High School", . 1997),

In 1990. a comprehensive study of mammals (systematics, ecology, conservation) in the group of authors was awarded the State Prize of the USSR.

IA Shilov - a member of the Moscow Society of Naturalists, vice president of the All-Russia Theriological society in Russia Academy of Sciences.

In his spare time enjoys photography, loves literature, theater, painting.

Lives and works in Moscow. Address: 119899, Moscow, Vorob'evy gory, Moscow State University, Faculty of Biology. Phone: +7- (095) 939-27-97.

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Shilov Igor, photo, biography
Shilov Igor, photo, biography Shilov Igor  Doctor of biological sciences, professor, academician of RAS., photo, biography
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