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Yuri I. Gallinger

( MD, Ph.D., Professor, State Prize Winner of Russia, Honored Scientist of Russia, Full Member of the New York Academy of Sciences, head of)

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Biography Yuri I. Gallinger
photo Yuri I. Gallinger
Born September 3, 1939. Parents - the Germans from the Volga region: father - Joseph Gallinger (1897 - 1958 gg.), Mother - Catherine Roor (genus. 1901, now lives in Germany). Married since 1962 to a Russian. Braque quite satisfied. Has a son: Ernst Gallingera (genus. April 19, 1966). In 1956 he enrolled in the Karaganda Medical Institute, graduated from Kishinev Medical Institute (1962). Specialty - endoscopic surgery. Upon graduation he worked as a surgeon in the clinic, Mr.. Moscow (1962 - 1964 gg.). In 1964 - 1967 he. worked as a surgeon Thoracic offices 59 Municipal Clinical Hospital, Mr.. Morskva. In 1967 he joined the Moscow Medical University, where he worked until 1986. It has been an associate researcher, assistant and then senior researcher in the Department of Surgery. Tutors S. I. Gallingera in those years was a professor in. S. Mayat and Professor S. M. Armor. Since 1986 is head of the Department of Endoscopic Surgery Scientific Center of Surgery of Russia Academy of Medical Sciences, which is headed by academician B. V. Peter and academician of RAMS B. A. Konstantinov. MD, Ph.D., Professor. State Prize laureate Russia (1990). Honored Scientist of Russia (1993). President Rossiyskogo scientific society 'Endoscopic Surgery', Chairman of the Problem Commission for endoscopic surgery of the Scientific Council for surgery Russia Academy of Medical Sciences. Member of the New Yorrkskoy Academy of Sciences, member of the European Association of 'Endoscopic Surgery', a member of the Association of Surgeons of. N. I. Pirogov, a member of the editorial boards of journals: 'Endoscopy', 'Chirugische Gastroenterologie' and other. The main direction of scientific and practical work - endoscopic surgery. He was one of the pioneers in the development and introduction of endoscopic interventions in the polyps of the stomach, with gastroduodenal hemorrhage, with stenosis of the esophagus, in diseases of biliary tract. In January 1991, performed the first laparoscopic cholecystectomy in the Soviet Union, organized training courses for physicians on operational endoscopy, performed the first laparoscopic operation in many cities of Russia and the Former Soviet Union. He is the author of more than 200 papers on various aspects of endoscopy and endoscopic surgery. Issued the following monographs: 'Operative endoscopy of the gastrointestinal tract' (1984); 'laparoscopic cholecystectomy' (1992); 'Laparoscopic appendectomy' (1993) 'Practical endoscopy in the surgical clinic' (1997). In his free time, which is extremely small, loves to read detective books and watching detective movies. One of the favorite movies - "White Sun of the Desert '. Has car 'Lada VAZ - 2105', which is quite pleased. Adopt the Orthodox faith is being very grown up. Despite the fact that his mother now lives in Germany, he is not going to go there: in Russia's difficult economic situation, but it is interesting and there are many cases.

Lives and works in g. Moscow.
Address: Russia, 119874, g. Moscow, Abrikosov Lane., Q. 2, Scientific Center of Surgery. Phone: +7- (095) 248-13-75

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Yuri I. Gallinger, photo, biography
Yuri I. Gallinger, photo, biography Yuri I. Gallinger  MD, Ph.D., Professor, State Prize Winner of Russia, Honored Scientist of Russia, Full Member of the New York Academy of Sciences, head of, photo, biography
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