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Herzen Viktor

( The Director General and Chief Physician of the private medical companies 'Monad'.)

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Biography Herzen Viktor
photo Herzen Viktor
Born May 17, 1940. in Zaporozhye Ukrainian SSR. Father - Kutsenko Peter N. (1913 g.rozhd.). Mother - Hertzen Helena (1909 g.rozhd.). Son - Michael (1977 g.rozhd.).

In 1957. with the silver medal he graduated from high school, and in 1962. - Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute, specializing in aircraft ".

From 1962 to 1975. worked at the Votkinsk Machine Building Plant, Udmurt Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, USSR Ministry of Defense, where he started as a private engineer to chief project engineer - Head Office. In 1975-1976. worked as chief designer of the project special technological NGO Holodmash the Ministry of Chemical Machine Building USSR, . then - chief designer of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Television (1976-1977 gg.), . Head sector special design bureau "Mosstroya" General Directorate of Housing and Construction, Moscow (1978-1979 gg.), . leading specialist Research Institute for Standardization on occupational safety in the State Committee for Standardization (1980), . teacher-Union Correspondence College connection, the Ministry of Communications of the USSR (1980-1985 gg.),

From 1986 to 1988. worked in engineering positions of the Division of Blood Research Institute of Medical Polymers of the Ministry of Medical Industry of the USSR.

Since October 1988. by 1991. - Head of training and production training in pre-professional training in the aircraft in secondary schools in the Office of Public Education of Moscow.

VP Herzen - the author of ten inventions of complex systems of aircraft that are embedded in products, awarded the State Prize of the USSR (1964-1977 gg.)

. Sharp change of direction of work of Victor Herzen began in 1985, . when he goes to the research work in the field of psychology for Genetic Engineering, . parallel study of the biology, . classical genetics and psychological, . Dianetics and kinesiology,
. In 1985, Mr.. He graduated with honors from Inter-republican express School Association NWHO FIZLI-3 of the Ukrainian SSR on the newest areas of bioenergy and Medicine: bioenergetics, autoelektrodiagnostika, autoeletkroterapiya. The next year, graduated with honors from a full course of training and development of employees into account the CPC of the RSFSR in the CSO Central Statistical Office of the USSR, and a year later, in 1987. - A full course of the International Medical and Engineering Association "Artik" theoretical and practical training on the latest aspects of adaptive regulation and towards enhancing the reserves of the human SCENAR therapy and SCENAR-examination.

In 1993, Mr.. VP Herzen finished a full course of study in the Russo-American International Training Center Intercollege "specialty therapy.

Since 1995, Mr.. is a member of the Association of multiple sclerosis in St. Petersburg, Methodist-valueology. In 1994-1997. always participated in the International Congress on Multiple Sclerosis, cancer and AIDS. Has international certificates and diplomas in scientific areas: kinesiology, psychometry, parapsychology, psychogenetics, Dianetics (1990-1997 gg.)

. As a result of scientific work in the new field for himself VP Herzen worked and proceeded to the practical use of "system of algorithms of the brain" ( "SAM"), . address family, . Business, . Health, . Sports, . education through the acquisition of necessary properties Genealogy,
. This program includes the theory of Mind psychogenetical Genealogy (PP ASG), . non-contact method of reception and transmission of programming information at any distance at any time, . multipolar power, . medical technology sounds videolizirovannogo direction (LZVN), . as the properties of the individual type,

Using the algorithms of the program SAM VP Herzen revived in a new functional capabilities and successfully applied them in practice when dealing with life, which was approached by thousands. "Program" SAM ", - said Victor Herzen - is a scientific bestseller for change of human activities in the desired direction. It is able to draw on the genetic strength of the real nature of energy-matrix of DNA and connect systems, intelligent, . geteroskopnymi, . host and decrypt data, . Connections, . structure and properties of mental energy, . external force with the energies inside the cell, . which when mitoznom process produces all the energy of the Universe ",

. Displayed by the program "SAM" deep scientific knowledge allowed VP Herzen quickly become the leading psychogenetics in the country and the world's first kinesiologists (from lat.sl.kinezis - movement of energy), . successfully used in lethal states "non-contact method of reception and transmission of programming information at any distance and at any time, and applying technology LZVN, . known in ancient, . for the treatment of various organs,

. By consulting in Russia and CIS countries, many hundreds of people, . independently studying psihogenogrammu kind - the chronological details of life and the creative biography of the members of Rhoda, . Viktor Petrovich helped revive them with new Generic properties, . such as: self-confidence, . respect myself and others, . scientific understanding of the social conditions of, . fundamentally improved relationship between family members and colleagues, . re occupations, . ability invention, . physical and mental health, etc., . and get rid of many destructive properties: evil, . fear, . loneliness, . childlessness, . suicide, . Bankruptcy and disease: the first type of diabetes, . Oncology and hypertension - in the early stages, . multiple sclerosis in the third level of incidence of the organism bio, . ulcer, . depression,

Currently VP Herzen headed as CEO and chief physician has established in 1993. Individual private medical enterprise "Monad", preceded by a higher mission - the revival of tribal properties and natural healing of chronic diseases self-help rights.

One example of this mission is to return to the life of 67-year-old woman, a mother-heroine. Her son, a member of the RF Government, in 1995. requested to help my mother, whose condition after 14 years of treatment in different countries close to lethal, her medical history had more than 10 volumes. At psychogenetical test with his son received information about the cause of the death of his father, who went out of life, and knowing that he introduced, shouted: "Enter not the cure!". These words showed a genetic signal, which prohibits the use of drugs according to classical systems of treatment and confirming their cumulative effect on the work of the lethal mechanism of this kind.

To quickly improve the energy-structure of the organism's women were eliminated in a short time, many drugs. Simultaneously, they used the information self-help universe kind for her appointment complementary nature of food, water therapy and massage Kinesiological. As a result of these complex measures blood pressure and body temperature continuously increased over the years, normalized. Have been restored: a woman's health, belief in yourself and calm the whole family.

Favorite sport - running. Applying the program SAM, VP Herzen increased bioenergy his body several times, which enabled when running up to 100 miles a week does not feel fatigue and not to increase the rate of respiration compared with the steady state. The same results were achieved by athletes, working on their psihogenogramme Roda. His hobbies finds work, communicating with people and the game of chess. Believer.

Lives and works in Moscow. Address: 115487, Moscow, Kolomna, etc., 5, building 3, ap.1. Phone: +7- (095) 117-0823.

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Herzen Viktor, photo, biography
Herzen Viktor, photo, biography Herzen Viktor  The Director General and Chief Physician of the private medical companies 'Monad'., photo, biography
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