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Ioseliani David G.

( MD, Ph.D., Professor, State Prize laureate)

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Biography Ioseliani David G.
photo Ioseliani David G.
Born June 3, 1943 in Tbilisi to a family of physicians. Father - Josseliani George Davidovich (1917g.rozhd.), . well-known surgeon and scholar, . Professor, . Corresponding Member of the Russia Academy of Medical Sciences, . Corresponding Member of Georgian Academy of Sciences, . member of many international societies, . Honorary Director of the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Surgery, Ministry of Health of the Georgian SSR,
. Mother - Koniashvili Tamara Ivanovna (1921-1989), physician and microbiologist.

Wife - Khvedeliani Guranda Yakovlevna (1946g.rozhd.). Daughter - Josseliani Nina Davidovna (1980g.rozhd.), The future diplomat, is a student at the Institute of International Relations. Son - Josseliani Vladimir Davidovich (1984g.rozhd.), A student of the Moscow school. Granddaughter - Kathy.

Medical dynasty Ioseliani has deep roots. Grandfather on the father - Josseliani David G. (1884-1967), . famous Soviet surgeon, . one of the founders of the Georgian surgical school, . from which they emerged with the world-renowned surgeons: VI Burakovsky, . Yu Petrosyan, . MA Sreseli, . GD Ioseliani, . EN Vantsyan,

My grandfather on the mother - Koniashvili Ivan G. (1889-1937), professor, a famous physician, founder of the Georgian balneology and physiotherapy. It is named after the Georgian Research Institute of balneology and physiotherapy.

A family atmosphere and tradition certainly influenced the choice of profession by David Ioseliani, and in 1960 he entered the Tbilisi State Medical Institute. From 1964 to 1966 studies at the medical faculty of the 1 st of the Leningrad Medical Institute, . the end of which goes to the graduate school of Experimental Medicine at the Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology of the NF Gamaleia Academy of Medical Sciences to the well-known domestic world-famous scientist, Corresponding Member of RAMS AY Fridenshtein,
. In 1970 he defended his thesis on "Radioautographic study of bone tissue induced by transitional epithelium".

Among the mentors and teachers DG Josseliani were prominent scientists: VI Burakovsky, Yu S. Petrosyan, OA Baroyan etc.

. His scientific and medical activity DG Ioseliani begins in 1971 at the Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery named Bakuleva Academy of Medical Sciences, . where under the guidance of the eminent Soviet Cardiac Surgery and Cardiology of Academician VI Burakovsky he has gone from doctor to head his department have created an urgent and Interventional Cardiology,
. In 1979, DG Josseliani defended his doctoral dissertation on "Coronary heart disease in the aspect of surgical treatment". In 1982 he was awarded the title of professor.

In 1982, DG Ioseliani was appointed to head the new office - the intensive therapy of acute coronary circulation disorders and their complications, opened in ISSH behalf Bakuleva (based on the city hospital N 15). Many of the scientific research conducted in the department, were the priority. The office under the leadership of DG Josseliani first in the country have begun to explore scientific and practical aspects of direct myocardial revascularization in unstable angina. This issue is a priority not only for Europe but for the U.S. clinics. He was one of the first domestic cardiologists have developed and introduced testimony and diagnostic criteria for coronary bypass surgery heart. For those of DG Ioseliani in 1988 was awarded the USSR State Prize (in collaboration).

Past research and clinical experience led to the idea of creating a town center interventional cardiology. This proposal DG Ioseliani supported the Government and the Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov. Gains understanding allowed in 1997 with the support of Moscow Health Committee to establish a Scientific and Practical Center of interventional cardiology, whose director was appointed DG Ioseliani. This is one of the world's first medical institutions such profile. Concurrently, David G. continues to lead the emergency department of cardiology at the Moscow City Clinical Hospital N15.

Organizational skills director allowed in the short term to solve many problems - from the recruitment of skilled professionals, equipping the center with modern medical equipment to repair buildings. All this has created for the residents of Moscow, . need of emergency assistance kardioangiologicheskoy, . a unique new center, . where in the treatment of coronary heart disease are widely used developed DG Josseliani intervention methods, . allow to restore blood supply to the heart muscle in acute myocardial infarction and unstable angina,

Professor DG Ioseliani - authoritative scholar, widely known in the country and abroad. He is the founder and organizer of a fundamentally new to our country's modern scientific approach to treating cardiovascular disease - interventional cardiology. He was the first in the country introduced the method of balloon angioplasty and prosthetic coronary arteries in patients with acute myocardial infarction. During these years he performed many thousands of endovascular diagnostic and therapeutic procedures on the heart and blood vessels.

In the activities of DG Ioseliani harmoniously combines the unique qualities of the surgeon and a great scientist. Thus, his many years of clinical experience is reflected in more than 200 scientific publications, including 4 monographs and guide for cardiovascular surgery. Repeated by making presentations at world and European congresses brought him international recognition in the scientific and academic circles. He was the first domestic cardiologist, an elected member of the American College of Cardiology (1993). DG Ioseliani is also a foreign member correspondent of the Cuban Cardiological Society (1980), . member of the Moscow Cardiological Society of AL Myasnikov (1990), . member of the International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy (1993), . member of the New York Academy of Sciences (1995), . member of the International Society of endovascular surgery (1997), . member of the Scientific Council of the Public Health Committee of Moscow (1996), . board member of Russian Association of Cardiovascular Surgeons (1996), . member of the editorial board of the international journal "The Journal of Heart Failure" (CIF), . member of the editorial board of the journal "Cardiology" (1996), . member of the Government Commission on the health of the population of Russia (1999),

Much attention is paid Josseliani DG scientific social activities, as chairman of interventional cardiology section of the Moscow Scientific Society of Cardiology AL Myasnikov (1995). In April 1998, he founded and headed the scientific society of interventional cardiology.

His knowledge and experience of Professor DG Josseliani generously sends young professionals, their students. He has prepared more than 30 candidates and doctors of medical sciences. Many of them work successfully in clinics in Russia, the United States, Canada, India, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, North Korea, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

In addition to intensive research and clinical work is fond of collecting works of art. Favorite sport - football. Speaks English, German and Georgian languages.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Ioseliani David G., photo, biography
Ioseliani David G., photo, biography Ioseliani David G.  MD, Ph.D., Professor, State Prize laureate, photo, biography
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