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Imamaliyev Aydin Salarovich

( MD, Ph.D., professor, laureate of USSR State Prize)

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Biography Imamaliyev Aydin Salarovich
photo Imamaliyev Aydin Salarovich
Born July 7, 1926 in Moscow, in a family where more than 300 years, almost all were doctors. Father - Imamaliyev Salar Agarafievich (1889-1961), a renowned scholar, MD, Professor of Microbiology and Epidemiology, held the post of Commissar of Health of the Republic of Dagestan. His name is Antiplague Institute in Azerbaijan. Mother - Imamalieva Gulzar-Manaf oglu (1907-1998), doctor of medical sciences, professor for 40 years directed the Department of Infectious Diseases Medical Institute. Wife - Olga Imamalieva Gavrilovna - physiotherapists, specialist physical education. Children - Murad (rod.1969) and Gulnara (1970) - Physicians, successors of the dynasty Imamalievyh.

When Aydin year old, the family moved to g.Mahachkalu. Here is a large family (six sons, one daughter), headed by Agarafi grandfather, grandmother Naziket was strongly influenced by the charismatic, wise grandparents on behalf of Shamil, say experts - great-granddaughter of legendary folk hero of the Caucasus, Shamil. Nature mountaineer inherited Aydin Salarovich: from youthful years addicted to cold steel, and later taking part in hunting expeditions with his father, and affinity with a gun. Despite the hot zeal of a hunter, he could not accept the absurd death of the animal even. This is evidenced by the case of performing the indelible impression, witnessed by six Aydin - accidentally fired a bullet hit by a seagull in flight.

Later the family moved to Azerbaijan, the ancestral land. Secondary school in Baku, the same university - Azerbaijan Medical Institute. He dreamed to become an aviator, an engineer ... Prevent war. Father - at the front, a mother with a baby - can not leave. Becoming a doctor, again drawn to the technique - it is close to the Traumatology and Orthopedics. Since the early days of independent work was carried away by science, and - here's the result - in 1948. A method to determine the location of a foreign body (bullet, fragment, etc.) in the human. Received first authorship! Practical work as a surgeon has an earlier onset. As a student of IV and V courses Institute, Aydin substituted director of the department of military hospital (1952) in g.Hanlar (Azerbaijan), performing his duties all the summer holiday period.

Upon graduation he began working in Shemakha district hospital in the mountains of Azerbaijan. Here, a young specialist was a great surgical skill in a remarkable person, a unique surgeon, a distinguished physician of the Republic, the candidate of medical sciences Bogdan Stepanovich Odenova. At the same time appeared the first printed article on the use of antibiotics in surgical diseases. The outcome of the scientific work was the treatment of bites of poisonous snakes protivozmeinoy serum "anti-viper" (1949). Together with the staff of the Institute of Microbiology (LP Kovalev) spent the entire course of preparation of serum, ranging from catching snakes in the fields Kobystana (Azerbaijan), taking snake venom, the introduction of horses, and to production of serum. This work formed the basis for his Ph.D. dissertation, one of the first, written in the local outback practitioners. Academician Yevgeny Nikanorovich Pavlovsky called it "the only unique clinical work on the treatment of patients bitten by viper".

In 1951, Mr.. A. Imamaliyev worked as a doctor in Baku railway hospital, and from 1952 to 1954. - Resident physician of the Baku city hospital im.Semashko.

In May 1954 AS Imamaliyev arrives in Moscow for a refresher course in the Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics of the Ministry of Health of the USSR. During re-thesis defense in Vake to prospective expert drew the attention of Nikolai Priorov, who invited his doctoral student at the Academy of Medical Sciences. Topic for future doctoral dissertation was a specific direction - the use of tissue obtained from another person for the purposes of Plastic. Addressing AS Imamaliyev found in the application of thermal effects on biological tissue, . that made it possible to store tissue for long periods, . overcome the specific recipient's ability to resist the power of the incompatibility,

The first experiment on a dog transplant articular end of the femur was made April 22, 1955. Due to the lack of special equipment were used shirokogorlovye thermoses to store them in a sterile packed osteoarticular transplants at a temperature below -70 degrees Celsius, achieved by the presence of "dry ice". The experiment showed that such an environment conservation change for the better behavior of the transplanted tissue, and optimal term preservation for the use of tissues was not less than 25 days. Based on the experiment in 1956 was the successful transplantation of the proximal end of the femur, obtained from the deceased person suddenly and processed by the proposed method.

In 1956-1961 he. A. Imamaliyev works as a doctor, a research assistant, then - a senior researcher CITO im.Priorova, and from 1962 to 1976. - Head of the Laboratory of organ transplants

. The fate of direction, . developed by A. A. Aliyev, . has become increasingly prevalent: canned tissue was used in traumatology, . Orthopedics, . osteoarticular Oncology, . arthrology continue in operations for tuberculosis of the bone,
. Successful operations led to the creation of the conservation laboratories of tissues and organs throughout the country. A. Imamaliyev, being the most experienced professionals in the country on this subject, the first published data on errors and complications of such operations. Main failure he saw in the weak fixation of the implanted joints, leading to prolonged immobilization, vlekshey to a stable limit functions. Concurrently, the problem of treatment of diseases of large joints by replacing endoprosthesis of metal structures, attracted by its stable fixation, but was not satisfied with the presence of the metal contact with the tissues of the recipient.

In 1978. Professor A. A. Aliyev proposes a new method for the replacement of large joints combined endoprosthesis, which consists of two components: the osteoarticular graft reinforced with a metal joint of his own design, and in 1980. created the first total knee replacement. Thus began a new era of surgical treatment, mainly in malignant tumors of the musculoskeletal. This method makes it possible to avoid amputation and restore the earlier activity operated. Hundreds of people have avoided amputation and a heavy feeling of impending doom

. Multifaceted nature of Professor A. A. Aliyev affected in infatuation scientific problems, . vividly expressed in the methods of the closed method of surgical treatment of fractures of tubular bones, . restoration of the ligamentous apparatus of the knee joint, . in bold operations to close the corpse of the skull bone and epidural materials,
. Has become involved in scientific and inventive activities - the creation of new endoprostheses: knee, hip, elbow, ankle, combined. The result was the awarding of the title of Honored Inventor of Russia (1995)

. Scientific and practical achievements of Professor A. A. Aliyev awarded the USSR State Prize (1977), . Prize im.N.I.Pirogova (1976), . honorary title "Honored Scientist of Russia", . three gold, . five silver and five bronze medals of the USSR VDNKh,
. He is a member of the Presidium of the Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology of the USSR, and now - Russia

. Administrative and organizational nature manifested in A. A. Aliyev during the early leadership of the Department of Traumatology, . Orthopedics and Military Field Surgery of the Moscow Medical Dental Institute im.Semashko (since 1977), . when he was appointed chief orthopedic Russia and the main health-care professional Moscow,
. By focusing all efforts on training of students at one location - in the City Clinical Hospital N59, . He strengthened the medical database as normal conditions for the treatment of patients in the clinic, . and created all the conditions for holding lectures and practical classes,
. This was achieved by building on the territory of SDO N59 separate therapeutic housing for 320 beds. The main contribution of Professor A. A. Aliyev is, . that he managed to regain his authority to reality and to demonstrate the importance of: Traumatology - a mechanical injury of musculoskeletal system, . and orthopedics - his illness,
. From this and confirmed the need for a different approach to these disciplines. There is a trend revival of orthopedics in the country. Centers have been established orthopedics, marked clinical department under the orthopedic patients, opened offices in orthopedic clinics with a special reception. Currently, Aydin Salarovich engaged in construction of the Center of Orthopedics and Traumatology of the means of treatment and diagnostic production association, which functions on the basis of the Moscow Machine-Building Plant "Dawn". Room Center equipment is made under the new EXB form: through the sale of municipal housing in a newly built his firm on the leased land.

His knowledge and experience of Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor AS Imamaliyev generously sends young professionals: he has prepared more than 50 candidates and 18 doctors of medical sciences. Many of them have headed the department and institutes.

Professor A. Imamaliyev - author of more than 300 articles in national and international works and journals, including 11 monographs on the plastic of Orthopedics and Traumatology.

A. Imamaliyev always tried to be first, so in football (he is a master of sports of the USSR) was the aggressor number 9. It features impeccable attention to parents, . sensitivity to the surrounding friends and comrades, . thrifty attitude to colleagues and staff, . actively to the needs of patients, . preservation of manhood in all situations, . aristocratic exposure in the most extreme situations,

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • Rufa for Imamaliyev Aydin Salarovich
  • My dear Aydin Salarovich, I had occasion to meet with you in 1993! In GKB? 59 I operated, . I operated a very good person, Professor Basil I. Zorya! A huge thank you both for the fact that you are helping all of you nuzhdavschimsya! God give you health and long life,
    . You are a worthy son of Azerbaijani people! Rufus Mammadov
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    Imamaliyev Aydin Salarovich, photo, biography
    Imamaliyev Aydin Salarovich, photo, biography Imamaliyev Aydin Salarovich  MD, Ph.D., professor, laureate of USSR State Prize, photo, biography
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