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Kartavenko Sergei Stepanovich

( Candidate of Medical Sciences, Senior Fellow in 'Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation', a leading researcher of intensive therapy of pain syndromes of the Scientific Center of Surgery Russo)

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Biography Kartavenko Sergei Stepanovich
photo Kartavenko Sergei Stepanovich
Born September 3, 1947, Mr.. G. Moscow. Father - Kartavenko Nikitovich Stepan (1911 - 1981). Mother - Kartavenko Pimenovna Olga (1912 - 1985). Wife - Kartavenko (nee Burov) Elena Makeevna (genus. 02.05.1948) - Children's ophthalmologist. Daughter - Kartavenko Olga (genus. 03.04.1973) - Nurse.

Higher education received in the Second Moscow State Medical Institute. N. I. Pirogov on the pediatric department (1966-1972). By specialty: anesthesiology - resuscitator. Specialists in the field of reflexology and therapeutic methods of pain syndromes. He began his career after graduating from high school radiomontazhnikom electronic equipment at the plant pyrometric devices in g. Kaluga (1965 - 1966 gg.). After medical school from 1972 to 1974 he studied in the clinical residency in anesthesiology and resuscitation in the Moscow Regional Scientific Research Clinical Institute (Monica) of. M. F. Vladimir. In 1974 - 1980 he. worked as a doctor of anesthesiology and resuscitation MONICA. Along with the practical work involved in medical research in the field of natural (drug-free) methods of pain. Since 1975 he has initiated the development of acupuncture (acupuncture) as a treatment for acute and chronic pain. In 1976 he was the primary specialization in reflexology (acupuncture, electric, basic method Voll). In 1979 he graduated from training courses on reflexology and neurology at the Central Institute of Advanced Medical (TSOLIUV). From 1980 to 1989 worked as a research assistant of anesthesiology and resuscitation MONICA.

In 1987 he defended his Ph.D. thesis on the application they developed a new method of noninvasive pain electropunctural sinusoidal modulated currents in operations in maxillofacial surgery and dentistry. In 1989. S. S. Kartavenko was elected to contest a senior fellow of anesthesiology and resuscitation MONICA. In 1991, he initiated the organization of scientific and practical methods of drug-free pain relief and treatment of pain syndromes (acting as the Moscow regional medical, scientific and methodical center on this issue), and conducted the group in 1991-1994 i.i,

In 1992, the Higher Certifying Commission of the USSR he was given the title of "Senior Fellow" specialty "Anesthesiology and Resuscitation '. In 1991 - 1993 he. - Improve the courses of electro-diagnosis and therapy of Voll method, the method of Su Jok Therapy, Ayurveda, has received a certificate hypnologist international category. In 1994 - 1996 he. - Senior Researcher, and since 1996 - senior researcher department therapy of pain syndromes of Surgery Research Center of Russia Academy of Medical Sciences, the team leader electropulse the treatment of pain and therapy.

Scientific and practical achievements with. S. Kartavenko marked by a number of honorary awards: Gold Medal and Diploma of the International Jury of the First World Exhibition of achievements of young inventors 'EXPO - 85' (for the development of a new highly efficient way electropunctural analgesia) near Moscow Komsomol Prize in 1980,
. (for the development of new techniques electropunctural anesthesia in maxillofacial surgery and dentistry); Gold, . Silver and bronze medals of the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy of the USSR (for the development of new methods electropunctural anesthesia and therapy of pain syndromes, . as well as apparatuses for implementing these methods); Honorary Diploma of the Central Committee of Komsomol (for successful participation in the World Exhibition of Achievements of young inventors 'EXPO - 85'); number of diplomas, . including the international exhibition "Health Care - 90 '(for the high scientific and technical level of developed equipment series EPANAL", . intended for the reflex electropunctural anesthesia and treatment), was awarded the State of the mark and the title of 'Inventor of the USSR',

He has more than 20 years of practical experience and research in the treatment of acute and chronic pain syndromes. One of the leading specialists in the country and experts in the field of electric-reflex methods of anesthesia and electric pulse treatment. Clinical trials, and provides expert advice on virtually all domestic equipment designed for the reflex elektrovozdeystviya on the body, many foreign apparatuses of this type. Himself an ideologue and a developer of original equipment of this nature. It is the largest among the specialists of the country's personal experience and electropunctural electroacupuncture analgesia in surgical operations (including, . while preserving the patient's mind and in the "pure"), . - More than 500 patients, . in maxillofacial surgery, . in dentistry,
. Developed their own original techniques electropunctural and acupuncture analgesia in these areas. He reaches the best in the country and the world to date results in the treatment of drug-free electropulse and combined methods of a number of pain syndromes, . diseases and conditions (including: trigeminal neuralgia, . postherpetic neuralgia, . pain during exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis, . stomach ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, . functional recovery of peripheral nerve trunks and fibers in patients with ischemic and traumatic neuritis and others),
. He opened one of the main mechanisms of such phenomena, the age-old mysteries, like voodoo charms, voodoo spells: in 1980. put forward a working hypothesis of resonant (acoustic and electromagnetic), the mechanism of these phenomena, . extended this explanation to psychotherapy and later on the 'phenomenon Kashpirovsky', . to a number of frequently observed in everyday life events, . did not have before this scientific explanation, . and then found the first experimental confirmation of this concept,
. On the basis of this concept, . taking into account the implementation of dosed bioresonance effect, . developed and the new approaches to the electric pulse and acoustic effects on the body (acupuncture points on the system and, . certain areas of the body and the body in general) in order to ensure the anesthetic and therapeutic action through the activation (or, . on the contrary - inhibition) of certain biological oscillatory (bioostsillyatornyh) processes and systems,
. Theoretically substantiated and developed a new, . radically different from the known methods of electroacupuncture and transcutaneous electroneurostimulation, . method of noninvasive electroacupuncture analgesia and resonance therapy (REAT), . provides up to 5 types of analgesic effect, . as well as having a high therapeutic effectiveness,
. Method REAT, . in view of its Non-invasive, . comfort, . safety and high therapeutic efficacy, . was the first real alternative to invasive methods of reflex analgesia and reflex (acupuncture, . electroacupuncture) for use in general medical practice,
. To implement the REAT method in medical practice has developed in conjunction with specialists in the field of electronic engineering are several types of vehicles, which have close analogues in the world. Theoretical basis for the fundamental principle of preventing the development or substantial reduction of the intensity of the phantom and postoperative pain. To this end, proposed the use of preventive artificially created, . temporary, . but prolonged action in peripheral generator enhanced excitation, . topographically accurate aiming in the CNS, . which prevents the formation where the central generator of pathologically enhanced excitation or hinders its development, . reduces its stability,
. Developed specific and clinically effective electro-acupuncture technique for solving this problem and successfully applies them

. Published more than 70 printed on the Rights of the manuscripts of works in the field of study and practical application of the reflex, . electropulse and combined methods of anesthesia and treatment of surgical operations, . in the postoperative period, . in dentistry, . with different types of acute and chronic pain syndromes, . as well as in developing new methods and types of equipment in this area,
. Has a patent on an original way electropunctural anesthesia. Has the know-how of a further series of highly effective ways and methods of treatment and pain, know-how with no close analogues in the world apparatus for implementing these methods and techniques in clinical practice.

In life, trying to adhere to the principle: 'Do not be reputed, but to be! ". An essential part bequeathed to him by his father credo reflects well-known quatrain of Omar Khayyam Rubaiyat: 'To live life with wisdom, one must know a lot ...' and hereinafter. Favorite activities - digging in the books (on professional issues and other various issues), taking 'the pencil' quotes for business and for the soul, as well as 'brainstorming' of various sensitive issues, forecasting and analysis of situations. In his spare time, besides the above-described 'pastime', communicating with friends, listening to music, visiting exhibitions and museums, watching some of TV programs and films, carries 'attacks' on the nature. He likes to play chess, watch the game leading masters tennis.

Believes that he is very lucky: happy doing things you love, happy family and friends. He believes that many people in this life owes its parents (the remarkable people - the bright memory of them!), His wife Helen, his friends (especially the closest ones) and their teachers in the profession, koimi honors: a professor in the. N. Tsibulyak - a specialist of world renown, . first created in the country still in the 70 years of specialized unit for treatment of pain ( 'pain clinic') and has been president of it and still in the Scientific Center of Surgery RAMS, well-known professor, . anesthetist-resuscitator in,
. YU. Ostrowski, unfortunately departed from the early life specialists, too, with the name, who learned about the basics of acupuncture, electroacupuncture, and other types of reflex: in the first place - in. G. Nikiforov, as well as M. K. Mustache, and. P. Chkalov such famous masters of the art as Havana Luvsan, the work which has observed. Remember with gratitude the school teachers and many of their professors and teachers of the Second Moscow State Medical Institute. Low bowed to them all!

He lives in Moscow - a city Mytishhi. Works in g. Moscow.
Address: Russia, 119874, g. Moscow, Abrikosov Lane., Q. 2, Scientific Center of Surgery RAMS, Medical Diagnostic Center 'Integrative Medicine', Department of Therapy of pain syndromes. Phone: +7- (095) 248-15-88, 248-12-22 Fax: +7- (095) 248-10-00

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Kartavenko Sergei Stepanovich, photo, biography
Kartavenko Sergei Stepanovich, photo, biography Kartavenko Sergei Stepanovich  Candidate of Medical Sciences, Senior Fellow in 'Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation', a leading researcher of intensive therapy of pain syndromes of the Scientific Center of Surgery Russo, photo, biography
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