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Luzhniki Eugene A.

( Professor, Corresponding Member of RAMS, Russia Federation Chief toxicologist)

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Biography Luzhniki Eugene A.
photo Luzhniki Eugene A.
27 September 1934. in Moscow in the family of employee. After graduating from high school in 1952. enrolled to study at the Moscow Institute of International Relations of the USSR, but in connection with the reorganization of the Institute in 1954. transferred to the Moscow Medical University im.N.I.Pirogova, who graduated in 1960. Simultaneously, he studied at evening classes at the Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages, which he graduated in 1959.

After graduating from medical school in three years he worked as a doctor at the ambulance stations of Moscow, then a junior researcher therapeutic clinic SRI ambulance im.N.V.Sklifosovskogo, and from 1964. - An assistant, then associate professor of Department of Hospital Therapy Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy. In 1966-1967. graduated from higher courses of the organizers of the World Health Organization (WHO) and in 1970 he. served as consultant to WHO on emergency medical care in Egypt. In 1966, Mr.. master's thesis on acute organophosphorus poisoning substances, and in 1971. - Doctoral dissertation on acute toxicity of drugs and was promoted to professor. In 1972. elected as the head of the organized research department treatment of acute poisoning SRI ambulance im.N.V.Sklifosovskogo where work to date and manages numerous studies of new treatments for diseases of chemical. Concurrently, since 1986. he founded the department in charge of clinical toxicology in Russia Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, which were trained thousands of doctors of different specialties

. Professor EA Luzhniki - authoritative scientist, . widely known in our country and abroad as the founder and organizer of a new scientific field in medical science - clinical toxicology and clinical toxicology service, . of which currently employs 40 specialized departments of the treatment of acute poisoning in the largest cities in Russia,
. For 25 years he was chief toxicologist of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

EA Luzhniki has 35 years of experience teaching and research. During these years, under his leadership created by local school qualified clinicians, toxicologists, are protected by 19 doctoral and 45 master's theses. His many years of clinical experience is reflected in 336 scientific publications including 13 monographs. Among them are well-known works: "Principles of resuscitation in acute poisoning" (1977), . "Emergency treatment of acute poisoning" (1978), . "Surgical treatment of acute poisoning" (1981), . "Acute poisoning klofelinom" (1998) and others,
. His textbook for medical students "Clinical Toxicology (1982) already passed the 2 editions, and is required reading for the younger generation of doctors. Large-known uses as its guide for doctors "acute intoxication" (1989) and numerous sections on this topic in different medical references. EA Luzhniki - by 30 author's certificates and patents for inventions that have been successfully used in clinical practice. In 1979. him with a group of co-authors were awarded the USSR State Prize for the development and implementation of sorption methods of treatment of poisonings and endotoxicosis

. Recognition of the scientific credibility of EA Luzhnikova is electing him a corresponding member of Academy of Technological Sciences of Russia (1992) and the Russia Academy of Medical Sciences (1993), participation in international congresses and symposia
. For successes achieved in the development of medical science and scientific training, EA Luzhniki in 1987. awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples ".

Much attention EA Luzhniki gives scientific social activities. He is Chairman of the problem commission "Acute poisoning" Interdepartmental Scientific Council of Medical Sciences and the RF Ministry of Health on ambulance on toxicology of chemicals and natural toxins, . managing editor of the editorial department of "Clinical Toxicology of the Great Medical Encyclopedia, . member of the editorial board of the journals "Anesthesiology Resuscitation" and "Poison Gazette, . board member of the All-Russia Public Organization Toxicological Association of Russia anesthesiology and resuscitation, . International Association of efferent therapy, . European Association of poisoning treatment centers and clinical toxicologists,

Married since 1958, has a son (1959 g.rozhd.), And two granddaughters. In addition to intensive research and clinical work, is engaged in skiing and enjoys poetry. In 1998. Ekaterinburg published his first collection of sonnets "Revelations".

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Luzhniki Eugene A., photo, biography
Luzhniki Eugene A., photo, biography Luzhniki Eugene A.  Professor, Corresponding Member of RAMS, Russia Federation Chief toxicologist, photo, biography
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