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Studenikin Mitrofan Yakovlevich

( Professor, Academician of RAMS, Director Emeritus of the Institute of Pediatrics RAMS)

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Biography Studenikin Mitrofan Yakovlevich
photo Studenikin Mitrofan Yakovlevich
Born Dec. 2, 1923 in the village Listopadovka Voronezh region in a peasant family. Father - Studenikin Yakov (genus. 14.08.1898 g.). Mother - Studenikina Praskovya Illarionovna (genus. 10.11.1901 g.). Children: Studenikina Irina Mitrofanovna (genus. 14.08.1958 g.); Studenikin Vladimir Mitrofanovich (genus. 18.01.1962 g.).

After graduating from high school, once, in 1941, went to the front, went into the army in the war, was wounded twice.

After demobilization, M. J. Studenikin II entered the Moscow Order of Lenin Medical Institute im.N.I.Pirogova (now Russia State Medical University) and graduated with honors in 1952. Then - post-graduate with a Ph.D., working as an assistant, an assistant professor at the Department of Childhood Illness medical faculty of the native institution. From 1969 to present M.Ya. Studenikin chair for childhood diseases medical faculty Rossiyskogo State Medical University.

Since 1960, M. Ya Studenikin directs the Institute for Pediatric Medical Sciences. In 1966 he defended his doctoral dissertation and received the title of professor. His outstanding ability, fine academic flair and rich clinical experience enabled him as director of the Institute hold great scientific-organizational work. Been deployed new modern equipped clinics and laboratories, . expanded work on the training of scientific personnel, . ensured the rise of scientific activities on a number of the most topical and emerging issues of Pediatrics, . such as neonatology, . Allergology, . Hematology, . Clinical Virology, . immunotsitologiya, . ekogennye disease of childhood,

. Under the leadership of M. Ya Studenikina Institute of Pediatrics Medical Sciences has achieved great success in the development of science and implementation of its achievements in the practice of child health, . for which he was awarded the Order of Lenin, . and the work of scientists of the Institute were awarded the Lenin and State prizes,

. Activity M.Ya. Studenikina actively helped make the Institute of Pediatrics Medical Sciences in the largest scientific institution in the country pediatric, . which, . as head, . provides planning and coordination of basic research in pediatrics in the country,
. Council grants the President of Russia Institute of Pediatrics Medical Sciences recognized leading scientific school.

In 1971, M. Ya Studenikin was elected a corresponding member of Russia Academy of Medical Sciences and in 1975. - A full member of RAMS.

The range of scientific interests M.Ya. Studenikina very wide. His scientific works are devoted to priority issues of Pediatrics - dystonia, . Neonatology, . nutrition of children of different ages, . diseases of the liver and biliary tract, . kidney, . blood, . muskovistsidozu, . allergic diseases, . Social Pediatrics,
. He is the author of more than 250 scientific works, among them 10 monographs and 40 chapters in collective monographs, manuals, handbooks and compilations. Edited by M. Ya Studenikina released 20 guidelines for doctors and 4 edition of the Handbook pediatrician, became a handbook for many doctors.

Professor M. Ya Studenikin pays great attention to training of scientific personnel. Under his supervision 53 PhD and over 60 Ph.D. theses. His students now occupy leading positions in health authorities, heads of research institutions, departments of medical institutions run by clinics and laboratories of research institutions,.

Much work is carried out Mitrophan Yakovlevich on scientific cooperation with pediatric institutions of several countries, a significant number of publications abroad, earned him a well-deserved international recognition. M. Ya Studenikin - Member of the International Academy of Art, an honorary member of scientific societies of pediatricians 11 European countries and the American Academy of Pediatrics, honorary doctor of universities in gg.Helsinki, Budapest and Rostock.

M. Ya Studenikin successfully combines active scientific, pedagogical and organizational activities with a large public work. He - President of the Moscow Children's Fund, . Chairman of the Scientific Council on Pediatrics RAMS, . long time chairman of the Scientific Society of Pediatricians Russia, . Committee expert services for the protection of motherhood and childhood, the World Health Organization, . Member of the Standing Committee of the International Pediatric Association, . member of the editorial board of the journals "Pediatrics", . "Health", . "Acta paediatrica japonica",
. More than 20 years, is chairman of the Association of Friendship with the Peoples of Cyprus. He was elected people's deputies, a deputy of the Frunze District Council (Moscow)

. M. Ya Studenikin awarded the Order of the October Revolution (1988), . Order of Patriotic War I Class (1945), . Order of the Red Star (1944), . Order of Red Banner of Labor (1976), . Order of Friendship of Peoples (1993), . 14 Commemorative medals, . 4 honorary signs,
. He - Honored Worker of Science. For long-term care of the needs of children by the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II was awarded the Order of St. Prince Daniel of Moscow.

His passion considers the history of art.

Lives and works in g. Moscow. Address: Russia, 117296, g. Moscow, GSP - 1, Lomonosovskij pr d. 2 / 62, Institute of Pediatrics RAMS. Tel: (+7-095) 134-03-61

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  • Krvavac Sukrija, MD for Studenikin Mitrofan Yakovlevich
  • Very esteemed Professor, After 25 years braek I wish turn your attention to www.dr-krvavac,com,ba Best wishes and warm regards. Hope the comment. KSh-Sarajevo
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    Studenikin Mitrofan Yakovlevich, photo, biography
    Studenikin Mitrofan Yakovlevich, photo, biography Studenikin Mitrofan Yakovlevich  Professor, Academician of RAMS, Director Emeritus of the Institute of Pediatrics RAMS, photo, biography
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