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Tsibulyak Viktor

( MD, Ph.D., professor, Honored Scientist of Russia, Head of Diagnostic and Treatment Division and the Office of therapy of pain syndromes of the Scientific Center of Surgery RAMS)

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Biography Tsibulyak Viktor
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Born October 10, 1937 in g. Noginsk, Moscow Region. Father - Tsibulyak Nikolai Ivanovich (21.12.1896 - 02.06.1953 gg.). Mother - Tsibulyak Elena (15/06/1908 - 17/12/1996 gg.). Wife - Tsibulyak (nц╘e. Polyakova) Margarita (genus. 03.02.1940 g.). Daughter - Larionov (nц╘e. Tsibulyak) Maria V. (genus. 07.10.1970 g.).

Received higher education in II - st Moscow State Medical Institute named after H. I. Pirogov (1955 - 1962 gg.). By specialty - anesthesiologist - resuscitator. Professional experience: Duty doctor clinic 111 N Main Directorate of Health,. Moscow (04.1961 - 08.1962 gg.) Anesthetist MONICA them,
. time). MD, Ph.D., Professor, Honored Worker of Science. Honorary member of the Medical Association of,

He has 25 years of experience in research and practical work in the treatment of acute and chronic pain syndromes. Created in 1976, first with the country "PAIN CLINIC" and stretch supervises its present. Trained a galaxy of disciples - researchers and practitioners - in the field of pain reflex, which are successfully working with him, and in many institutions, clinics and hospitals throughout the country and abroad.

Is the developer of the combined methods of anesthesia in surgical pulmonology, the concept of targeted sedation, balanced anesthesia. Scientifically substantiated and argued the usefulness of non-medicinal treatment of pain reflex in clinical anesthesiology, . introduced acupuncture, . Electroacupuncture, . electropulse analgesia in the clinical practice of anesthesia in surgical operations as a component of the total combined anesthesia and postoperative,
. The role of neuro-humoral mechanisms of analgesic effects of objectification of the analgesic effect of methods of reflex analgesia with monosynaptic testing of spinal neurons, . peripheral blood flow and flow of narcotic analgesics,

He is co-developer of Highly computerized method of pulse diagnosis, which allows quickly assess the status of all major functional systems of the body. As he headed department therapy of pain syndromes in clinical trials, many types of domestic and foreign equipment, . dedicated to the implementation of reflex analgesia, . are developed several new methods of treatment of pain syndromes.,

. Developed the concept INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE, which was based on the principle of integration of traditional canons of Oriental medicine and the most modern technologies.

. Author of monographs: 'ataralgesia', ed
. Medicine, Budapest, 1983, 1170 pages. (co-author); 'Reflexology in clinical anesthesiology' ed. Medicine, 1985, 158 p.; 'injury, pain, anesthesia', ed. Medicine, 1994, 224 pages. Results published more than 130 works, has 6 copyright certificates, and carried out the scientific editing of 3 monographs.

The second half of life with great pleasure spent traveling, not sparing neither time nor money. It is well recognized Central Asia, Siberia, Far East. Favorite places: Karelia, Solovki, Balaam, Pecheri, Mikhailovskoye, Mamaev Kurgan, Baikal, Lake Issyk-Kul, the Western Urals, Moscow. Abroad, most impressed by China, Japan, India, Italy, Canada, Cuba. Leisure time one spends in the woods, or with a five-year granddaughter, or with friends in the bath. The most favorite activity - 'gribalka' in the woods Zavidov. Favorite TV shows: 'that do not play', 'town', 'Dolls', 'Morning Express'. Musical tastes: classic jazz in the processing, romances, songs 'urban fringe'. Likes to go to the theater: 'Lenkom', 'Contemporary', BDT. Is a fan of artists and, simultaneously, their patients: A. Batalov, A. Shirvindt, E. Ryazanov. The most favorite printed products: maps, atlases, reference encyclopedia. Considers fascinating read headlines newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets'. He likes physical education. Last 25 years, getting around by car 'Lada'. 'I consider myself extremely lucky man, because with equal pleasure, and I am at home and at work ...'.

Lives and works in g. Moscow.
Address: NTSH RAMS 'Integrative Medicine', Abrikosov Lane. d. 2, Moscow, Russia, 119874

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Tsibulyak Viktor, photo, biography
Tsibulyak Viktor, photo, biography Tsibulyak Viktor  MD, Ph.D., professor, Honored Scientist of Russia, Head of Diagnostic and Treatment Division and the Office of therapy of pain syndromes of the Scientific Center of Surgery RAMS, photo, biography
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