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Shumakov Valery

( Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor, Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of USSR State Prizes, Academician of the Russia Academy of Sciences, Academician of the Russia Academy of Medical Sciences, Di)

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Biography Shumakov Valery
Born November 9, 1931, Mr.. Moscow. Father - a civil engineer. Mother - housewife. Wife - anesthetist higher qualification. Son - a specialist in the field of cardiovascular surgery. Daughter - art.

In 1956, Mr.. I graduated from the Medical Faculty of the Moscow Sechenov Medical Institute. In 1956 - 1959 g. - Post-graduate department of operative surgery and topographic anatomy of the same institute. In 1959, Mr.. master's thesis, and in 1966. - Doctor.

After graduate school he worked in an academic group Petrovsky on cardiopulmonary bypass during open heart defects correction. From 1963 to 1966. worked as a senior research fellow Institute of Clinical and Experimental Surgery of the Ministry of Health. In 1966 - 1969 i.i. - Head of Laboratory of artificial hearts and circulatory support institute. In 1969. confirmed in the rank of professor. In 1969-1974 i.i. - Head of Transplantation and Artificial Organs. Since 1974, Mr.. present - Director of the Institute of Transplantation and Artificial Organs of the Ministry of Public Health.

. Cardiac generalists - VI Shumakov - one of the founders of the national clinical transplantation, the first in the country, he has successfully completed the transplant of the heart, liver and pancreas, as well as a two-stage heart transplant
. The creator of the science of artificial organs, temporarily replacing the faulty functions vital organs (heart, lungs, kidneys, pancreas). These artificial organs developed at all stages of design, pilot testing, implementation in clinical practice and production

. The head of the department "Physics of living systems" of the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute and Laboratory of Biomedical Informatics Institute of Automation and Design Academy of Sciences, . where they founded the higher school of training versatile specialists: transplant, . Surgeons, . physicists, . engineers and system administrators,
. Altogether, they trained 27 doctors and 45 candidates of medical sciences.

VI Shumakov - the author of three scientific discoveries, 17 monographs and more than 450 scientific papers. He has more than 100 inventions, both in clinical surgery, and at the crossroads of medicine and the exact sciences.

. Scientific and practical achievements VI Shumakova awarded the USSR State Prize (1971), . Order of Merit of the Fatherland "III degree (1995), . international award Academician Petrovsky, a prominent surgeon of the world "(1996), . RF Government Prize in the field of science and technology for development and introduction into clinical practice of heart transplant (1997),
. He - the Hero of Socialist Labor (1988), Honored Inventor of the RSFSR (1978). In 1997. elected an honorary citizen of Moscow and was awarded the commemorative medal 850-anniversary of Moscow. He was awarded the diploma of the World Intellectual Property Organization, the UN, three gold medals VDNH USSR, honorary diplomas VDNH USSR, the French Society of Transplantation and Surgical Society Czech Republic.

. VI Shumakov - member of Russia Academy of Medical Sciences (1988), . Academician of RAS (1993), . Chairman of the Scientific Council on Transplantation and Artificial Organs of the Presidium of Medical Sciences, . coordinator of the interagency agreement between Russia and the United States on the artificial heart and circulatory Support, . Chief editor of Transplantation and Artificial Organs ", . executive editor of the section "Medical equipment" Great Medical Encyclopedia, . board member of the All-Union Society of Cardiovascular Surgeons, . Member of the International Society of Surgeons, . honorary member of the French Society of transplant, . member of the International Society for Artificial Organs, . International Society for heart transplants, . International Society for transplant, . American Society of Thoracic Surgeons, . American Society for Artificial Organs, . European Society of transplant, . European Society for Artificial Organs ..,

. He is fond of swimming and tennis.

. Lives and works in Moscow.

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    Shumakov Valery, photo, biography
    Shumakov Valery, photo, biography Shumakov Valery  Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor, Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of USSR State Prizes, Academician of the Russia Academy of Sciences, Academician of the Russia Academy of Medical Sciences, Di, photo, biography
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