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Zakariadze S. Guram

( Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, senior researcher at the Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, RAS Vernadsky.)

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Biography Zakariadze S. Guram
photo Zakariadze S. Guram
Born August 17, 1932, Mr.. in Tbilisi. Father Zakariadze Sergei legendary Soviet, Georgian actor, winner of the Lenin and USSR State Prize. Mother Koreli Maria Mikhailovna akterisa theater and cinema. Most of the relatives of the parents were also associated with the theater.

Among them - quite a few popular names. Parents of mother: father-Koreli Michael Filimonovich, . Renowned director Honored Artist of Georgia and his mother-Chkheidze Nina Platonovna, . famous Georgian actress beginning of the century, . People's Artist of Georgia - were among the founders of modern Georgian theater,
. Uncle (mother's elder sister's husband) - Archil Chkhartishvili Evstafievich, famous director, People's Artist of USSR, State Prize winner, artistic director of several major theaters of Georgia. Uncle (father's younger brother) - Zakariadze Bukhuti Alexandrovich, a well-known film and theater actor, People's Artist of Georgia.

Last 20 years, GS Zakariadze is the second marriage. From the first marriage has two adult daughters and five grandchildren. The eldest daughter - Nino, a physiologist, but was shot repeatedly in feature films. The younger daughter - Tamara, an actress of. SH. Rustaveli.

World of art which was п╢п╣я┌я│п╡п╬ Guram not developed into a profession. He realized as a scientist, an authoritative expert in the field of geochemistry of magmatism in the ocean. After graduating with honors from mining-geological faculty of the Georgian Polytechnic Institute in Tbilisi (1956), was an engineer-geologist.

He graduated from the graduate school of the Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Vernadsky, and in 1965. thesis on the geochemistry of rare elements in magmatic processes. From 1956 to 1980. worked as researcher at the Geological Institute of SSR. From 1980 to present - Senior Fellow, Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry RAS Vernadsky.

Last 25 years, GS Zakariadze explores the problems of geochemistry and geodynamics of the lithosphere and oceanic lithosphere of modern and ancient active continental margins. He - the author of more than 120 works published in Russia and abroad. He has worked in many regions of the world and renowned foreign research centers. He participated in major domestic and international marine expeditions in the Pacific and Atlantic. On the continent the main research polygons GS Zakariadze belong to the Mediterranean belt (the Caucasus, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Syria, Cyprus) and Eastern Siberia (the area of. Baikal). Repeatedly participated and presented reports on domestic and international scientific conferences and congresses. In school and college years was a good athlete, playing basketball, a master of sports of the USSR.

Lives and works in Moscow. Address: Russia, st. Vavilova 46, square. 60.

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  • Vadim Arshakyan. for Zakariadze S. Guram
  • Hello Guram S.. My name is Vadim, I am the son of your friend from Tbilisi. Father now lives in Troitsk, near Moscow. I called you a couple of years ago but it turned out that his father became ill and had surgery. If you do not mind to meet with him and poobschyatsya then please send to my email of your decision and telephone number. I will not give you the bother and wait for an answer. Vsegog you dobrogoi the holiday. With uvyazheniem Vadim
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    Zakariadze S. Guram, photo, biography
    Zakariadze S. Guram, photo, biography Zakariadze S. Guram  Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, senior researcher at the Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, RAS Vernadsky., photo, biography
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