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Yevstratova Albina Ivanovna

( Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Head of Russia's history, dean of Faculty of Humanities of Kostroma Technological University)

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Biography Yevstratova Albina Ivanovna
photo Yevstratova Albina Ivanovna
Born May 4, 1943 in the village Pavin Pavinsky district, Kostroma region. Father - Plotnikov, Ivan G. (1916. born.). Mother - Plotnikova Galina Semenovna (1922. born.). Spouse - Yevstratov Matvey Ivanovich (1939. born.). Son - Yevstratov AndцTya Matveevich (1967. born.).

She graduated from the History Department of the Kostroma State Pedagogical Institute. N. A. Nekrasov (1961 - 1965 gg.). She began her career as a history teacher at school N 24 g. Kostroma (1965 - 1967 gg.). In 1967 he moved to work in the Kostroma Technological Institute as assistant of the department of Marxism-Leninism. In 1969 - 1972 he. held full-time graduate study at Leningrad State University. After finishing graduate school and Ph.D. degree back in Kostroma, where she worked as assistant chair of Party History, Philosophy and Scientific Communism in Kostroma Technological Institute (1972 - 1973 gg.). Then held the positions of Senior Lecturer (1973 - 1975 gg.), Associate Professor (1975 - 1982 gg.), Head of the Department of Party History (1982 - 1990 gg.). In 1984 - 1986 he. A. I. Yevstratova - Senior Fellow, and in 1989 became professor of the Department of Party History of Kostroma Technological Institute. Since 1990, she headed the Department of History of Russia Kostroma Technological University, and since February 1997 became dean of the Faculty of Humanities. A. I. Yevstratova - a member of two specialized councils for defending theses for the degree of Doctor and Candidate of Historical Sciences at the Ivanovo State University (since 1989) and Kostroma State Pedagogical University (since 1993),
. She is a member of the Head Council of the complex target program "Formation and development of young workers" (Perm State Technical University), . as well as the central scientific-technical council of the interuniversity research program "Women of Russia: problems of adaptation and development of new socio-economic conditions" (since 1994),
. Member of the Peter's Academy (since 1996), a member of the Presidium of the Regional Council of Women (since 1995). For years the scientific and practical activities A. I. Yevstratova produced 10 postgraduate students and two doctoral students, has developed a methodology and technique of the course "feminologii". She has published a number of his works: materials glossary and encyclopaedia, "Women in the Russian province" (the magazine "Women in Russia's society"); article: "History of Russian women's costume" (the magazine "Women in Russia's society", . N 2, . 1996); Lermontov S,
. V. "(magazine" Woman in Russia's society ", . N 3, . 1996), "Women in the historical fate of Russia: Characters in Russia's history" (St. Petersburg, . 1996), "Female city of the XIX century costume, and historical epoch" (the magazine "Woman in Russia's society", . N 1, . 1997), "Female Russian costume X - XVII vv." (Journal of the Kostroma State Pedagogical University,
. N. A. Nekrasov ", N 2, 1996)," Sources of Enlightenment (Elizabeth spines) "," Women and Society: Issues of theory, methodology and sociological research. "(Proceedings of the III International Scientific Conference. - Izhevsk, 1997) and others; books: Yevstratova A. I. "The Komsomol and young working-class shift (1926 - 1937 gg.)" - Moscow, 1987; Yevstratova A. I., Fleyman E. A. "Ethnographical movement in the Volga region - Kostroma, 1996; Bril G. G., Yevstratova A. I. "The genesis of social conflict in Russia post-October period." - Kostroma, 1997; Yevstratova A. I. "Kostroma: A Brief Historical Review." - Yaroslavl, 1978; Yevstratova A. I. "Labor heroism of youth in the first five years (Ethnographical notes. Tech. 4) - Yaroslavl, 1986; Yevstratova A. I. "Women in the historical fate of Russia." - V. I and II. - Kostroma, 1995, 1996. Hobby - reading books (Russian classics and historical literature). He loves animals (dogs and cats) and walk on skis. Musical preferences: Russian romance and classical works. Music loves to listen to relaxing. Is a fan of creative home movie actors and actresses: H. Kryuchkov, T. Makarova, L. Orlova, N. Gundareva, H. Batalova AND. Makarova, L. Bykov. He likes to cultivate flowers, fruits, vegetable crops on his farm was. Autumn is fond of picking mushrooms. At present much attention to the women's movement, protect the rights of Russian women, uphold democratic freedoms and promote the tradition of charity and mercy of the Russian people. Good German language.

Lives and works in g. Kostroma.
Address: Russia, 156005, g. Kostroma, ul. Dzerzhinsky, 17, KSTU, Department of History of Russia.

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  • Sergey for Yevstratova Albina Ivanovna
  • Albina Ivanovna, hello. Writes you Yakovlev Sergey born in 1966 in the period from 1978 to 1983 I was in high school? 34 cities of Kostroma with your son Andrew Yevstratova. In the early 90's (Fall 93goda) being in Kostroma last met with classmates, including Andrei. Perhaps you remember me. My father served in the Kostroma division of Strategic Rocket Forces, and my mother worked as a teacher in a kindergarten. With Andrey few years we were in school at the same desk. Time flies very fast, at the present time my family and I live and work in Moscow. His parents live in Saratov. Sorry that I write to you, just could not find a contact (phone or e-mail) Andrei although much of him found and read on the Internet. Albina Ivanovna, if you do not complicate Andrew please send my coordinates. Thank you. Sincerely, LEADER OF COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT LLC "CLAIM EURASIA YAKOVLEV Sergey. TEL: 8 (495) 662-81-94 * 2064 (office), Fax: 8 (495) 662-81-95. 8 903 549 9064 ( mob). e-mail: syakovlev@ea-isk.ru
  • Anonymous for Yevstratova Albina Ivanovna
  • Anonymous for Yevstratova Albina Ivanovna
  • Anonymous for Yevstratova Albina Ivanovna
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    Yevstratova Albina Ivanovna, photo, biography
    Yevstratova Albina Ivanovna, photo, biography Yevstratova Albina Ivanovna  Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Head of Russia's history, dean of Faculty of Humanities of Kostroma Technological University, photo, biography
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