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Mironov George Efimovich

( Honorary Academician of Russia Academy of Natural Sciences)

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Biography Mironov George Efimovich
Born May 21, 1941 in Petrozavodsk. Father - Mironov E.S. (1899g.rozhd.). Mother - Mironov п░.п╓. (1913g.rozhd.). Wife - Kalinin Larisa (1946g.rozhd.).

He graduated from the Petrozavodsk State University OV Kuusinen (1958-1963) for the departments of history and journalism of History and Philology. graduate department of Modern and Contemporary History of PSU and postgraduate modern history of LSU (1965-1968).

His professional and artistic career began in 1958, actor and entertainer pop Republican Philharmonic Orchestra. In 1959-1960 he worked republican radio announcer, and from 1960 to 1962 - the editor of the literary and dramatic television broadcast of the Karelian.

In 1963 he was called the Soviet Army. Served at the sergeants and officers. In the army, graduated Spetsradioshkolu

. After transfer to the reserve in 1965, he entered the graduate department of Modern and Contemporary History Petrazovodskogo State University, . combining studies in her teaching at the historic, . philology and journalism departments of History and Philology of the University,
. Taught general course of the history of the southern and western Slavs, as well as courses on the history of the Second World War, history and art of the Renaissance, the history of the French Enlightenment. Work and study combined with the creative work, as a freelance columnist literary and dramatic television studio broadcasting Petrozavodsk.

After finishing graduate school and thesis candidate of historical sciences went to work on television. From 1968-1970 he was a senior, then editor in chief of the main editorial filmmaking Petrozavodsk television studio. He was the author of the international youth programs ( "Relay"), . programs about the artists and art museums, . Literary Transmission of Russian writers, . author and editor of television ( "I met in Kizhi Century, . "There was a village Kondopoga, . "We will meet in the Atlantic, etc.),

In the years 1971-1973 - the main editorial writer folk Central Television, at the same time, from 1971 to 1972 - foreign editor of the Literary Gazette (editor-reviewer on foreign Slavic countries). From 1972 to 1992 he worked as a columnist on foreign Slavic countries of the Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences Academy of Sciences. He participated in several international conferences and symposiums on the history, economy, culture, foreign Slavic countries.

In 1973-1982 he worked chief editor of "Informculture" USSR Ministry of Culture, editor in chief of information systems "DIOR" (differential analysis of information security executives). From 1982 to 1991 was a leading researcher Russia State Library, . author and compiler, . Head of research teams for the preparation of scientific monographs and collections, . on the history, . Arts, . philosophy of Russia before 1917,

. In 1991-1992 - head of the international scientific journal-club "Magisterium", . concept of which was as follows: Preparation of 200 rooms, . devoted to the development of mankind for 2000 years, and each room had to be devoted to one topic, . example, . "0kean", . "Old, . "Child", . "Cosmos", etc.,
. For financial reasons this project has not been fully implemented.

Since 1992, GE Mironov is the chief specialist of the General Prosecutor of Russia, where the main directions of his work were analytical informatics, public relations, book publishing and exhibition activities.

Currently, GE Mironov is implementing a number of interesting projects. In the field of historical science is publishing project "History of the State of Russia", which claims to grant the International Fund "Eurasia" and has already marked by several international and Russian awards and diplomas. The publication consists of 10 volumes devoted to five epochs in the history of Russia. This the first time in history the era considered systematically: as part of a two-volume - the history of the state, military, economic history, history of architecture, culture and art. For the first time simultaneously with the historiographical essays in books on a wide range of readers can understand given the level of large fragments of historical sources. New works of art and literature was considered not only in the context of history, the arts, but also as sources for the study of history. Finally, the first time in the history of this major publishing project for a decade is implemented by one man - GE Mironov

. In the field of art he is working on the books of the series "Russian artists in the context of the history of the state Rossiyskogo" - a series of portraits of outstanding Russian architects, . painters, . Sculptors, . which creativity is considered in the context of the history of the country,
. Prepared a book on Surykova Kustodiev, Bazhenov

. In future, . supported by the International Eurasia Foundation in 2000-2010 is planned for the second largest publishing project "Culture, . Russian people in the context of the history of the state Rossiyskogo ", . where part of the study will consist of individual masters, under the rubric of "Portrait in the context of history",
. All projects GE Mironova implemented mainly based on publishing "Book House" and "March".

In the field of jurisprudence related to the work of the General Prosecutor's Office, GE Mironov implemented a large project, with the aim to show the means of literature various parties for the prosecution service. This is a documentary series of stories about people prosecutors, implemented on the basis of the publishing house "Terra-Sport". The first volume - "The conspiracy that was not there," including a documentary story about the investigator of the Prosecutor "blood brothers" and work to rehabilitate victims of political repression, had already appeared in late 1999

. Second project, . on the work of prosecutors, . connected with a series of compilations under the title "The prosecutors - is journalism and journalism: The collection contains sketches and portraits, . created by prominent journalists and writers, . dedicated members of the prosecution,
. GE Mironov, a sponsor of documentary stories about the investigator and reporter.

The third project represents a series of novels, detectives and thrillers, built on the basis of documentary and on the various prosecutor's offices. From the press have been published 10 books.

Activities GE Mironova received wide public recognition. He - Honorary Academician of Russia Academy of Natural Sciences, . Academician of the Academy of Economics, . Finance and Law, . Academician of International Informatization Academy, . Academician of the Academy of Humanitarian Sciences of Russia, . Academician of International Academy of the peoples of the world ( "Elite"), . Academician of the Academy of Higher Studies in National Security, . Academy of the New York Academy of Sciences, . Academician of the Academy of Russia's literature, . Past-President of the International Lions Club Moscow-West, . President of the International Club Knights of the Order of "Star Vernadsky", . president of the club grand doctors of philosophy (MAI), . Hist., . Doctor of Arts, . Professor, . Grand Doctor, . Full Professor,

. He advises Ataman public organization "The Cossack troops of Russia" on legal issues, . "The Minister of Justice of Russia of the Chapter of the International Order of St. Constantine the Great, . and a member of the Union of Journalists in Moscow and Russia, . member of the Writers' Union of Russia, . member of the International Union of Writers and Naval Infantrymen marine painters, . member of the Union of Artists of Russia, . member of the Association of Art, . Member of International Association of Art Critics, . member of the Moscow Association of detective novel, . member of the Press Club at the Central House of Artists, . member of the International Committee of the Protection of Human Rights "named AFKoni, . member of the organizing committee of the International kinotelefestivalya "Law and Society", . member of the Club of writers at the Central House of Writers, . member of the Literary Fund of Russia, . member of the International Lions Club Moscow-Global ",

GE Mironov - winner of the literary prize Konstantin Simonov, the winner of science awards named A. Chizhevskogo. Awarded the Order of Honor, as well as many medals. His research in the field of Russian history and activities to revitalize the cultural and historical traditions of Russia are marked by silver medal for outstanding achievements in the XX Century "International Research Center in Cambridge (UK), . Silver Medal "Man of the Year" for 1999, the American Biographical Institute (USA), . winning the National Committee of the Knights of the Imperial Orders of Russia, . Gold Mark Alexander's Russian Imperial Committee, . Silver medal "In memory of 300 years of the establishment of the first emperor of the Order of St. Andrew, . Silver Medal "Jealous education", . Gold Medal Konstantin Simonov, . Gold Medal Chizhevskogo A., . highest award of the Inter-Academy Union "3vezda Vernadsky" I and II degree, . medal in honor of Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich "For outstanding contribution to the revival of the Russian Orthodox statehood", . International Order of St. Constantine the Great, . Orders and signs "for courage and love for the Fatherland", . "For the love and loyalty to the Fatherland", . Cross Imperial Cossack Regiment,

GE Mironov - the author of more than 200 scientific articles on problems of foreign Slavic studies, 30 scientific works on Russian history, as well as 11 monographs.

In his spare time likes to walk in the woods. Regularly visiting museums of fine arts. Prefers the classics: music (Bach, . Vivaldi, . Mozart, . Beethoven, . Shostakovich, . Prokofiev, . Chopin, . Schnittke), . jazz (Glen Miller, . Duke Alington), . Russian and foreign literature (A. Chekhov, . Kuprin, . I. Bunin, . Shakespear, . D. London, . Dzh.Golsuorsi, . E.-M.Remark, etc.),
. From the artist selects O. Hepburn, G. Peck, L. Olivier, Jean Gabin, W. Li, V. Merkurieva, N. Cherkasova, E. Bystritskii, V. Kikabidze. Favorite sports - swimming, athletics, fencing.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • When only man all time? Amused a full doctor ...
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  • Hello, George Yefimovich! Random read your book about the "commander" who was at your house on the Onega embankment, I remember well the house, your family, and even a little more, very interesting to discover that a relative is. As a child, you name Enechka, so mom vspominaet.Seychas herself collecting material for a book about her brother, who died. It may have heard about Alexander Kolobov, a prominent journalist, and not only in Karelia, was awarded the Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin with the medal "For Service to the Fatherland 2 degrees". I would like to hear advice from you on the book ...
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