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Brushlinskii Andrey

( doctor of psychological sciences, professor, corresponding member of the Russia Academy of Sciences, director of the Institute of Psychology RAS)

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Biography Brushlinskii Andrey
photo Brushlinskii Andrey
Born April 4, 1933 in Moscow. Father - Brushlinskii Vladimir Konstantinovich (1900-1992). Mother - Varvara Brushlinskaya Platonovna (1899-1987). Wife - Meleshko Tamara K. (rod.16.11.1933 g.). Daughter - Brushlinskaya (Kovalev) Catherine Andreyevna (rod.8.03.1962 g.).

Graduated from the Department of Psychology Philosophy Faculty Lomonosov Moscow State University (1951-1956 yy). Andrei - one of the disciples of the largest domestic psychologist and philosopher SL Rubinstein (1889-1960).

After graduation, he joined the Institute of Philosophy of Psychology Section of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, passed the post of scientific and technical staff, junior and senior researcher. Since 1972, Mr.. works at the Institute of Psychology USSR (now the Academy of Sciences) as the lead researcher, team leader on the psychology of thinking. Since 1984, directs the Interagency Workshop on the psychology of thinking. In 1989 he was elected, and in 1995, reelected to the post of Director of the Institute of Psychology RAS. In 1981-1987 i.i. - Deputy Chief Editor of "Journal of Psychology, since 1988, is the chief editor of the journal Psychological" Russia Academy of Sciences, since 1991. member of the Editorial Board of "synapse" in 1993. - Member of the editorial board of the journal "Foreign psychology.

The main theme of scientific activity AI Brushlinskii - psychology of personality and thinking man. After years of research, he developed a new version of the systems approach - continual-genetic (nedizyunktivny) method for studying human, . as subject, . his psyche, . taking into account the specific continuity of the latter in contrast to technical systems and mathematical structures,
. On the basis of this method created a theory of thinking as a prediction, . at the beginning of the unknown solution of the problem: to reveal the ratio of personal and procedural aspects of such a prediction, . the relationship of conscious and unconscious, . logical and psychological levels of thinking (1970-1985 GG) opened a new kind of insight - insight nemgnovenny (1975-1980 yy), revealed significant shortcomings of traditional interpretations of the imagination and feedback (1968-1982 yy), . subordination of thinking dialogue during a joint solution of the (1988-1990 yy); nedizyunktivnuyu developed a theory of the subject, . its socio - by distinguishing social and public (1996-1998 yy); created antitotalitaristskuyu theory of mental and moral education and development, . problem-based learning (1981-1996 GG) developed the principle of determinism, . relation to the socio-historical development rights (1997-1998 yy); systematically compared the subjective-activity and landmark approaches in philosophy and psychology, . by correlating with each other theories of MM Bakhtin, . Vygotsky, . P. Galperin, . Leontiev, . Piaget and SL Rubinstein, developed the theory of prenatal voznikonoveniya human psyche (1974-1982 yy),

. Is the author of books: "The cultural-historical theory of thinking" (M., . 1968), "Psychology of thinking and cybernetics" (M., . 1970), "On the natural conditions of mental development of man" (M., . 1977), "The philosophical-psychological concept of SL Rubinstein" (co-authored with KA Abulkanovoy, . M., . 1989), "Thinking and Communication" (Minsk, . 1990, . in collaboration with VA Polikarpov), "Problems of the psychology of the subject" (M., . 1994), "Subject: thinking, . teaching, . imagination "(M., . 1996), "Psychological Science in Russia XX Century" (M., . 1977, . co-author and gl.redaktor), . as well as numerous articles in scientific and popular scientific periodicals,

He played at international congresses, symposia and meetings in Moscow, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Canada, Norway, Poland, USA, Czechoslovakia, Finland, France, Sweden, Japan. He was a member of the European Coordination Center for Research and Documentation in Social Sciences (Center Vienna). Member of the Editorial Board of "Soviet Psychology" (now "Journal of Russian and East European Psychology. A Journal of Translations ", New York)

. A. Brushlinskii is a corresponding member of the Russia Academy of Sciences (since 1990), . active member and one of the founders of Russia Academy of Education (since 1992), . International Academy of Sciences (International Academy of Sciences - International Council for Scientific development, . since 1994), . Academy of Arts (1995), . Russia Academy of Natural Sciences (since 1996), . International Academy of Personnel (International Personnel Academy - UNESCO, . Council of Europe, . since 1997), . and a member of the General Assembly of International Union of Psychological Science (International Union of Psychological Sciences, . since 1995),

From 1964 to 1983. was Deputy Chairman of the Moscow branch of the Society of Psychologists of the USSR, 1983-1988 i.i. - Chairman of the department since 1989, Mr.. - Member of the Central Council of the Society of Psychologists of the USSR, since 1994. - Member of the Presidium Rossiyskogo Psychological Society. Since 1992, Mr.. A. Brushlinskii is a member of the Scientific Council of Social Sciences and Humanities Foundation (since 1993).

He loves classical literature and the arts (music, ballet, opera), memoirs. In his spare time likes to walk on the nature.

Lives and works in Moscow. Address: Russia, 129366, Moscow, Yaroslavskaya, 13, Institute of Psychology RAS. Tel: (+7-095) 283-83-09, 283-58-10

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Brushlinskii Andrey, photo, biography
Brushlinskii Andrey, photo, biography Brushlinskii Andrey  doctor of psychological sciences, professor, corresponding member of the Russia Academy of Sciences, director of the Institute of Psychology RAS, photo, biography
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