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Yuri Nazarov

( Honored teacher of Russia, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor)

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Biography Yuri Nazarov
photo Yuri Nazarov
August 22, 1940 in the village Zhadinskoe Gavrilov Posad district of the Ivanovo region. Father - Nazarov, Alexander Ivanovich (1905-1942), died in the Great Patriotic War, near Moscow. Mother - Nazarova Daria Ivanovna (1907g.rozhd.), Reared eight children, was awarded the title "Heroine Mother". Wife - Elena Nazarova (1946g.rozhd.), Civil engineer, college professor of geodesy. Daughter: Tatiana Nazarova (1971g.rozhd.) Svetlana Nazarova (1977g.rozhd.). Both received a degree in Economics. IN Nazarov family has two grandchildren - Vlad and Alex, granddaughter Veronica.

After high school, seven-year period in 1955, he entered the Ivanovo municipal Civil Engineering. As a student, participated in the development of virgin lands in Kazakhstan in 1958. In 1959 he graduated with honors from college and was sent to study in the Volgograd Institute of Engineers Urban. After his graduation in 1964 he served in the Soviet Army.

In his student years he worked as a bricklayer, a master of construction management N 7 of the trust "Volgogradstroy". Under his direct leadership to the granite work on many streets and squares of the city of Volgograd, including the main square at the Volgograd Tractor Plant. Student youth have repeatedly elected him secretary of the Komsomol organization of faculty and of the Komsomol committee of the Institute. Over five years he worked as head of the department students Volgograd Regional Committee of the Komsomol. Yuri Nazarov was a delegate to the 1 st All-Union rally student construction detachments in Moscow (December 1966), as well as the II-th All-Union rally in Alma-Ata (May 1979). For special merits in the field of construction of student movement won 11 awards Komsomol Central Committee, including two plaques Komsomol

. The work of the Young Communist League joined together with teaching as an assistant, . Senior Lecturer in strength of materials Volgograd Engineering Institute of Municipal Economy (now Volgograd State Architectural and Construction Academy),

In 1973, Yuri Nazarov headed one of the major educational institutions in the region - Volgograd Irrigation Technical College (now - Volgograd Technical College). From the first steps in as head of the educational institution, he began to introduce advanced technologies in education and training of young professionals. Many "first" in the secondary vocational school made Nazarov - a cabinet system of training, . system work together teaching staff and student self-government bodies, . socio-political practice of students, . cable television in the educational process, . Student sanatorium, . electronic advertising education, . computerization, . Internet in the educational process, . lecture halls - Amphitheater,
. In the industry, he first created a new type of school - college, which is an advanced, innovative in many areas of training and education of youth. Institution - ninefold party VDNH USSR, and its director was awarded the Gold Medal of the main exhibition of the country (1988) and indicated by the USSR Ministry of Higher Education "for excellent performance in the Secondary Schools of the USSR" (1985).

For a quarter century of its activity Yuri Nazarov has created a unique educational and material base of college. Constructed and commissioned a second teaching laboratory building, a modern educational and production facilities with shops, auto and traktorodromom, a gym with a small shooting range, a student dormitory, hall disco with video bar. Yury was among the first called for the integration of higher and secondary vocational schools and in 1994 opened the college on the basis of the Volgograd branch of the International Slavic Institute of International Slavic University named after the Derzhavin,
. Single Education Complex College-Institute "was the perfect form for further education of graduates, the practical implementation of the idea of continuous training of young people in order to obtain diploma of higher education. It is theoretically and practically justified the benefits of integration as a resource-saving technologies in education.

He was conferred the title of professor of the International Slavic Institute. His lessons, lectures, this is a deep, joint search for truth, a time of emotional and moral enrichment teacher and student, this one-man show, is teaching "school Nazarova".

In various scientific and methodological books and journals they have published over 30 papers on secondary vocational schools. He - co-author and editor of 17 brochures, pamphlets, videos. They were written and in 1997 published the book "Fundamentals of Management" (a course of lectures for students of universities and colleges).

In December 1988, Yuri Nazarov was elected a delegate from the Volgograd region in the All-Union Congress of National Education. At the Congress, he made his platform for restructuring secondary vocational schools. As a member of the drafting committee involved in drafting the resolution and other documents of the Congress. In 1989, Yuri represented the teaching community in the region at the All-Union meeting of teachers-innovators of specialized secondary schools in the city of Moscow, . where he was elected, . and later approved by order Gosobrazovaniya chairman of the USSR All-Union Council of Teachers of specialized secondary schools,

Yuri Nazarov for many years led an active and varied social activities. He was a member of the district, . City, . Regional Council of People's Deputies of many callings, . and at present - Chairman of the Board of Directors of secondary vocational schools of Volgograd region, . Member of the Scientific and Methodological Council NMC ACT Ministry of General and Vocational Education, . member of the editorial board of "Secondary vocational education, . member of the presidium of the Union of Principals college Russia, . member of the Federal Council on the secondary vocational education, . Delegate VII-th Slavic Congress in Prague (June, . 1998),
. Traveled to foreign countries, acquainted with the educational system in China, USA, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Finland, Cuba, Turkey. Promoted the best traditions of Russian, Soviet vocational school while visiting the college many foreign delegations. In 1997 he took the college mission of European experts on the formation of the International Cooperation and Development (OECD), . which welcomed the experience of school, . especially in the direction of integration, . create educational complex "College - Institute,

Yuri Nazarov - Honored teacher RF (1984), Honorary Worker of secondary vocational education in Russia (1998). Awarded the Labor Red Banner (1990), "Badge of Honor" (1976), three medals.

His work Yuri believes the main purpose of his life. Gently loves his family, children, grandchildren. In rare spare moments, being in nature tends. Collect interesting collection of reproductions of Russian and foreign artists. Prefers creative landscape A. Savrasov, N. Romadina, admires the portraits of Italian artists of the Renaissance contemporaries - Shilov, IV Glazunov. Well knows the history of architecture. Keen design, he creates beautiful interiors in college, on the blackboard with chalk without a compass reproduces the correct circle, a lot of attention to design school. I am convinced that there should be walls and educate. Excellent shot. Do not change overnight, their beliefs.

Lives and works in Volgograd.

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