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Spirin Leu

( academician, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor)

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Biography Spirin Leu
photo Spirin Leu
Born in 1928 in Moscow. Father - Spirin Fedor Semenovich, genus. 1903, mother - Svoevolina Malanya Antonovna rod.1903 g. Wife - Spirina Nina, daughter - Spirin, Tatiana Arkhipova, rod.1951 city, daughter - Spirin, Pavlichkova Galina Lvovna rod.1960 g. Born in the year marking the 100 anniversary of the birth of LN. Tolstoy and in honor of the parents gave the name of his son - Leo. He graduated from the Moscow secondary school N 167, then the history department of the Moscow City Pedagogical Institute. VP. Potemkin Honors. Was left in graduate school and for three years wrote a thesis "The School in Russia 193 =- 1934", in 1953. received the degree of candidate of pedagogical sciences. After the defense was summoned to the Ministry of Education of the RSFSR and under permits went to work in the Urals in Chelyabinsk Pedagogical Institute, where he worked for 5 years. Then, on the orders of the same Ministry was transferred to the Kursk Pedagogical Institute chair of pedagogy. I worked 15 years in Kursk. In 1973, Mr.. elected by contest chair of pedagogy Kostroma Pedagogical Institute. N.A. Nekrasov. Here in 1981. defended his doctoral thesis "Formation obschepedagogicheskih skills teacher". Until today, teaches courses on the theory and history of education, special. seminars on didactics and the theory of education, seminars on theory and technology for the analysis of teaching situations and solving pedagogical problems. Manages projects and dissertations of students, graduate school. Under the leadership L.F. Spirin reserved doctoral and master's theses on the problems of school and university pedagogy, pedagogy kultprosvetraboty. All the years of participating in professional development of teachers in the Regional Institute of Teachers Training. Works in the dissertation councils g. Yaroslavl and Mr.. Vladimir. He considers his main success of the development of scientific theory and technology solutions creative pedagogical challenges students and teachers who have paved the way for the formation of professional pedagogical skills. In 1956, in Chelyabinsk publishing company published the first book "Educating the team" and a brochure entitled "Aesthetic education of children in the family". In 1957 he co-authored a book, "Boarding School", which issued the "Enlightenment". Developing topical problems of vocational teacher education, . prepared for publication and edited several theoretical and practical books and pamphlets: "The analysis of educational situations and solving educational problems", . Yaroslavl, . 1974, "Sample Learning of Professional Education of the student pedagogical institute", . Kostroma, . 1974, "Formation of professional pedagogical skills of teacher-educator", . Yaroslavl, . 1976, "Heuristic training programs for training in pedagogy", . Kostroma, . 1979, "Fundamentals of the theoretical analysis, . Yaroslavl, . 1985; "Albums teaching schemes on pedagogy", . Kostroma, . 1980-1996 gg,
. (7 albums), "Pedagogical problems and their solutions", . Moscow-Kostroma, . 1991, "Heuristic program generate information on the formation of professional and meaningful qualities of future teachers', . Kostroma, . 1989; Program obschepedagogicheskaya ", . Moscow-Kostroma, . 1995, several books were published in Moscow publishing house "Enlightenment":, . among them, "Socio-political education of students" and others,
. In total, more than two hundred published works, given the newspaper publication. Some works were published abroad: in Cuba, East Germany, Hungary, etc.. A book about civic education students has been published in Lithuanian, Latvian and Moldovan. Excellent Education Russia since 1985. This honorary title was awarded for longstanding and impeccable theoretical and practical work in colleges and schools, for printed works, which has always defended the idea of humanism, social justice, the merciful treatment of children. Gave all the years of propaganda and pedagogical knowledge among parents and the public. He was awarded the medal "Veteran of Labor" in 1990. Member of the International Academy of Education Sciences (Academician) of 18 June 1993; member of the Academy of Pedagogical and Social Sciences (Academician) of 12 June 1995, Chairman of the section of higher education pedagogy Teachers Society of Russia Kostroma region from 1974 to 1991,
. Head of the scientific school of pedagogy in the Kostroma State Pedagogical University. N.A. Nekrasov since 1981. The main passion in life was teaching journalism. He loved to walk and ride on the urban and rural schools, writing articles and notes on the work of teachers. Because of this passion for a long time did not sit down to write his doctoral dissertation. Another passion was and remains a communion with nature: he loves to wander in the woods, picking mushrooms, forest nuts and berries. Likes to work in his garden, caring for flowers, fruit trees and bushes. Twenty-five years is friends with Orekhovskoye rural schools (Galich district Kostroma region), where the teacher works great breeder Viktor Yakovlev. This created a unique arboretum, orchard, with more than a hundred species of apple trees (and the climate here is harsh, winter frosts reaching to -40 degrees). However VA. Yakovlev wrote the book "Active forms and methods of teaching biology. Outdoor Activity in biology at the village school, which after the publication in Moscow publishing house "Enlightenment" instantly sold on Russia. All the years of its work in the field of education was obsessed with patriotic aspirations: to make a good useful thing for the school and the teachers of their great homeland.

Lives and works in Kostroma.

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Spirin Leu, photo, biography
Spirin Leu, photo, biography Spirin Leu  academician, doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, photo, biography
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