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Ter-Minasova Swetlana

( Honorary Professor of Moscow State University, Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Moscow State University)

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Biography Ter-Minasova Swetlana
photo Ter-Minasova Swetlana
Born August 25, 1938, Mr.. in Gory. Father - Ter-Minas Gregory Isayevich (1908 g. born.). Mother - Ter-Minasova Nina G. (1906. born.). Male - Fatyuschenko Valentin (rod.11.05.1935), the Doctor of Philology, professor, head of the department of comparative study of national literatures and cultures of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Moscow State University. Children: Anna V. Pavlov, doctor of historical sciences (genus. 12/04/1963), the Fatyuschenko Andrei V. (genus. 3.09.1970), the Perepelkina Maria V. (genus. 20.02.1976 g.). Has two grandchildren.

Svetlana Ter-Minasova graduated from Moscow High School in 1956. and entered the Moscow State University English Department at the Faculty of Philology, which she graduated with honors (1961).

In 1970. Swetlana defended her thesis on the subject: "Synthesis of productive and poluproduktivnyh phrases and question the logic of language" and in 1982. - A doctoral thesis on the topic: "syntagmatics functional styles". In 1983. order of the rector of Moscow State University S.G.Ter-Minasova translated into the history department, to head the Department of Foreign Languages.

In 1988. Professor S.G.Ter-Minasova becomes dean-organizer of the Open on the initiative of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Moscow State University, he remains to this day, being both the head of the Department of the theory of teaching foreign languages.

Research interests S.G.Ter-Minasova are: syntax, morphology, lexicology, lexicography, stylistics, lingvopoetika, theory and methods of teaching foreign languages, cultural studies and cultural anthropology. Her research in various fields of linguistics and cultural studies aimed at solving the fundamental tasks: to examine the nature and mechanism of "speech production at different levels of language, . different speech varieties, . different functional styles; develop the linguistic basis of teaching foreign languages to consider the problem of interaction of language and culture, . Language and Intercultural Communication,

. Svetlana G. Ter-Minasova read the general courses in the syntax of English, . courses: "Fundamentals of the theory of the phrase", . "Syntagmatics functional styles" at the Department of English Faculty of Philology, . course "Language and Society" at the Department of Ethnography of the Faculty of History, . currently reading at the Faculty of Foreign Languages general courses: "The world to learn language", . "Textual to speech", . "Cultural Anthropology", . as well as special courses: "Language and Culture", . "New theories of teaching foreign languages",

Recently, Professor S.G.Ter-Minasova pays special attention to the theory and practice of Cultural Studies in the teaching of foreign languages, reading the relevant courses and special courses, speaker at conferences.

S.G.Ter-Minasova is the author of more than 80 scientific papers published in domestic and foreign publications, including 7 monographs and 5 textbooks. Among the most important: "Word-Combination. Theory and Method '(1974), . 'English Syntax' (1987), . Syntagmatic speech: Ontology and Heuristics (1980), . 'Language, . Linguistics and Life '(1996), . 'English without a teacher' (1998), . The phrase in the scientific and linguistic and didactic aspects (1981), . Syntagmatics functional styles (1986),

S.G.Ter-Minasova prepared 38 candidates and doctors of science. She is chairman of the specialized council for the defense of doctoral and master's theses on the Romano-Germanic philology and methods of teaching foreign languages, . as well as a specialized council for the defense of doctoral and master's theses on Cultural,

In 1992. under the leadership and initiative S.G.Ter-Minasova International College was established as a structural unit of MSU. His task in the new socio-historical conditions of Russia's entry into the world community - is to find ways and means of combination of Russia's system of higher education with Western systems. In other words, . must, . first, . promote and propagate our national achievements in the fields of science and education, . carefully preserving the depth and thoroughness of Russia's educational system as one of the best educational systems in the world, . and secondly to learn how to apply and evaluate the content of university knowledge in the forms, . have been adopted in Western systems ah (Modules, . credit hours, etc.),
. The experience proved so successful that now colleges "Moscow of" open and will open in Beijing, Ulan Bator, Munich, Kathmandu and other universities around the world

. S.G.Ter-Minasova - Founder and President of Russia Association of Applied Linguistics (since 1990), . of the National Association of Teachers of English language Russia, . is a collective member of the International TESOL and IATEFL, . president of TESOL-RUSSIA since its foundation in 1993, . Chairman of the Scientific advisory board for the teaching of foreign language in non-language universities under the Ministry of Education of the USSR, . then Russia, . Chairman of the Editorial Board of the school magazine NELLO! ",

In 1963, Mr.. initiated and led S.G.Ter-Minasova at MSU was established English student theater, which became the winner of several international student festivals and competitions.

In 1995. Professor S.G.Ter-Minasova Prize laureate has 50 years of Fulbright for outstanding achievements in the development of theory and practice of teaching English as a Foreign Language. In 1996. was the first scientist to non-English speaking countries, has made a plenary paper at the opening of the Chicago Jubilee Congress of the largest international association of teachers of English as a Foreign Language (TESOL), based in the U.S.. In 1998.g. she was given the same honor, but in Manchester at the Congress of IATEFL - a similar association, based in the UK. In 1996. she was awarded the prize for his years of teaching activity. Since 1998. - Professor Emeritus of MSU.

Lives and works in g. Moscow. Address: 117333, d. Leninsky Prospekt, Moscow, q. 60 / 2, kv. 216.

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Ter-Minasova Swetlana, photo, biography
Ter-Minasova Swetlana, photo, biography Ter-Minasova Swetlana  Honorary Professor of Moscow State University, Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Moscow State University, photo, biography
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