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Semenov, Sergey

( Ph.D. in Economics, Professor, Member of the USSR Union of Journalists, Member of the Academy of Art, Academy of International Business Academy, Member of the International Union of Economists, presi)

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Biography Semenov, Sergey
Born May 31, 1945 in Kazan. Father - Semenov, Mikhail Pavlovich (1911 - 1988) - her life to the aviation industry. Nearly 40 years was director of aviation factories in Moscow, Irkutsk, Kazan, Taganrog. Under his leadership, organized the production of a number of general aircraft designers Tupolev, PO Sukhoi, among them: TU-2, SU-21, SU-23. The latter received his Order for the creation of the SU-27.
. Mother - Semenova Galina (1908 - 1987), nee Namvrina, grandniece of the Russian writer Leonid Andreyev, belongs to a noble family, which goes back to the great-grandfather - the hero of Sevastopol Defense.

. Wife - Natalia
. Children: Julia (genus. 1967), Artem (genus. 1981), Elena (genus. 1983). Grandson - Tim (genus. 1995).

Since 1963 - work in the aviation industry - working. After graduating from the Moscow Aviation Institute (Faculty of Economics and organization of production aircraft, . 1968) - Scientific work, . dissertation on the problems of improving the organization and production management in the aerospace industry, teaching activities as a senior lecturer, . associate, . Professor; administrative activities - team leader, . laboratory, . Faculty,
. As head trained over 10 graduate students. Participation in the organization of several new specialties in the USSR Ministry of Higher Education. As an author and editor has prepared a number of textbooks, manuals, monographs. Author of over 100 scientific papers.

For nine years - the commander of the construction teams working on building the national economy in Siberia, Kazakhstan, Moscow. Honorary builder of Moscow. Since 1984 - deputy editor and chief editor of Socialist Labor ". During this period the magazine was the urgent problems the restructuring of social relations, labor law, the economic mechanism in the USSR. Head of Section economic journals of the Union of Soviet Journalists. During these years, and now - publishing more than 40 articles on the problems of reforming the Soviet economy, . countries of the former socialist, . development of market mechanisms in all-union and foreign newspapers and magazines, . participation in international forums, . symposia, . television programs in Russia, . France, . Italy, . Belgium, . Spain, . Denmark, . Germany, . Austria, . China, . Czechoslovakia, . Bulgaria, . Malaysia, . U.S. and others,
. countries.

1989 - began work in the market structures - companies, firms, societies as a leader in various fields.

Publishing activity - a series of pioneering projects: the International Journal "Megapolis", magazines "Colosseum", "Sinepolis", newspaper "Megapolis-Express" and others; a series of books about contemporary life in Russia, published in Russia, England, USA.

Creating movies and television programs - training as a producer of documentary films: "22 days in Russia," How are you, RossiyaN "," 7 days before a choice ". The main themes - the new political and cultural life of Russia. Films "How are you, RossiyaN 'prepared in cooperation with the Polish director and producer Krzysztof Zanussi, commissioned by several Western television channels and demonstrated television in France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia. Participation in the organization of the International Business University of television on the channel TV-6 television Rossiyskogo. Culture and show business - the organization as a producer by the Russia International Film Festival in Cologne (1990). Prepare and conduct as chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Russia cultural and political forum "Russian ballroom night" (Cologne, 1990). Organization in 1992 (as head of the Organizing Committee), a series of international chess tournaments of the higher categories (from 13 to 18 on the classification of FIDE): In honor of the anniversary events of 1991 in the White House - the House of Government of Russia, . in honor of 100 anniversary of Alexander Alekhine - in g,
. Moscow in the Column Hall and others. Participation in the organization and training (as a member of the Board of Directors, producer) of "Miss Russia", "Pearl of Russia", "Miss Russia" and "Miss World".

Activities in business. Insurance business - involved in the creation and organization of the International Insurance, reinsurance company "Europe" (headquarters - r. Sofia, Bulgaria) as Vice-President and Member of the Board of Directors. Commercial and Industrial business - organization Slovenian-Russia trade and distribution centers Triglav, . International trade and industrial houses "Agora", . establishment of financial and industrial company "SOTROSS", . Development and implementation of a number of investment projects in regions of Russia.,

. Political activity - working as an adviser to the President of the Supreme Council of Russia (1990 - 1993 years) on the international economy, investment and credit policy

. Member of the Academy of Creativity, professor, academician-secretary of the department of information of the International Business Academy, Member of the International Union of Economists, chief expert of the Union on investment and credit policy.

. Since 1996 - President of the Joint International Biographic Center

He has state awards of the USSR, repeated winner VDNH USSR and was awarded marks 'Excellence in High School', 'Merit in standardization of the USSR', the highest awards of the Central Committee of Komsomol. Is engaged in sports. Favorite game - basketball. She likes walking in the woods, cats, dogs, classical, folk music. Favorite composers: Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven. Favorite bands and performers - Glenn Miller, Leonid Utesov. Favorite genre - Russian song performed by Isabelle Yurieva, Galina Karev, etc.. Special fondness - art song and the classics: B. Okudzhava, Yuri Vizbor, Vladimir Vysotsky.

Lives and works in g. Moscow.
Address: Russia, 105613, g. Moscow Izmailovskoye highway, q. 71, TGC 'Izmailovo', corp. 'Delta', to. 1838. Tel: (+7-095) 166-51-40 Fax: (+7-095) 956-37-55

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Semenov, Sergey, photo, biography
Semenov, Sergey, photo, biography Semenov, Sergey  Ph.D. in Economics, Professor, Member of the USSR Union of Journalists, Member of the Academy of Art, Academy of International Business Academy, Member of the International Union of Economists, presi, photo, biography
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