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Sitaryan Stepan Aramaisovich

( Russia Academician of the Academy of Sciences, director of the Center for Foreign Economic Research of RAS)

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Biography Sitaryan Stepan Aramaisovich
photo Sitaryan Stepan Aramaisovich
Born September 27, 1930 in g. Manes Armenian SSR. Father - Sitaryan Aramais Karpovich (1904-1974) - worked as chief accountant of the Yerevan plant "Rubber". Mother - Mary Sitaryan Martynovna (1911-1993) - teacher, and later head of the kindergarten. Wife - Davtyan Lucretia Vocheevna (1939 g.rozhd.) Teaches German All-Russia Correspondence Financial and Economic Institute. Daughter - Sitaryan Armin Stepanovna (1967 g.rozhd.), . Graduated from Moscow State University, . fluent in three European languages, . her PhD at the Institute of Europe RAS on the problems of small business in Italy, . currently working in a commercial entity,
. Son - Sitaryan Karen Stepanovich (1974 g.rozhd.) Graduated from the Finance Academy, is busy preparing a doctoral thesis.

Family Sitaryan lived in a prestigious district of Yerevan, was quite prosperous at the time the family. Her life was determined by the traditions of Armenian intellectuals, mainly consisted of an ancient culture of the Armenian people and the classical Russian culture.

Stepan was sent to study at Russian school. His parents thought, . that it should deeply know not only the Russian language, . but the origins of culture, . gave the world Pushkin, . Tolstoy, . Dostoevsky, . read in the original Russian classics, . and foreign literature, . in Armenia, which can then be read only in Russian: Balzac, . G. Maupassant, . Dreiser T. ..,

Father's arrest, declaring him an "enemy people" abruptly changed the course of the family measured. We had to move to a room in a communal apartment, to feel the sidelong glances of yesterday's loyalty to friends and acquaintances these. From detention father came the news that Aramais Sitaryan Killed.

In 1940. mother married Sambat Badalian. Soon he was called to the front. He fought the officer after the war entered the Yerevan State University of Economics Faculty. After his graduation passed all stages of the scientist: graduate student, candidate, and then Doctor of Economics, Chair for Political Science at Yerevan State University. Stepfather, whom Stepan Sitaryan called uncle, took a large place in his heart and life, to a large extent determined its destiny.

After the war it became clear that the father Stepan Aramais alive. He was in Samarkand. Stepan, an adult male, met with him in Uzbekistan, the father came to Yerevan. In 1956, Mr.. was rehabilitated.

Ten years of Stepan graduated in Yerevan with a silver medal. Always been convinced that the need to continue to study in Moscow.

Occupation stepfather to a large extent determined the selection of faculty, which had come to do Stepan Sitaryan - Economics, Moscow State University, while his pulling and science. He also filed papers in Physics and Technology, energy and aviation institutes. But everywhere he has been denied, as the son of "enemy of the people".

Duality, which at that time lived in Stepan, between economics and natural sciences, however, that he liked, pushed him toward the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of Moscow State University. After 1-year student, he decided to go to this department. Upon closer examination it turned out that he needed a lot dosdavat, while all the time to live without scholarships. The transition was not real, and he remained at the Faculty of Economics, graduating in 1953 with honors.

The Department and the Faculty Stepan received the recommendation graduate. This recommendation was at that time to approve the Party Committee and District Party Committee MSU. But the son of an enemy nation "these instances denied.

However, fortune was on his side. Subject diploma project was, at that time, very relevant: "The production and consumption under socialism". At that time held the September plenum of the Party Central Committee, and Academician of the Islands, published in the newspaper "Pravda" article on this topic. Opponent SA Sitaryana on diploma project MV Solodkov made by an arbitrator before party functionaries, . stating, . that if he had not read the diploma Sitaryana earlier article Ostrovityaninova, . do not dare to go out with him in the insistent recommendation graduate,
. For the findings of a diploma student and academic articles were almost identical.

So, in 1953. S. Sitaryan was admitted to the graduate school, his life was fortunate enough. This is not been spending the night in train stations, telegraph offices, as in the first days in Moscow, the room that had to withdraw. It was a separate room with a telephone in the building of Moscow State University on Lenin Hills.

After finishing graduate school was a question where and in what capacity to work. He already had several suggestions. One of them - Professor AV Bachurina, director of Research Institute of Finance, Ministry of Finance of the USSR - he took.

The first post in this institution - Senior Economist, then after the approval of the dissertation Senior Researcher.

NIFI in those years was one of the head of economic institutions of the USSR, the leading research on issues of finance and, moreover, policy-makers in this area. SA Sitaryanu lucky he had the opportunity, both in theory and in practice to engage in favorite theme - "The distribution ratio and production efficiency". It formed the basis of his doctoral dissertation.

Young scientists noticed in the Ministry of Finance, at the highest level. They needed someone who knew the problem of formation of the national income. The then Minister Zverev often instructed SA Sitaryanu address specific challenges of developing such a complex category, as the national income of the Union Republics. Since S.. A. Sitaryanu owned a personal priority in the development model for the relationship of the Union and the republics as the formation of the national income and its distribution on.

Theoretical models, on which he worked SA Sitaryan, became for him for quite a long time the subject of a purely practical, to which he felt a special interest. SA Sitaryan personally counted the national income of the republics, flows of financial resources from both the Republican and in the All-Union cuts. At that time he received the first proposal to go to work in the Planning Commission, but the personnel department did not give this "good", because in their eyes SA Sitaryan was still "a son of the people's enemy".

By the mid 60-ies is out of the first monographs SA Sitaryana. It was a time of economic reform, which went down in history as the reform of Kosygin. As a senior researcher NIFI, at the suggestion of the Minister of Finance VF Garbuzova, SA Sitaryan directly participated in the commission for the preparation of economic reform as an authorized representative of the Ministry of Finance. By this time, and include his first meeting with the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, AN Kosygin, the collision of high politics.

The introduction and the collapse of the economic reform happening in front of SA Sitaryana as direct participants and one of the developers, as deputy director and then, since 1970. - Director NIFI. During this period, in 1966. SA Sitaryan defended his doctoral thesis, continues to work as a lecturer, then Professor of Political Economy, lectures on the natural faculties of Moscow State University

. It is difficult to refute the fact, . that in those years created the first version of market reforms in the planned economy of the Soviet Union, . pawned market base of the planned economy, . developed ideology, . set of techniques, . regulations for the implementation of commodity-money relations,

. Cruel blow to these plans caused the infamous Czech events in 1968, . which became a signal to government and Party leaders to tighten all and all in the planning, . retention of the conservative elements of economic management,

Financiers, professionals by their nature, people understand and accept the essence of commodity-money relations with their elements: taxes, loans, prices, profits, etc.. SA Sitaryan, being highly skilled, aware of the need for their implementation in practice of managing the economy of the Soviet Union. At the same time, he realized that the Communist ideology would not allow them to implement the required level in the years since the country's leadership and the party of that period could not "sacrifice the principles of".

In 1974. SA Sitaryan appointed Deputy Minister of Finance of the USSR, where he was assigned to oversee the industry, construction, accounting and reporting, and economic reforms (!). In practice, working in the Ministry of Finance, he was responsible for its progress with all the contradictions, the movement, at times, on the principle of "one step forward, two steps back".

In 1983, during a brief era of Yuri Andropov Party leaders set a target to strengthen the State Planning Commission staffed and strengthened, especially staff of professional economists. SA Sitaryanu proposal was made to go to work in the USSR State Planning Commission deputy chairman. At first he refused and rather strongly, but the Minister of Finance of the USSR VF Garbuzov insisted on its transition to Dormousov. Since that time a new stage of life SA Sitaryana, he became first deputy chairman of Gosplan (and the only economist among the 15 alternates). His responsibilities include overseeing the financial and social issues, improving the economic mechanisms.

The first mission of the State Planning Commission was, paradoxically, is connected with Poland. At that time, the Polish events entered into a well-defined phase - the liberalization of economy and politics. Led a team of specialists, . which also consisted of A. Fireplace, . A. Lacis, . Pavlov, . V. Senchagov, . SA Sitaryan was sent for analysis of the Polish leadership and make recommendations to the head of the Polish Workers' Party B. Jaruzelski and the Soviet Politburo,
. From the first days of stay in Poland, their mission was called "commando Sitaryana". The commission held during the month and was extremely intense. The Commission has experienced considerable pressure from Moscow with instructions not to succumb to the liberal influence, not to retreat from socialism, etc.

. By the end of the Commission SA Sitaryan and his colleagues have made honest conclusions, . politically, . and economically, . essence of which was that, . W. Jaruzelski Commission advised to seize the slogans of "Solidarity", . become the head of the reform,
. Held a long talk with the leader of Poland, after which the B. Jaruzelski acknowledged that now he began to better understand the essence of the reforms taking place in his country.

Conclusions of the committee, however, were far from optimistic met in Moscow.

In 1983. SA Sitaryana credibility as a scientist supported by the Academy of Sciences. He was elected a corresponding member of the Academy.

Has come in 1985. Marked the beginning of time "Gorbachev". Literally the day after his election as General Secretary of the CPSU, the office of SA Sitaryana rang. Gorbachev offered to become his assistant and in that capacity to help formulate and implement broad "tuning" processes.

The next day, between Gorbachev and SA Sitaryanom met face to face, on which SA Sitaryan Secretary-General expressed his negative opinion of his proposal, arguing that it would be more useful to the State Planning Commission. He was aware that failure could lead to him some very negative consequences.

It took quite some time, when the CPSU Central Committee held its first meeting to discuss the main points of economic reform. SA Sitaryan was invited to this meeting that the "language of the party" meant that disobedience forgiven him and that the "highest" anger passed.

With the appointment of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR NIRyzhkov in SA Sitaryana new opportunities. He continued to work in the State Plan as the First Deputy, and simultaneously appointed the first deputy chairman of the Interdepartmental Commission for improving the economic mechanism of the country. Its chairman, status, consistently been the first person Gosplan: VF Baibakov, IV Talyzin, YD Maslyukov. Naturally, the first deputy chairman of the commission has focused almost all its work. She was concerned not simply with the formation of new elements of management, . it dealt with the fundamental policies of the State, . system, . which remained unchanged for decades, . despite, . that many of them have long become obsolete dogmas,

From 1986 to 1989. Commission under the leadership of SA Sitaryana was prepared and adopted a large number of normative acts, consistently unfolding the country in its movement towards a market economy. One of the main and perhaps the most radical of the laws of that period was a law on cooperatives. The work on the bill lasted for at least a year. SA Sitaryan was her manager and was responsible for the whole ideology. He reported that law to the Politburo, . and on it lay the entire responsibility, . because some influential members of the Politburo did not want and could not prevent the cooperative principles in the economic life of the country, . not wanting to let go of the levers of state property management,
. In the same years under his leadership has developed the first program on the development of small enterprises.

In 1989. SA Sitaryan appointed deputy chairman of USSR Council of Ministers - Chairman of the Foreign Economic Commission. Following the appointment of the Prime Minister V. Pavlova status SA Sitaryana He is appointed Deputy Chairman of the Monetary Committee of inter-republican. This was the last post SA Sitaryana, which he held in government.

After the liquidation of the USSR SA Sitaryan returned to the field research. Already in the rank of Academician Russia Academy of Sciences (elected in 1987) he founded and headed the Institute of Foreign Studies, RAS (1998 g. - Center of Foreign Economic Research of RAS). In 1996. with his direct participation created the International Academy of Management, whose president he is.

SA Sitaryan is the author of numerous works in the field of finance, budgeting, management and foreign economic relations. Has published several monographs, . including: "Net income and budget", . "Distributive relations and production efficiency", . National Income of the Union Republics ", . Management and Profit ", . "Problems of Foreign Economic Relations of Russia in the period of market reforms",

He was awarded three Orders of the USSR: "Red Banner of Labor", "Friendship of Peoples", "Badge of Honor".

Perhaps the main hobby SA Sitaryana - music. She accompanies him since childhood, when he was a young boy learned to play the violin, never missed an opera, no ballet in the Armenian opera, knew by heart many of the operas and arias could napet main characters. Since then and until now his favorite composers and works in the classical genre are "The Queen of Spades" and "Swan Lake" Tchaikovsky's "Carmen" Bizet, "Aida" Verdi's "Il Barbiere di Siviglia" J . Rossini.

From his youth, when Armenia rattled the names of A. Ayvazian, K. Orbelian, the major jazz musicians of that time, SA Sitaryan loves jazz. He still tries not to miss performances jazz orchestras in Moscow, Yerevan and other cities. He recognizes and pop, and rock music, but in this genre is very selective.

Of the major sports passions - football, athletics and chess. Hobbies not quite amateur, but to some extent, professional. AS a youth Sitaryan played for the youth team Armenia national football team, then for the second team of MSU, well ran sprints. As fan still does not change his passion. His favorite team - Dynamo (Moscow) and Ararat (Yerevan).

Among the favorite foreign actors Jean Gabin, S. Lauren, M. Mastroianni, R. De Niro, among domestic Mironov, I. Smoktunovsky, I. Churikova, V. Etush, M. Ulyanov. In the movie prefers movies that make you think (for example, "The Nuremberg Trials", "Ship of Fools"), but the favorite is "Autumn Marathon".

Minutes of rest preferred to communicate with friends and favorite books.

Lives and works in Moscow. Address: 103688, Moscow, ul.Varvarka, 14, office 306, 309, International Academy of Management. Phone. (095) 298-48-54, 298-47-95, fax 298-49-75.

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  • Emilio Paccioretti for Sitaryan Stepan Aramaisovich
  • In 1991 i met mr Sitaryan in Moscow and i worked whit Armin Sitaryan daughter, in Moscow and in Milan. How is it possibile to contact Sitaryan family to day. In particolary Armin Sitaryan who know very well italian langage ? Best regards Emilio Paccioretti
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