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Yakovchuk Nina

( The editor of the newspaper 'The economic news in Russia and the Commonwealth'.)

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Biography Yakovchuk Nina
Born 1937. in Novosibirsk. Father - Yakovchuk Sergey (1910 g.rozhd.). After retiring as a volunteer at the front, went through the war, in Leningrad, the Second Belorussian fronts, finished the war in Germany. Awarded 9 combat orders and medals. After the war worked as a builder. Under his leadership, built a lot of gold mining in Siberia and the Urals. Mother - Yakovchuk (Klimov) Tatiana Ignatyevna (1908 g.rozhd.), Architect. Was always the center of the family, the beautiful mistress, selfless mother and grandmother. Raised in a large family, early lost parents, she and younger brother remained forever a senior curator, took care of them and helped them until their retirement age. However, the father and mother all his life helped her numerous relatives, even the one of which was known only by hearsay from other relatives. Parents lived 60 years in a happy harmonious marriage. Married students, and 50 years gathered at his golden wedding, everyone was on their students' wedding and lived to this day. Guests gathered in Moscow from Novosibirsk, Omsk, Rostov, Riga, Donetsk, Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk. Brother of Nina Sergeyevna - 2 years older, lives and Novorossiysk. He - Geophysicist, trampled with a backpack in geological parties half the country from Ussuriysk to the Urals and from the Arctic Ocean to Ekibasstuza. His laboratory provides a unique apparatus for geophysical prospecting of radioactive ores. Spouse - Podoinitsyn, Konstantin Markovich (1936 g.rozhd.). Son - Podoinitsyn Sergey (1961 g.rozhd.) Daughter - Pimenov (Podoinitsyn) Katherine K. (1971 g.rozhd.).

At school, Nina Yakovchuk seriously and dealt with a lot of music. Probably, . her to pass something through the kind Klimaus, . where were prominent musicians, . folk artists Ignatievich Alexander Klimov, . brother of the mother, . chief conductor of the Odessa, . then within a few decades - the Kyiv Taras Shevchenko, . at the end of life - the Mariinsky opera, . and his son - Valery Klimov, . famous violinist, . winner of many international competitions, . including the owner of the Gold Medal of the First International Tchaikovsky Competition, . now living in the West,

NS Yakovchuk graduated from the Gorky Ural State University (1954-1959 gg.) And post-graduate studies at the Department of Political Economy, Academy of Social Sciences under the CPSU Central Committee (1973-1976 gg.). By specialty - a journalist, economist.

She began her career editor radiogazety Sverdlov Machine-Building Plant N50 (1959-1960 gg.), Then the literary staff of the Literary Gazette (1960). From 1960 to 1971. worked as a senior litsotrudnikom, consultant, then our own correspondent "Economic Newspaper" in the Union of Burma. After returning to his homeland was a special correspondent for the daily newspaper of the CPSU Central Committee, Socialist Industry. Since 1976, Mr.. worked as deputy chief of the USSR State Committee for Labor and Social Affairs. In 1986. shifted to the Editor "Economic Newspaper", is the deputy chief editor of "Economics and Life".

In 1992. with their involvement and leadership as the chief editor of the newspaper created from scratch, Economic news in Russia and the Commonwealth "and its two annexes:" The Customs Bulletin and the monthly "Documents". All three publications are unique for Russia. "Economic News" - digest business press, is now the only newspaper in the country, giving each room information on all the CIS countries: statistics, economic forecasts, the school of practical business ...

"Customs Bulletin" - Russia's first newspaper for the participants of foreign economic activity. When the newspaper operates best in the country of permanent consultative workshop, which for a meeting with leading officials of the State Customs Committee come from all over Russia and the CIS

. The main object of pride edition - outgoing monthly subscription publication "Documents", . which publishes all laws and regulations on the economy: Laws, . Presidential Decrees, . Government decisions, . Ministry of Finance, . Central Bank, . Ministry of Taxes and Levies of Russia, . Customs Committee and other bodies,
. This is the only in Russia is absolutely a complete set of documents, acknowledged, on the basis of the All-Russia competition, the best edition of the regulations.

NS Yakovchuk - Candidate of Economic Sciences, author of 4 collective monographs, over 2 thousands of articles, essays, reportage. Regularly appears on Radio Russia, Mayak Radio, "Hope".

In 1989, NS Yakovchuk created the Club of Business Women "Jen-Club" and since education is its permanent president. In 1992. "Jen-Club" was registered by Ministry of Justice of Russia as a non-governmental public association. "Jen-Club" is accredited by the Commission on the Status of Women United Nations, actively participates in its work and the annual sessions in New York. The club confirmed as the Focal Point Instraw (Institute for the advancement of women at the UN) in Russia.

In his spare time NS Yakovchuk loves to wander with their grandchildren (she has them, seven) in the woods, to hold them "breakfast on the grass, to sit with a book on the lawn, on your own cottage, in a comfortable chair. It loves to travel. With her husband traveled half the world, not just visited all continents (except Antarctica). For several years, lived in exotic countries - Burma, Cuba, Israel, Yugoslavia, where her husband worked in the offices of Aeroflot. Very like, cast, sit on the shore of Lake Seliger, the soft rustle of the rain, swim in the sea and dive into the high ocean wave. During long winter evenings, NS Yakovchuk likes to shake the old days at the piano - playing for the souls of a Beethoven sonata, or a waltz by Chopin, or "On the Three" of the "Seasons" by Tchaikovsky.

Lives and works in Moscow. Address: 103050, Moscow, Petrovka, 26.

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Yakovchuk Nina, photo, biography
Yakovchuk Nina, photo, biography Yakovchuk Nina  The editor of the newspaper 'The economic news in Russia and the Commonwealth'., photo, biography
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