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Sukharev Alexander Yakovlevich

( State Counselor of Justice of Class I, LL.D., Professor)

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Biography Sukharev Alexander Yakovlevich
photo Sukharev Alexander Yakovlevich
Born October 11, 1923 in the village of Malaya Treschevka Voronezh region in a family of peasants. Father - Jacob Sukharev Tihonovich (1900g.rozhd.). Mother - Sukharev Maria Mikhailovna (1900g.rozhd.). Wife - Maria Sukharev Matveyevna (1924g.rozhd.). Son - Sergei Sukharev (1956g.rozhd.).

Alexander Sukharev working career started as a fitter at an aviation plant in Voronezh, N18 (1939-1941). In July 1941, sent to Voronezh Military School of Communication, and in December, after graduation - at the front. With fights his way from Moscow to the Vistula. He fought in the West, Central, 1 st and 2 nd Byelorussian fronts in the 237 th Infantry Regiment 69 th Division of the 50 th and 65 th Army as a platoon leader, company commander, chief of communications, the Chief of Staff of the regiment.

He was awarded four military orders, each of them - a feat. First Order of the Patriotic War II degrees awarded in the hardest in 1942, when the enemy, the victim first defeat near Moscow, is still hoping for a speedy and final victory over the Red Army. At Smolensk area led the intelligence battles of 50 Army General Boldin, and the command needed a "language" to find out the intention of the Nazis. To ensure uninterrupted communications platoon commander Alexander Sukharev had more than once on their bellies scrape the scouts at the position of the enemy, to seize by force and cunning "language". In one of the night searching Bitter dogfight. And although the capture of live German failed, brave yet taken command of valuable documents.

Another award - the Order of Patriotic War I degree - A. Sukharev received while in the army 65 Army Central Front. During the Battle of Kursk in the summer of 1943, day and night had to conduct reconnaissance in force, transfer Nazi air raids, which wore out lines.

. From Sukharev, both from the company commander connection required not only a great personal courage, and skillful command of their division
. Particularly dramatic situation Sukharev had to endure in the regions of Novgorod-Seversky and Sevsk, . when the failure of many signalers himself repeatedly forced under continuous enemy fire to restore the broken lines, . in the case of formation of water barriers still to cross to the other side and establish links between seized a bridgehead and MP,

Most memorable memories Gratsiansky linked to "Operation Bagration" Free Belarus. Here he experienced the most painful and bitter from the loss of military friends, and fear, as it seemed then to be imminent capture, and at the same time, the joy of anticipation of quick victory.

The main challenge for all the years of the war for A. YA. Sukharev was a battle for Dnipro. According to the plan to marshal. K. Rokossovskogo 69 Sevsk division was supposed to cross the wide water hazard in the area of the city Loeve - a confluence of two large rivers - the Dnieper and the Sozh.

Only then the memoirs of K. K. Rokossovskogo and P. I. Batova for A. YA. Sukharev became clear at the time seemed incomprehensible strategy of military commanders: choose to advance as "disadvantageous" to the scale of the water line, besides you're watching the enemy from the high right bank of.

On the Dnieper epic written much. For direct participant in those events - Sukharev a long and deafening artillery barrage and performed under this massive roar soldier "swim" on the opposite shore under barrage. Then he himself was wounded, but still provided a link between the two banks, so important at the time of crossing and the seizure of a bridgehead on the enemy coast. During the fighting for the liberation of Ukraine in early 1944 he was awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

AY Sukharev received and another combat award - the Order of the Red Star for participating in the environment of a powerful enemy near Bobruisk. Then he, along with two other soldiers managed to capture more than 20 otbivshihsya from his part fascists. Disarming them, they wasted no time, forced the prisoners to take the speakers closer to the German trenches and to encourage soldiers to surrender. Appeal of their own countrymen, contracting encirclement had an effect: the end of the day with their hands came at the disposal of our troops about 300 Germans.

Order of the Patriotic War I degree Sukharev received 40 years after victory in the jubilee in 1985.

However, in front of his biography were still the release of many cities and towns of Belarus, forcing the Bug, the yield on the western border of the country, the liberation of Poland. Were new victory and the bitterness of irreplaceable loss, kissing the earth of the Fatherland and the hoisting of the red banner at the border.

War steeled his will and character that will be useful to him in time of peace. Since 1946, A. YA. Suha on YCL, . and since 1960 - at the party work: the secretary of the Komsomol district committee of the Railway, . department head of the Voronezh regional committee of Komsomol (1946-1950), . Instructor, . Head of International Department of the Komsomol Central Committee (1950-1959), . Section Head, . Deputy Head of Department of the CPSU Central Committee (1960-1970),
. Without a job, he received a law degree, a postgraduate and Ph.D. degree.

In 1956, for participation in a new land development. YA. Sukharev received his first post-war state award - the Badge of Honor ". In 1970, a. YA. Sukharev was appointed First Deputy Minister of Justice of the USSR, and in 1984 - Minister of Justice of the RSFSR. From 1988 to 1990 he worked as Attorney General of the USSR. In 1991 he became Deputy Director of the Research Institute for Law and Order in the General Procuracy of the USSR. At the present time - the director of the Institute.

For his work on the legal field, the initiative in the development and implementation of the program of legal education of the population was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor.

As the first Deputy Minister of Justice of the USSR, he headed the Interagency Coordinating Council on legal advocacy with the Ministry of Justice of the USSR. It was in those years was born and grew to 12 million circulation magazine "Man and Law", and until now there has appeared telecast of the same name. As a compulsory subject was given basic training in law at all levels of education.

The Minister of Justice of the RSFSR and the Attorney General of the USSR A. YA. Sukharev has done much to overcome the effects of totalitarianism and the cult of personality, . when it was taken as a fruitful course for realizing the potential for judicial and prosecutorial system in the democratization of justice, . Prevent Crime, . strengthening the human rights functions of law enforcement,

It was during his leadership of the General Prosecutor's Office began a radical renewal of the functional areas and the structure of the apparatus. In particular, self-management have been established to oversee the security services and law enforcement in the sphere of international relations, and supervisory structures are formed separately in the economic, social and environmental spheres. A New Order. YA. Sukharev established an independent, subordinate only the center of an extensive surveillance network of the Volga environmental prosecutor.

For these and other actions in the field of laws and. YA. Sukharev was awarded the Order of the October Revolution.

Among his awards are the labor and the Order of Friendship of Peoples. Under the guidance of a. YA. Sukharev in 1973 was set up of the Soviet-Yemen Friendship. Nearly two decades he headed the Association of Soviet Lawyers, paving the way for cooperation with the lawyers of western countries. He was one of the initiators of the international anti-war and anti-nuclear movement of lawyers in terms of confrontation and the Cold War between East and West. In the early 80-ies, this movement has been institutionalized in the form of the Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms ", co-president of which A. YA. Sukharev yavyaletsya more than 20 years. He did much to entering Russian Association of Lawyers of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers and was elected its first vice-president.

In this capacity, he, together with its domestic and foreign colleagues have repeatedly exposes the politics of colonialism and racism, struggled to end the war and American military intervention in Vietnam.

A. YA. Sukharev author of more than 150 scientific papers and publications on various aspects of law, including the books "Our People's Court", "Formation of the legal culture of society". Under his editorial published fundamental works: "Legal Encyclopedic Dictionary (Moscow, 1984)," Great Encyclopedic Dictionary of Law (Moscow, 1997) and "Encyclopedia of Law Russia (Moscow, 1999).

AY. Sukharev - Honored Lawyer of Russia, State Counselor of Justice of Class I, LL.D., Professor. In addition to the five and six combat medals he was awarded the employment of state awards Yemen, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Mongolia, Czechoslovakia. The head of public fund "Prominent generals and naval commanders of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945пЁпЁ.".

A. YA. Sukharev - an ardent admirer of national history and culture. He especially likes the Russian classics: A. S. Pushkin, H. V. Gogol F. M. Dostoevsky,. G. Belinsky, historical literature, theater. He is fond of comparative international jurisprudence.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Sukharev Alexander Yakovlevich, photo, biography
Sukharev Alexander Yakovlevich, photo, biography Sukharev Alexander Yakovlevich  State Counselor of Justice of Class I, LL.D., Professor, photo, biography
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