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Kvochur Anatoly

( Hero of Russia, Honored Test Pilot of the USSR)

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Biography Kvochur Anatoly
Born April 16, 1952 in the village Mazurovka Chernevetskogo region Vinnytsia region. Father - Kvochur Nikolai Petrovich (1918g.rozhd.), An agronomist, life worked in the fields, the last few years on the collective farm cattle ranch. Mother - Kvochur (Grabchenkova) Fedor Markovna (1926g.rozhd.) Worked as head of the rural communications hub. Wife - Kvochur (Grigorenko) Valentina Mikhailovna (1953-1995), by profession and vocation of a teacher, died tragically in a car accident. Daughter - Kvochur Irina (1978g.rozhd.), A student at the Institute of Foreign Languages named after M. Tereza. Son - Kvochur Alexander (1986g.rozhd.).

"Russian flying legend," The pilot of God "- the so-called Anatoly Kvochur domestic and foreign experts and the media. 12 years ago, foreign commentators have included it in the symbolic ten best test pilots of the world.

In the formation Masters lifelong enormous role played by the concept of teacher. For Anatoly Nikolaevich were established in a small aged father and mother, . then my grandfather and godfather, . first teacher Nadezhda Petrovna, . teachers of mathematics and physics in high school, . who also were excellent athletes, . which had to participate in various sports,

. Maternal grandfather, . Mark Grabchenko Klimovich, . through its multilateral knowledge, . self-discipline, . amazing hard work and resilience, . as well as his son, . subsequently cross Anatolia, . Grabchenko Athanasius Markovich, . Being a teacher by profession and having exceptional personal qualities and teaching skills, . had a tremendous influence on the formation of values and character of Anatoly Kvochur,
. Summer, . when the grandchildren gathered at his grandfather, . most of the summer holidays was held under their direct supervision, . in which boys are given special attention to the full development and Spartan upbringing - to climb the highest tree, . cope with the snake, . make a model airplane, . build a temporary shelter for the night in the woods ..,
. It always and in all the emphasis on the development of the children's feelings of patriotism, love of country, the need to defend it.

As a result, childhood Anatoly became convinced that people, in principle, can achieve any goal if his motivation, self-discipline, diligence, love for native land. Apparently so, from about the age of 10 it was formed overwhelming desire to become a defender of the homeland at that time it seemed to him largely as a military pilot, and of course, a fighter pilot. Over time, this desire developed into a firm conviction and rigid training program for entry into flight school. At school he was heavily involved in sports, serious about school subjects, especially maths and physics.

After a ten-year Anatoly Kvochur easily entered Yeiskoe Higher Military Aviation School named Komarov. Since the beginning of the first flight in a Lear jet at the school revealed that the profession of a pilot - it is not only the ability to fly, it is almost unlimited possibility of self-improvement through knowledge. Therefore, further development of the flight profession and new types of aircraft, . in school, . and in the subsequent career Kvochur, . held more Proactive, . which was reflected in the ever needs to know about the world of flying as much as possible, . constantly studying various handbooks and special literature, . optional, . but useful calculation of certain characteristics of the aircraft and specific maneuvers,
. To a large extent, thanks to his passion, long-term participation in the flight tests of varying degrees of complexity was for Anatoly Kvochur relatively simple and safe.

In college Anatoly Kvochur lucky. His teacher - instructor pilot Lt. Zasko Ivan Nikolayevich (the first training aircraft L-29), . Captain Kim V. Nikitenko, and Lieutenant Kondratiev Valery (the first combat aircraft - a supersonic fighter-bomber Su-7B) - were the real patriots of their cause, . good, . and what even the best experts in the training regiments School,
. And after college, when in 1973 Lieutenant Kvochur sent to undergo military service in the Soviet Army Group in Germany, he was lucky to meet with these masters of their craft. One of them - the deputy commander of military regiment Leonti N. Grigoryev, was for a young pilot flying a model not only professionalism, but also the courage. Once on the plane Grigorieva Su-7B Bombings load during a training exercise above the municipality stopped the engine. Risking their lives, he took a plane to a safe area and ejected with almost zero height.

In East Germany, AN Kvochur for two years served as a fighter-bomber, then commander of the fighter-bombers. In 1975, the division commander, General Vladimir Skaryukin, noting the talent Lieutenant Kvochur, wrote him a letter of recommendation for admission to the Test Pilot School. The letter was addressed to the outstanding test pilot, while the chief pilot Mikoyan Design Bureau named after Alexander Vasilyevich Fedotov. Contents of the letter is unknown, . but Honored Test Pilot of the USSR, . multiple world record holder (still not beaten some records speed and height, . set them on the MiG-25), . Hero of the Soviet Union Fedotov assisted in the call for exams in school for test pilots of the Ministry of Aviation Industry clearly young for such work, Lieutenant,
. Lieutenant exams passed successfully, but in the process of learning and the distribution of its end AV Fedotov underscored not interested in the fate of his protege. Only in 1981, . when due to injuries, . resulting from accidents, . while three of the leading test pilot of the Mikoyan Design Bureau named, . including himself Fedotova, . briefly dropped down, . Fedotov arranged the order of the Minister of Aviation Industry of the transfer test pilot of Komsomolsk-on-Amur aviation plant Anatoliy Kvochur in behalf of the Mikoyan Design Bureau,

For the time the transfer was a rare event. Working as a test pilot in the world famous company MiG was the cherished dream of most young test pilots of the country. In figurative expression M. Komarov, . died in a test flight in 1970 and is also a pupil of AV Fedotov: "The probability of a test pilot in the firm Mikoyan approximately equal to the probability of winning a hundred thousand rubles for a tram ticket",
. We can say that Kvochur a winning ticket pulled out ...

Anatoly Kvochur as many other test pilots Mikoyan bureau considers himself a pupil of A. Fedotov. It became for them the philosophy of the developer of flight tests. Before him, the same role in the development of the school played a flight test chief pilot Kvochur Grigori Sedov. School Sedova - Fedotov Anatoly calls the school a safe and efficient testing. Thanks to this school, many pilots have lived much greater than average years of life and brought substantial benefit to the State

. Over the years, a test pilot Anatoly Kvochur conducted numerous tests of new aircraft and weapons, . including: flight-test aircraft MiG-29 (in 1982 for the first time reached the limit on the strength of aircraft overloading 9 units, . in conjunction with the limit angle of attack and critical Mach number - on the orders of 9, . 0 +0, . 5 - reach 9, . 45), multiple missile tests of the new generation air-to-air and air-to-surface missile (the first discharges, . Start on the security department, . engine flameout, . The first combat use of these missiles); test overhauled MiG-29 and MiG-31; test deck version of the MiG-29, . with the testing systems of the first domestic carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" (the first landing and the first takeoff from the aircraft carrier at night, . preparation of the first deck of pilots to fly the aircraft carrier),
. Since the mid 80-ies as the lead test pilot, he participated in the drafting of a new generation of fighter (IDF), which first flew in 2000.

In 1991, AN Kvochur passes in Flight Research Institute (FRI) named Gromov as a test pilot, chief of the laboratory ergonomics. From 1996 to the present time, he - Deputy Head of the Institute for Defense topics. The real work in LII implies the existence of two very unrelated areas of application of the effort: flight-testing and research. In addition, Kvochur head created with LII "Flight Research Center, in the title and concept which combines the concept of" pilot "and" scientist "

. State Unitary Enterprise Flight Research Center (until 1996 - aerobatic team "test pilots") was founded AN Kvochur in 1992, FRI named after MM Gromov for conducting a research program to design booths and government aircraft maneuverability, . satellite navigation, . refueling, . ultra-long range non-stop flights, . superagility, . Medicine, . as well as to the professional performance of demonstration flights on Su-27, . Su-30 and MiG-29 alone and in group,

. During this period aerobatic team has implemented a number of demonstration performances of various aviation activities, . including such well-known, . as: "Mosaeroshou-92", . MAKS-93, . 95, . 97, . 99, . "Thailand-93", . "Dubai-93", . "ILA-94, . Farnborough-94, . 98, . "Australia-95", . "Le Bourget-95", . Prague - 95, . 97, . "Singapore - 96, . 98, . The Jakarta-96, . "Zhuhai-96, . 98 "(China), . "Lima-99, . as well as dozens of times participated in aviapokazah in the UK, . Switzerland, . Belgium, . Netherlands, . Italy, . Austria, . Poland, . Finland,

Highlights the unique ultra-long flight to Australia and back in March 1995 and over the North Pole along the closed route in July and September 1999. Single Su-27, piloted by the commander of the group AN Kvochur, overcame some 15 thousand miles with refueling in the air and only two stops on the way to Australia. In flights to test the satellite radio navigation system (SRNK) in the waters of the Arctic Ocean, passing over the North Pole reached a record distance and flight duration for single fighter (11 h 29 min)

. Two transarctic flights, . held in conjunction with the 37-th Air Army, . were carried out comprehensive studies of a number of new scientific and technological developments, . primarily, . satellite radio-navigation system (SRNK), . ensuring accurate determination of the mutual co-ordinates and velocities of the two planes, . example, . refueling tanker aircraft and, . or two aircraft groups,
. This on-board computer software allows the aircraft to bring refills filling a cone with an accuracy of 1-2 meters from a distance of up to 800 kilometers.

Also evaluated six satellite navigation receivers, the new board computers and recorders, the new display on the windshield, as well as color LCD multifunction display JSC "Russian Avionics". Been received valuable medical and physiological data on the status of the pilot, recorded on kardiokassetu.

Anatoly Kvochur has mastered many stunt. Many of them he has perfected the latest generation of aircraft. For example, the execution of such figures as "The Bell" AN Kvochur worked on the Mig-29, prepared by the method of security and marked the first time along with other test pilots behalf of the Mikoyan Design Bureau in the international airshow Farnborough-88 ".

Organizers of any air show to seek the participation in it precisely Anatol Kvochur, because he - a guarantee of the spectacular show when aerobatics succeed one another without pause, at extremely low altitude. Famous English expert test pilot John Farley, . Commenting aerobatics Kvochur, . said: "I would compare him with the performance of classical music, . in particular the "Moonlight Sonata", . "to which perception can be trained to a greater or lesser extent, . but which like all,
. In connection with the same personal experience I can say that the pilot was obviously not "struggling" with the plane and a full understanding makes them like a single entity, leading to the perfection of all the motions ".

Now Anatoly Kvochur continues to combine a flight and scientific work. This and the development of flight research center, . and the development of techniques of single and group aerobatics in modern fighters, . and training of pilots and Air Force LII, . and direct management of aircraft modernization programs, . a forward-looking cabin, . mezhobektovoy satellite navigation,

In 1992, the distinguished test pilot Anatoly Kvochur awarded the high title of Hero of Russia. He also awarded the Labor Red Banner (1988) and "For Service to the Motherland" III degree.

Physical form Anatoly Kvochur enviable. Despite two ejection and a huge flying experience, he still gets a perfect present я┌п╦п©п╟п╤ Hero: athletic physique, perfect posture, strong hands. "Until 17 years I tried to do weightlifting, - says Anatoly Nikolaevich. - But in a flight school explained that this is not the best for the health of the pilot exercise. Sport, however, did not throw ever. Ten years in karate, but after the second ejection had to leave this matter. Now I love downhill skiing ".

In his spare time, when it is possible not to think about work, Anatoly loves to read, especially the works of Ephraim, Lemma, Strugackih. His favorite movies - "The Story of a Real Man," "Seventeen Moments of Spring".

Lives and works in the town of Zhukovsky, Moscow region.

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Kvochur Anatoly, photo, biography
Kvochur Anatoly, photo, biography Kvochur Anatoly  Hero of Russia, Honored Test Pilot of the USSR, photo, biography
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