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Lebedev, Valentin V.

( Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot-cosmonaut-tester of Grade 1, corresponding member of the Russia Academy of Sciences, Honored Scientist of Russia, Director of geo n)

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Biography Lebedev, Valentin V.
photo Lebedev, Valentin V.
Born April 14, 1942 in Moscow. Wife - Lyudmila Lebedeva (1943g.rozhd.), An engineer, currently a housewife. Son - Lebedev Vitaly V. (1972g.rozhd.) Lawyer.

In 1959, after graduating from high school he entered the Orenburg Aviation School. In 1960, there was a decline of the Armed Forces and the school was disbanded. Lebedev was a student at the Faculty of aircraft at the Moscow Aviation Institute named after S. Ordzhonikidze. Along with mastering the profession of a pilot study: started with gliders, then mastered the piston aircraft, moved to the jet, learned to fly helicopters

. After Lebedev Institute has directions for work in the famous Central Design Bureau for Machine Building, . headed by SP Korolev (1979 - Head Design Bureau NPO Energia), . where he worked as an engineer, . senior engineer,

. In 1967 as a technical representative of the head company of rocket and space industry has participated in expeditions to the ship 8-second search of the squadron in the Indian Ocean to search for and maintenance of the spacecraft probe "on the lunar program" A-1 ",
. In 1968 he was the leader of a team of specialists in Bombay, ensuring maintenance of the space station "Zond-5", the first time to capture side of the moon and deliver the materials taken to the ground.

Working in the test complex. engaged in perfecting means of salvation landers Soyuz and crew after landing on land and on water, . a lot of time spent in Baikonur director technical and operational management team on flight tests Soyuz, . Soyuz-T "and orbital stations Salyut 4, . 5, . 6.,

. In 1972 he was enrolled in the cosmonaut, . in 1973, . doubles as, . with Peter Klimuks on the results of training were the main crew, . successfully completing the first flight on the orbital astrophysical observatory - the spacecraft "Soyuz-13" with a system of telescopes Orion-2 ",
. This work marked the beginning of astrophysical observations in the ultraviolet region of the spectrum. While preparing for a flight crew managed to overcome the prevailing approach to the right to fly is not a predetermined direction priority but on knowledge and coherence in the work crew and personnel management center.

After space flight continued to work at NPO Energia at the senior researcher, instructor test cosmonaut Class 3. In 1974 he defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of technical sciences, . which substantiated the need for a single set of technical means in the form of stand-polygon with standardized simulators external environment (the starry sky, . flight path, . rendezvous and docking, etc.) for the acquisition of the crew management skills and refine the layout in the station as close as possible to the actual and proposed scientific and technical solutions, . have found practical expression,

In 1982, the space complex "Soyuz-T5" - "Salyut-7" - "Soyuz-T7" made a record at the time of duration of 211-day space flight with a. Birch. During the mission carried out an extensive program of research and application experiments.

In 1985, while working in the NPO Energia, prepared and defended a thesis for the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences and was fully trained on the program "Buran". From 1989 to 1991 he worked as Deputy Director for Science Institute of Geography, USSR Academy of Sciences. In 1991, at his initiative was established GIS Research Center at the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and the decision of the Presidium of the USSR VV Lebedev was appointed director-organizer. In 1994 he was elected director.

VV Lebedev - a great specialist in the field of space science and geo-informatics. Participation in space research and the results identified a range of scientific interests VV Lebedeva, including navigation, astrophysics, physics of Earth's atmosphere, cosmic geography, geology,. In each of these branches of knowledge VV Lebedev made a creative contribution.

During the two space flights, VV Lebedev performed more than 300 scientific experiments and research in various fields of science, some of which are unique. The characteristics of the atmosphere around the station, . measured field vibration accelerations inside the orbital complex, . worked out methods for obtaining ultrapure biological materials, . first plant "Arabidopsis" in space was full cycle of development, etc.,

. As he elaborated methodology Autonomous attitude control and navigation station has been achieved to calculate the geographical coordinates of objects, . observed outside the orbital plane, . which allowed the station "Salyut-7" to identify new ring structures, . faults and cause them to kosmogeologicheskuyu country map,
. The result has been to clarify the location of oil and gas in the Tengiz and accelerate the discovery of some polymetallic deposits in the Altai

. Developed jointly with specialists of the space industry methods of forming a research complex on-board station, . independent means of attitude control, . navigation have made it possible to a wide range of astrophysical observations of natural resources and,
. VV. Lebedev proposed a fundamentally new solution to deploy complex surveillance on an autonomous platform outside the station, . allowing a continuing operational imagery of the Earth with minimal costs of fuel and the release of the crew from performing a variety of chores, etc.,

Further development of this area of work has been the expansion of information capabilities of space systems using ground-based autonomous receiving, preprocessing, storage and distribution of information. It defined a new approach to the requirements for the establishment of space systems of the Earth - alignment of priorities from improving technology to improve the quality of its information product, . when the effectiveness of the system is evaluated not only the reliability, . and return on,
. His analysis of human-researcher in a long flight on the orbital station characterizes ostroaktualny systematic approach is practically not found in other studies

. Together with leading organizations of space industry NII KP and NPO Molniya, he developed the concept of geo-information network of the country and the principles of the regional geographic information systems, . set theory, . mathematical tools and basic software modules integrated processing of terrestrial and aerospace information on a fundamentally new methods of using GIS technology,
. This way, orienting the industry to service its customers, which will support the space industry, and the domestic economy will form the internal market of information services

. Development of the concept was developed with GKNTTS Khrunichev, . LOD "ELAS", . engineering proposals for the creation of the space complex with the use of small space-based platforms with the observing systems and konversiruemogo hurt rockets light class Rokot for remote sensing information on the Earth with the possibility of its reception by interested users,

Under the scientific supervision of VV. Lebedev was created unified technology of complex processing of terrestrial and aerospace information is used to study the dynamics of states and the complex nature-technological complexes. It allows you to create multi-synthesized maps, overlapping in space and time ranges of distribution of the various components of the environment and their properties, with an analysis of cause-effect relationships between them

. For the first time on the basis of national development has been established Environmental Geographic Information System of the largest highway Moscow (EkoMKAD GIS) to monitor the status of land, . surface and groundwater, . vegetation in the zone of influence of the objects of the Moscow Ring Road,
. This design exhibited at the Presidium of the RAS and the international exhibition "Man, City and Environment" to mark World Environment Day, which was highly appreciated by specialists and the government of Moscow

. Together with the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia and IVP RAN, the federal program "Revival of Volga" has created a new technology forecasting volumes of flood water on the basis of multi-parameter analysis stokoformiruyuschih factors on water supplies in the snow cover, . depth of frost penetration and soil moisture, . current state of the landscape,

One of the latest scientific developments VV Lebedev, and he led the team performed on the program "Science - Moscow," has become a complex of works on remote monitoring of traffic flows in Moscow. Creations Center Original methods and software for digital processing of high resolution aerial photographs for the first time allowed to obtain reliable data on volumes of traffic and loading of the road network of the city, . speed and environmental parameters of traffic,
. These materials were the source for the improvement of traffic and an automated traffic management systems. Completed development are fundamental to create a single structured information among the largest metropolitan.

Results of research VV. Lebedev reflected in the 108 scientific papers, including 5 monographs, 26 are protected by copyright certificates embedded in the space systems of the Soyuz, Salyut and territorial geographic information systems

. The monograph "The technical efficiency of manned spacecraft, . "The observatory in space" Soyuz-13 "-" Orion-2 ", . "The astronauts are exploring the Earth" and a number of scientific papers formulate and solve a number of important scientific problems, . of priority in the development of national geographic information technologies and the establishment of regional geographic information systems to meet the challenges of managing complex natural and man-made systems,

. VV Lebedev has dozens of publications in domestic journals "Science and Life", . "Study of Earth from space", . "Engineering Geology", . "Industry of Russia", . in foreign journals USA, . England, . Japan and Russia in the national newspapers, . in which the author examines the achievements of space and opens horizons for its development,

Written in spaceflight book "My Dimension" is an event of world space, as is experience of the person who has committed a record of activity, 211-day, flight, where the life and work can not be divided. This work is both historical and scientific value, no wonder it is widely recognized both in Russia and abroad, twice published in the USA, printed in Japan. Excerpts from the book published in reputable scientific journals of Germany, China, Poland, Brazil and other countries.

His knowledge and experience VV Lebedev passes for graduate students, interns, speaking with lectures, presentations at scientific seminars and conferences. The results of his scientific work are introduced in the educational process of the Moscow Aviation Institute. Textbook: "An integrated analysis of safety" is used for course and diploma design at many faculties MAI. In the student design bureau with the direct participation of VV Lebedev was the first time in the world designed and manufactured small satellites "Iskra-1" and "Iskra-3". Personally have been experimentally worked out in space and put into orbit.

Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR VV Lebedev, twice awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, was awarded orders and medals of the USSR and other countries. In 1984, for his great contribution to national and world science in the field of space research VV Lebedev marked with a gold medal Tsiolkovsky Academy of Sciences of the USSR. For his work on the Soviet-French space program was awarded the Order of the Legion d'Honneur (France). Honored Scientist of Russia (1999). In 2000 he was elected a corresponding member of Russia Academy of Sciences. He - the only astronaut who became a member of the National Academy of Sciences. He is an honorary citizen of many cities of the USSR, as well as the city of Fort Worth (USA). At the invitation of NASA elected an honorary citizen of Texas (USA). It is brought to the Guinness Book of Records.

Home, considered by many to feature in the character of V. Lebedev - passion, indifferent attitude to everything, what is taken, bringing the matter to a positive result. Maximalist to themselves and others. He believes that the limited visions of the profession astronaut only the ability to perform a set of even a large number of complex operations, maintenance, repair techniques and experimentation can not. Here the role of man should be much broader claims against him. The main thing in the profession astronaut - realization of creative abilities of man to penetrate into the world of the environment through the perception, comprehension, compared with the known, coming to conclusions, find new knowledge. And, of course, the disclosure of his human identity by overcoming difficulties, worries, doubts, loneliness, feelings of joy, anguish finding solutions to difficult situations for the sake of the overall success and understanding of the crew and the Earth. This is the personal ability to space travel, and should define the essence of the profession astronaut

. He has a dream, . that in schools, . Finally, . was introduced space geography lesson, . because we have a huge space imagery of the Earth, . and the geography of children continue to study the contour maps, . which makes it impossible to obtain a holistic view of her as a living planet,
. People do not have the "Images of the Earth, not raised geographical culture as historically conditioned to regard the problems of habitat on Earth separately, as the life of a people, country, nation ... This parochial perception of the world and its problems. No modern geographic cultures, . that is, without knowledge of the habitat of all of us, . science of his big house today can not form the worldview of the people, . to look optimistically to the future development of the economy, . policy, . interethnic and inter-state relations, . if we do not see a house as a whole, . only represent his, . studying parts,

Being an astronaut is in a few years since 1975, during his vacations he worked on the construction of the Baikal-Amur railway as a commander of the student detachment MAI, for which he was awarded a medal for the construction of BAM ". These qualities attract people to him. He has many good friends throughout the country.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Lebedev, Valentin V., photo, biography
Lebedev, Valentin V., photo, biography Lebedev, Valentin V.  Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot-cosmonaut-tester of Grade 1, corresponding member of the Russia Academy of Sciences, Honored Scientist of Russia, Director of geo n, photo, biography
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