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Serebrov Alexander

( Hero of the Soviet Union, Pilot-Cosmonaut of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Serebrov Alexander
photo Serebrov Alexander
Born February 15, 1944, Mr.. Moscow. Father - Serebrov Alexander (1904 g.rozhd.), A soldier, in recent years was the chief of the criminal investigation of Mr.. Pushkin, Leningrad Oblast. Mother - Mary Kulikovskaya Vladislavovna (1906 g.rozhd.), A doctor by profession. Wife - Serebrova (Vlaschenko) Catherine Prokofyevna, over twenty years she danced in the ensemble under the direction of Igor Moiseyev. Son - Cyril, 1969 g.r. He graduated from MIPT.

From 1 st to 7 th grades Alexander lived and studied in g. Kirov (Vyatka) with relatives. In the 10th grade at school was audition to participate in three films at the studio of. Gorky, but did not withdraw, preferred classes in physics. After school N36 Moscow entered the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute, graduating in 1967. In 1963, Mr.. led the camp difficult children in Dolgoprudnyi. From 1964 to 1966. yearly worked the All-Union camp "Eaglet". Famous song "Eaglets learn to fly" and "Starfall" - is about the team of counselors from the MIPT, which worked in the camp. Since 1966. - On television in a live broadcast television led the All-Union Olympiad in physics, chemistry and astronomy.

The desire to become a test pilot took shape in 1958-1959. This profession has decided to learn by doing at aeromehanichesky MIPT. He graduated from MIPT specialty Keldysh Research Center (where was born the famous weapons including Katyusha rockets, and an Academician: SP Korolev, VP Glushko, MK Tikhonravov, MV Keldysh, BN Petrov ). Then he entered the graduate specialty 'physics of liquids, gases and plasmas'. Subsequently, he worked in MIPT as assistant professor, senior researcher. In 1976. went to work at NPO Energia - Senior Fellow. There appeared to realize their old dream to become an astronaut.

Seriously prepared to work in the cosmos decided after the flight of Komarov, Yegorov, and Feoktistov, when a space crew was supplemented by civilians, scientists, doctors. In 1974. master's thesis on the topic: "The problems of thermal protection of a manned spacecraft entering the Earth's atmosphere after a flyby of Mars".

In 1975. went home medical commission of the USSR for fitness for space flight. Since 1976, working in the NPO Energia, wrote bortinstruktsii on the use of scientific instruments on board the orbital station Salyut-6 and Salyut-7 ".

In cosmonaut enlisted in 1978. The first flight was made in August 1982. (AA Serebrov, SE Savitskaya, LI Popov). During the flight, was presented a new scheme of the experiment by electrophoresis, purification of drugs in weightlessness by means of electric fields. Second flight - in April 1983. (VG Titov, GM Strekalov, AA Serebrov). Third flight - in September 1989-February 1990. During this flight was carried out five spacewalks and the trials of domestic vehicles astronauts space. In June 1993-January 1994. took the fourth flight, in which Serebrova again had to go five times in open space. After the flight AA Serebrov was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records for the number of spacewalks. His record lasted for four years.

Alexander - the first physicist in the Soviet Union, who worked on board the space research orbital station Salyut. The program of research included: the physics of fluids in weightlessness, . growing crystals of biological, . proteins, . growing semiconductor crystals (they first received a series of identical in quality crystals of gallium arsenide), . physics of the atmosphere, . physical conditions inside the orbital station, . research fields - vibration, . acoustic, . Radiation, . wind, . electromagnetic,
. For these topics AA Serebrov held a series of experiments and studies. Grown on firm order Boeing biological protein crystals, were first brought down to earth in a capsule with a certificate that determines the state of all variables which determine the experimental conditions. A. Silver - the inventor of the first space sauna. He was an interior designer-linker base unit of orbital station "Mir", participated in the development of life support systems for the station, the output suits. The creator of the national educational program "Lessons from Space", which released five videos that have a license and certificate of the Ministry of Education.

In 1995. A. Silver in the rank of colonel retired from the cosmonaut corps retired. Since November 1995. works in the Presidential Administration in charge of space. He - PhD, member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences, member of the Academy of Astronautics, the president of the All-Union (now the All-Russia), an aerospace company "Union" (1988), vice-president of the International Fund. YU. Gagarin. Author of several dozens of scientific papers. As supervisor issued two graduate students to work on electrophoresis in weightlessness.

He has the honorary title of 'pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR'. He - Hero of the Soviet Union (1982), . Cavalier two Orders of Lenin, . Order of the October Revolution, . Order of Friendship of Peoples, . Officer of the Order of the Legion of Honor of France, . Commander of the Order of the People's Republic of Bulgaria, . awarded the medal "50 Years Soviet Militia (awarded its, . when the institute was the commander of the brigade, . Chief of Operations Detachment), . Medal Sofia,
. He is an honorary citizen of the N1 cities Dolgoprudnyi, Dzheskazgan, Kirov (now Vyatka), Gagarin, Kaluga, Oklahoma City (Oklahoma, USA), Huntsville (Alabama, USA), Tampa (Florida, USA).

He was the sole organizer of the informal meeting of the President of the USSR ms. Gorbachev, with children from 35 countries during his trip to Japan, the first meeting M. Gorbachev and Prime Minister of Japan T. Kaifu. In the late 80's - early 90-ies. - A member of the editorial board of "Youth". Some years worked as an advisor to the fund with. Shatalina "Reform". After his death, left the fund. For several years was president of the Ultimate Club in the journal "Techniques of Youth.

He loves ice skating, all types of skis, including mountain and sea, underwater fishing, tennis. He made ten skydiving, has a certificate swimmer-diver. In school, in Mr.. Kirov was a champion of the Kirov region of figure skating among schoolchildren. He served as vice president of Renaissance Foundation Spartacus, who was president N. Ozerov.

He prefers classical music, jazz, classic rock, the historical literature. As a child, fond of books of Mayne Reid, Alexei Tolstoy, Theodore Dreiser. Enjoys art A. Batalov, G. Taratorkin. Among the singers singled out the late National Artist of the USSR Gareeva Radhika, who lived in Ufa, as well as modern - Sofia Rotaru and Alexander Serov. Speaks English.

Lives and works in g. Moscow. Address: 101000, Moscow, Head Post Office, PO Box 924. Tel: 181-04-91.

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Serebrov Alexander, photo, biography
Serebrov Alexander, photo, biography Serebrov Alexander  Hero of the Soviet Union, Pilot-Cosmonaut of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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