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Yumashev Boris

( Honored Test Pilot)

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Biography Yumashev Boris
photo Yumashev Boris
Born February 29, 1932, Mr.. in Moscow in the family of the Bolshevik revolutionaries.
Grandfather - Egorov Ipat Ivanovich - member of the CPSU (b) in 1903, a member of the barricade fighting in the Red Presnya, wounded, lost a leg. Grandmother - Egorova, Anastasia - before the October Revolution was holding a laundry, where the underground revolutionary literature published. Father - Yumashev Ivan S. (1895 g.rozhd.) - A member of the CPSU (b) since February 1917, the October Revolution, the Commissioner, the Civil Party of Finland and the Great Patriotic War. Mother - Mary Yumashev Ipatovna (1903 g.rozhd.) - A wonderful, highly educated, self-sacrificing woman who raised three sons and helped them find their feet in life. The sons were test pilots, all received higher education. Brothers - Yumashev Vladimir Ivanovich (1932 g.rozhd.) - Died in 1957; Yumashev Yuri Ivanovich (1932 g.rozhd.) - Died in the tests in 1977. Both are buried at Novodevichy Cemetery. Wife - Yumashev Elena (1940 g.rozhd.) - Doctor.

His first familiarization flight Boris Yumashev performed on the plane PO-2, as a student first special school Air Force in 1949. with the famous aviator, Hero of the Soviet Union AP Maresyev. After high school, along with his brother Yuri graduated with honors from Engels Pilot School im.M.Raskovoy (1954) and was sent to the Leningrad Military District. From 1954 to 1957. served as a senior pilot, flight commander in 1103 BAP Lenville. In 1957. joined the CPSU.

In the same year, with the rank of Captain Aviation Boris Yumashev brother was recalled to the Test Pilot School Flight Research Institute im.M.M.Gromova, from which he graduated in 1959. with honors, and was sent to the General Designer of OKB VM Myasishchev. On the eve of the anniversary of the October Revolution in 1959. the plane 201 "M" General Designer Myasishcheva set 5 world records and all-union: 55220 kg weight was raised to a height of 13121 m. This flight broke all world records set by American pilots, and BI Yumashev was awarded the Gold Medal champion.

In 1961, BI Yumashev entered the Moscow Aviation Institute im.S.Ordzhonikidze, who graduated in 1966, received a mechanical engineer. From 1961 to 1991. BI Yumashev worked as a test pilot in the Flight Research Institute im.M.M.Gromova in the post test pilot class 1, later - Deputy Chief of the complex for flight tests.

In 1965, Mr.. Boris wrote a letter to Korolev requesting admission to a group of astronauts. SP Korolev was given command of enrollment, and BI Yumashev began to prepare. After the death of Academician situation had changed: the guarantee of spaceflight new member of the cosmonaut corps is not given, and BI Yumashev continued to work as a test pilot

. In the Flight Research Institute im.M.M.Gromova Boris Ivanovich worked with famous test pilot, . Heroes of the Soviet Union SN Anokhin, . Amet-Khan Sultan, . GM Shiyanov, . AA Shcherbakov, . VP Vasin, . VA Komarov, . who taught Boris Ivanovich make educated decisions when tested in cold blood, and act in extreme conditions,
. But those situations were very much. Thus, in 1965. when testing a new fighter-interceptor with an experienced engine at an altitude of 21 thousand m stopped the engine, which Boris Ivanovich able to run at an altitude of 18 thousand m. At 16 thousand m. the engine stopped again, and when trying to start it does not start. The pilot proceeded to the calculation of landing with the engine, but at a height of 1 thousand m from the ground were ordered to eject. BI Yumashev decided to save the plane and managed to successfully put it on the airport.

Working in the OKB General Designer VA Myasishev, BI Yumashev participated as a co-pilot in the testing of refueling aircraft in the air, as well as flights to the breakaway regimes. Aircraft VM Myasishcheva he participated in setting a world record.

In EDO im.Ilyushina spent a full cycle of certification tests of the first wide-body aircraft IL-86, after which the ship went out on the route of civil air fleet and flies still.

During work BI Yumashev flown, tested and mastered the 126 types of aircraft, including fighter aircraft, fighter-interceptors, bombers, transport aircraft and airliners, their modifications, as well as helicopters. Held of complex research and flight testing of new aircraft at extreme flight conditions: determination of stability boundaries of the air intakes and engine, . associated with breakdowns and pompazhnymi samovyklyucheniem engine in flight, the removal of the aerodynamic characteristics of aircraft at maximum speeds and the number of M with a set of dynamic and static ceiling, automatic test systems approach contemporary supersonic fighters and others,

In 1974. for many years of creative work in the field of research and test new aviation technology Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR awarded BI Yumashev and his brother Yuri honorary title "Honored Test Pilot of the USSR". For achievements in the field test new aircraft in 1977. He was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor.

In December 1982. LII leadership and the Ministry of Aviation Industry Boris was presented to the rank of Hero of the Soviet Union, . but because of the death of the crew of the Tu-134, . commander was the only survivor Khatkovsky (husband SE Savitsky), . Documents at the conferring of the title were not sent to the CPSU Central Committee, . as BI Yumashev while he was deputy chief of the complex for flight tests,

Leaving LII im.M.M.Gromova BI Yumashev from 1991 to 1997. worked as a pilot in the Airlines Dobrolyot, performing flights on the aircraft IL-76 mission, the UN and the International Red Cross to provide immediate humanitarian assistance to countries in distress and the hostilities. Since 1997, Mr.. present he is an inspector for the aviation safety, as well as the assistant deputy of the State Duma.

BI Yumashev very fond of the Bolshoi Theater, especially ballet, is often visited by setting the Maly Theater, went to the Conservatory. Leisure prefers to spend in the country and the car. Vital aspirations - not to be behind the life. "The main thing - says Boris Ivanovich, - not to be a scoundrel and a struggle with difficulties. Life is amazing and beautiful in its manifestation of joy and sorrows, the difficulties that it presents, meeting with a real, wonderful people ". BI Yumashev strives always to be in the thick of things. Loves people and wherever possible, try them in something to help.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Yumashev Boris, photo, biography
Yumashev Boris, photo, biography Yumashev Boris  Honored Test Pilot, photo, biography
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