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Gubanov Vladimir

( candidate of technical sciences, laureate of USSR State Prize in Science and Technology, Member of the International Academy of Informatization.)

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Biography Gubanov Vladimir
photo Gubanov Vladimir
Born April 29, 1940 in g. Moscow. Father - Vasily Andreyevich (1913. born.) - was patternmaker objects aircraft family 'MIG'. Mother - Anna (1915. born.). Wife - Valentina (1949. born.). Son - Dmitry (1971. born.).

Graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute, specializing in 'Mathematical and computing devices and devices' (1960 - 1965 gg.). This was the first graduates of this profile for the Moscow Aviation Institute,
. - Present. time). In 1984 he defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of technical sciences in the development and implementation of integrated systems for automation of production facilities and products. In 1985, Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR 'For his work in the field of computer and information technologies' Gubanov In. V. awarded 'USSR State Prize in Science and Technology'. In 1993 he was elected a corresponding member of the International Academy of Informatization. Published over 40 scientific papers and articles in the field of complex systems of integrated production based on information and computer technologies, including: Gubanov. V. 'The main directions of computer-aided design ...'- MI: The technology of production, scientific organization of labor and management, 1974, No.. 4,. 12-16; Gubanov. V. 'The use of computer technology in the design of automatic systems' - M.: Mechanization and Automation, 1981, N 5,. 6-8; Gubanov. V. 'Computer-aided design of automatic lines in engineering' - M.: Mashinostroenie, 1984, t. 1,. 90-119; Voronich E. M. Gubanov. V. 'The use of computer technology - by improving the processes of design', to Sat: Scientific organization of labor and management in research institutes and design. - M.: MOITP them. S. Ordzhonikidze, 1984,. 49-57; Gubanov. V. 'Invariant components of the CAD. - Technology, Organization and economics of engineering production '- M.: NIIMASH, 1981, N 10, p.13; Voronich H. M. Gubanov. V. 'Experience application of computer technology in the design process ...' - In the works: Proceedings of the Seminar on systems design using computer technology as an integral part of industrial production. - Geneva: UN Economic Commission for Europe, 1979,. 12. He is an expert on the policy of restructuring of engineering industries in the programs of the RF Government, the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Science and Technology and other departments. Served as a consultant on policy reforms in the sphere of industrial development in several regions of Russia. Has the certificate of UNIDO in the field of pre-feasibility analysis of investment projects and evaluate their technological level in accordance with international standards. He participated in the environmental review of many investment projects, projects of social support and economic development in different countries. He likes sports games, dominated teamwork, particularly volleyball, basketball. Gubanov. V. was a participant in the Championships of the USSR among student teams in volleyball. Prefers to spend leisure time outdoors, loves walks in the woods, travel. Especially attractive view of water sports (swimming - the water, under water, a boat, a boat and t. etc.). He has experience in driving domestic and foreign automobiles. Speaks English.

Lives and works in g. Moscow. Address: Russia, Mr.. Moscow Izmailovskoye highway, q. 71 bld. 'D', to. 1838. Tel: (+7-095) 166-51-41 Fax: (+7-095) 166-51-40

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Gubanov Vladimir, photo, biography
Gubanov Vladimir, photo, biography Gubanov Vladimir  candidate of technical sciences, laureate of USSR State Prize in Science and Technology, Member of the International Academy of Informatization., photo, biography
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