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Vitaly Kataev

( Designer aviation and missile systems)

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Biography Vitaly Kataev
photo Vitaly Kataev
Born October 29, 1932 in g. Gubaha Perm region. Father - Kataev, Leonid G. (genus. 27.03.1900 g.). Mother - Katayeva Nadezhda (genus. 15.07.1908 g.). Wife - Katayeva Galina Afanasievna (genus. 5/12/1934 g.). Daughter - Kostrova Vitalyevna Marina (genus. 4.02.1960 g.).

Received a degree in mechanical engineer at the Kazan Aviation Institute (1956). Professional Experience: Designer of Aviation Systems, a senior engineer, Omsk aircraft factory of the Ministry of Aviation Industry (1956-1960), designer, chief engineer of a leading designer, KB 'South' of the Ministry of General Engineering, Mr.. Dnepropetrovsk (1960-1963), the leading designer (chief designer of the project) strategic ground-based missile systems: SS-7, . SS-9, . SS-17 (a unique case in the world - tests and missile launches SS-17 passed without a single accident), . SS-24 (rail system), . space complex 'Intercosmos' on the basis of SS-4 missiles and satellites such as 'BO', . KB 'South' of the Ministry of General Machine-Building, . g,
. Dnepropetrovsk (1963-1974), instructor, . Section Head, . Deputy Head of Department - the curator of the creation and production of strategic sea-based missile systems: the SS-N-17, . SS-N-18, . SS-N-20 ( 'Typhoon'), . Department of Defense Industry of the CPSU Central Committee (1974-1990),
. One of the organizers and members of the Interagency Working Group ( 'Five') - the fundamental group of experts of the upper-level structure of the formulation of positions and proposals of the USSR on military-technical and military-political problems of arms limitation, . as well as on all other issues, . appearing in this sphere of activity of the state (except withdrawal) and in the process of international negotiations,
. 'Five' is also a working body of the Political Bureau of the Commission on the negotiations in the future - the Commission of the Council of Defense under the President of the USSR. He participated in negotiating and drafting contracts: on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (ratified in 1988), on the Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms (the Treaty of 31. 07. 91), the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (Treaty ratified on 8. 07.92 g.), . text, . technical and policy inputs for these negotiations, . as well as in formulating the Soviet Union and on this basis, issuing directives for the conduct of the other delegations to international negotiations: on space weapons, the destruction and cease production of chemical weapons and on measures to promote the multilateral Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (signed 1.06.90 g.); to monitor compliance with the Convention 1972,
. on the Prohibition of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons; on limiting underground nuclear tests (Treaty entered into force 11.12.90 g.) of the Non-Proliferation of Missiles and Missile Technology (signed in June 1990), the introduction of regimes 'open skies', . 'open land' and t,
. E; Prevention of Dangerous Military Activities (signed 12.06.89 g.) on the mutual reduction of armed forces and building confidence in the military field in the Soviet-Chinese border (the Agreement signed on 24.04.90 g.) was in charge of military-technical cooperation with foreign countries (the supply of arms and military technology),
. In 1990-1992. worked in the Administration of President of the USSR, deputy head of the Department of Defense and State Security under the President of the USSR, where he managed the above-mentioned military-political problems. In 1992, he worked 1 st deputy head of the service state adviser on the RF conversion in the President of Russia. Between 1992 and is currently the Director General of JSC "Business Center of the military-industrial complex 'and the Deputy Director of JSC" Institute for Defense Studies'. Open Joint Stock Company "Business Center MIC 'was founded in 1992 by former employees of the Department of Defense Industry of the Central Committee, State Councilors RF service on conversion. The purpose of its creation - promoting defense companies to conduct the conversion of production. 'Business Center MIC' conducts its own research and information work. He has patents on the use of heavy missiles. He is author of 9 scientific publications, 6 international instruments. Published in the newspaper "Soviet Russia 'and the Scientific and Technical Information of several articles on the subject of SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative):' Nuclear power games and nukes', 'Shadow of SDI', 'Where is drifting iceberg SDI'. He was awarded the Order of the October Revolution, two Orders of Red Banner of Labor and medals. Was fond of tourism (car - tent - kayak (sail). Their favorite destinations are the Baltic States and Karelia. In winter, go skiing in the Carpathians. At present, all in his power to the personal garden plot. Has own car ( "GAZ-24 '): refers to him as a means of conveyance, cargo and trailer. All repair work on cars, building houses and keeping backyard farms to their own hands. Loves to read technical literature. Playing the piano, accordion and kotrabase for themselves and the company. He likes classical music (Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Vivaldi, Albinoni, Paganini), contemporary music (Sviridov, Gavrilin, Tariverdiev), as well as the author's songs, a symphonic jazz. Is admirer F. Kirkorov, A. Pugacheva, AND. Kobzon, SW. Vizbora, Nikitin, IN. Kuzmina. Prefers the old Soviet and foreign films, as it believes the level of modern cinema is very low. Favorite sport - skiing, kayak ( 'Neptune'). Almost no free time: in the queue is always a string of affairs - large and small.

Lives and works in g. Moscow.
Address: Russia, 121205, g. Ul. Novy Arbat,. 36, OAO 'Business Center MIC'

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Vitaly Kataev, photo, biography
Vitaly Kataev, photo, biography Vitaly Kataev  Designer aviation and missile systems, photo, biography
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