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Levin, Michael G.

( Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, academician of the Academy of Informatization of Education, Head of Department of Computer Science Kostroma State Technological University)

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Biography Levin, Michael G.
photo Levin, Michael G.
Born June 9, 1952 in g. Yekaterinburg. Father - Levin Grigory Markovich (genus. 23/12/1919 city, now deceased). Mother - Levina (nee Smirnova) Zoya Petrovna (genus. 02.02.1924 g.). Wife - Lyudmila Krylova Orionovna (genus. 04.06.1947 g.). Sons - Krylov Dmitry Mikhailovich (born. 10/01/1972), the Krylov Aleksandr Mikhailovich (genus. 12.11.1981 g.). Grandson - Dmitri Krylov (genus. 22.07.1993 g.).

He graduated from the Kishinev Polytechnic Institute. S. Lazo, specializing in Automation and Remote Control "(1969 - 1974 gg.). Started as a junior researcher, Scientific Research Institute of methods and means nerazrushaeschego control (VNIINK) NGO "Wave" (1974 - 1977.). In these years engaged in the development of ultrasonic flaw common equipment and specialized purpose: Participated in the creation of the first domestic semiconductor ultrasonic flaw detector UD-10P, . which is still used,
. From 1977 to 1994. held all positions from engineer to chief scientific officer at the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Moldova. He specialized in the development of architecture and software, high-performance analog-digital computing systems (ATSVS), . Automated Research Systems (ARS) and computer-aided design (CAD) based on them,
. Working at the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, within 8 years was a leader of the group that implements complex software projects. He was one of the developers of the country's first batch of personal ATSVS based on IBM PC and the matrix analog processor (manufacturer - ON "Schetmash, r. Chisinau). From 1994 to the present time is professor and chair of "Computer Engineering" Kostroma State Technological University (KSTU). During my time at KSTU opened a new specialty - 22.03. "CAD", Postgraduate Studies in the 05.13.12 and 05.13.13. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor. Laureate of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, awarded diplomas and medals VDNKh. Professor Levin MG. is the regional representative of the association "Mathematics and Cybernetics at the PC for students and pupils" (1996) (board address: Leninsky Prospekt, Moscow, q. 65 GANG), as well as a full member of the Academy of Informatization of Education (1996) (address: Moscow, St.. Rozhdestvenka d. 6 / 20). The main publications are: Levin MG, Petrova O.M. "Optimal scaling of ATSVS." Kishinev: Shtiintsa, 1992, 117 pp.; Levin MG. "Software for numerical analysis problem solving." Kishinev: Shtiintsa, 1991, 237 pp.; Levin MG "software for solving linear algebra." Kishinev: Shtiintsa, 1990, 198 pp.; Wittenberg IM, Levin MG, Shore I.YA. "Software for analog-digital computing. Handbook. "M.: Radio and Communications, 1989, 288 pp.; Zhuravlev AA, Levin, MG, Trachtenberg, AS, Shore I.YA. "Analog-digital array processors." Kishinev: Shtiintsa, 1989, 200 pp.; Zhuravlev AA, Levin MG, Shore I.YA. "Analog-digital simulation of power electronics devices." Kishinev: Shtiintsa, 1988, 264 pp.; Levin MG, Shore I.YA. "Users of analog and analog-digital computing systems." Kishinev: Shtiintsa, 1986, 278 p.. Among the hobbies in the first place - music: grew up on the beautiful melodies of "The Beatles", loves traditional jazz, bard, he sings and plays guitar (since 1968). Once sufficiently seriously in sports: played for the youth team of Moldova Athletics. Now - active bolelshik: basketball (especially the NBA), hockey (only NHL) and, of course, football. Favorite Books - Historical Literature. Suffice fluent Romanian (Moldovan) and English.

Address: Russia, 156005, g. Kostroma, ul. Dzerzhinsky d. 17.

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Levin, Michael G., photo, biography
Levin, Michael G., photo, biography Levin, Michael G.  Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, academician of the Academy of Informatization of Education, Head of Department of Computer Science Kostroma State Technological University, photo, biography
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