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Utkin, Aleksey Fyodorovich

( Winner of the Lenin and State prizes)

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Biography Utkin, Aleksey Fyodorovich
photo Utkin, Aleksey Fyodorovich
Born January 15, 1928 in the village Zabelin Belkovkogo region Ryazan. Father - Utkin Dementievich Fyodor (1896-1940), her career began at age 14, worked in factories in towns Kletino, Pustobor Ryazan region, was further planner, an economist at the Ironworks in the village Lashma. Mother - Utkin (Lashina) Anisii Efimovna (1894-1981), his life was engaged in raising four sons and led household. Wife - Utkin (Antipov) Valenina G. (1931g.rozhd.). Daughter - Ivanov (Utkin) Lyudmila (1954g.rozhd.) Graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Precision Mechanics and Optics. Grandson - Ivanov Alexei Mikhailovich (1977g.rozhd.), A student at 5-th course of the Baltic State Technical University.

Homestay Utkin had four brothers: Nicholas, Vladimir, Peter and Alex. All were held, people came in. Senior - Nikolai Fedorovich (1919-1989) - professor, for 19 years worked as vice-rector of Baltic State Technical University. Vladimir Fedorovich (1923-2000) - Academician of Russia Academy of Sciences, . Twice Hero of Socialist Labor, . winner of the Lenin and State prizes, . General Designer of one of the largest rocket and space companies of the country and the world, . the Great Patriotic War,
. Petr Fedorovich (1925-1974), served in the Armed Forces, Lieutenant-Colonel of the Soviet Army.

The brothers from an early age helped his parents on the farm: collecting firewood, hay and sheep in the winter, moonlighting as weaving, basket grate, who sat Lashmanskomu Ironworks. Constant support and care for older brothers, a beneficial effect on the upbringing of Alexei.

In 1945 he graduated from lashmanskuyu school, he entered the Leningrad Military Mechanical Institute and in 1951, after completing the degree in Mechanical Engineer. Young specialist distributed in the Marine Artillery Central Design Bureau (CDB-34) - so in those days was called the Special Design Bureau of Machine Building (LACA).

In CDB-34 in a design engineer Alexei Fedorovich began his journey in the field of military technology to participate in the establishment of naval artillery tower units (MK-5 and MK-5 bis).

In the mid-50's, with the beginning of the country's era of missile weapons, CDB-34 received orders to design the first seed plants for Navy ships. Since that time, AF Utkin actively participated in the development of superstructure ship launchers (SM-69 SM-70 SM-76 SM-77), showed great erudition, technical insight and talent of organizer. These qualities of the young leading engineer determined his further appointments.

In 1959, Alexei Fyodorovich becomes responsible representative of the Chief Designer at the manufacturing plants. Building, . factory testing, . sea trials with missile launches, . Submit to weapons launch systems for cruise missiles complexes P-35, . and later anti-aircraft missile system S-200 - is far from complete list of cases, . in which he participated, . accumulating design and production experience,

. Since 1963, Utkin - Head of a large design department, . which along with work on marine and antiaircraft topics started designing elaborate and experimental studies on the creation of start-up systems for the Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN),

New important work led him. It required extraordinary design solutions, deep research and large-scale field experiments, development of new technologies, ruthless organizational abilities. In 1967, AF Utkin appointed Deputy Chief Designer, and in 1970 Chief Designer - head set

. During the period from 1970 to 1990 under his leadership, developed and commissioned 4 launch complex with silo launchers for launching ballistic missiles, which decided to create a huge number of technical and scientific problems

. And also became known for publications in print unique, . no analogues in the world, . rail launch complex 15P761, . launcher for cruise missiles on submarines and acquired many countries of the world mobile missile launcher anti-aircraft missile system S-300,

AF Utkin - a great scientist. Under his leadership and personal involvement of the methodology developed by the industrial method of construction of launching facilities for the silo-type SRF and modern methods of optimization of their parameters and mass-dimensional characteristics. This enabled a rapid pace with minimal damage to the readiness of the launch complexes countries to increase their level of security.

The invention, embedded in the launcher anti-aircraft missile system S-300P, made it possible to solve the transfer scheme start loading without reference to the dynamics in the rocket launch.

In the process of creating rail launch facility Alexei Fyodorovich made a major scientific contribution to the study of carrying capacity and deformability of compliant soil foundation under large dynamic loads. The results of field experimental studies with a special dynamic stand formed the basis of theoretical research and the development of rapid method for forecasting the bearing capacity and deformability of ground base on unprepared for the engineering sites,
. They solved the problem of mass transfer of large loads on the railway tracks in the operation of machinery, . and using the available experimental data on the impact of the railroad tracks on the wheels of carts undercar solved a fundamental problem for the complex dynamics of loading units,
. Created under the guidance of military rail launch system has a high survivability at the expense of maneuverability and stealth.

Under the leadership and personal involvement AF Utkin was a large amount of theoretical research in the search for optimal solutions for the creation of special machines for a long time working in hostile environments (sea water). To ensure reliable operation of special machines in these conditions has been solved the problem of selecting structural materials, coatings, resistant to sea water.

Many forces given to the space program and conversion. One of the latest developments under the leadership of KB Utkin were unique rail, jib cranes with carrying capacity 80-ton and 150-ton, made at the level of world standards. Established and registered patent hydraulic system of railway crane 150 ton-enable the effective implementation of the combination of operations in the lifting-lowering, rotating crane, telescoping boom.

AF Utkin, - doctor of technical sciences, Professor. Since 1968, part-time teaching at the Baltic State Technical University (BSTU "Voenmech") at the Department of launch and technical complexes of missiles and space vehicles. He - the author of "Domestic strategic missile systems" (1999), as well as more than 70 scientific and technical papers and more than 100 inventions that are protected by copyright certificates and patents, most of which are introduced into production.

Merits A. Utkin appreciated by the State. For the creation of military launch facility with silo launchers in 1976 he was awarded the Lenin Prize. In 1980, the establishment of a launcher S-300P, he was awarded the State Prize and in 1995 by a presidential decree, he was awarded the title of Honored Scientist of Russia ". He was also awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor and an "Honorary railroad"

. AF Utkin elected academician of Russia Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences, . Russia Academy of Space Tsiolkovsky, . corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Engineering, . member of the Scientific Council of Academy of Sciences on problems of engineering and technology processes,

Aleksei Fedorovich likes to engage in construction in the country and work with wood. Beautiful wood and stone, especially when they are cut and polished with the manifestation of fibers bizarre figure, perceived as a beautiful creation of nature.

In his spare time does not miss the opportunity to read another book. He prefers historical novels. He loves romance, especially in the performance of Galina and Oleg Karev Pogudin. Is admirer Boris Shtokolova. It pleases him a lyrical performance of Anna Herman. From the film provides the picture with Jean Marais, Jean Gabin, Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Alexei Batalov, Mikhail Zharov, Nikolai Cherkasov, Aleksandr Borisov.

In his student years was a big fan of the Institute's basketball teams and still be happy watching television matches in basketball.

Lives and works in St. Petersburg.

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Utkin, Aleksey Fyodorovich, photo, biography
Utkin, Aleksey Fyodorovich, photo, biography Utkin, Aleksey Fyodorovich  Winner of the Lenin and State prizes, photo, biography
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