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Ibragimbekov Rustam Mamedov Ibrahimovic

( State Prize Laureate, People's writer of Azerbaijan, Honored Artist of Azerbaijan Republic, Professor)

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Biography Ibragimbekov Rustam Mamedov Ibrahimovic
Born February 5, 1939 in Baku (Azerbaijan). Father - Ibragimbekov Mamed oglu Ahmed Ibrahim (1898-1973), professor of art history.. Mother - Meshadibekova Fatima Alekper oglu (1915-1977). Wife - Ibrahimbeyov Shokhrat Salman oglu (1941g.rozhd.). Son - Ibragimbekov Fouad Rustam oglu (1972g.rozhd).. The daughter, Fatima Rustamovna (1974g.rozhd.).

Rustam's father was a very shy, gentle man, in his entire life never to anyone not in conflict. The mother was very brave and courageous woman. There was a case where the Molotov's wife Polina Pearl in 1948, was in jail on charges of entering into a contract to move a group of Jews from the Soviet Union in Israel. All the Jews of the area inhabited by Ibragimbekov came with a request to the mother of Rustam, so she wrote a letter on behalf of Stalin, expressing that they do not agree with the position of the pearl, that they - patriotic, strong Jews. Fatima very competently and convincingly presented all. Maybe that's why no one moved.

In 1963 he graduated from the Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Gas, and then continued his studies in his chosen profession in post-graduate Institute of Cybernetics of the Academy of Sciences in Moscow. But to everyone's surprise, he left the scientific path, which succeeded, and "escaped" into the world of literature and cinema.

At higher rates of scriptwriters, by his own admission, he acted only in order to be able to watch wonderful movies.

The author of the script generally recognized masterpiece of the Soviet kinoshlyagera "White Sun of the Desert" R. Ibragimbekov was also quite accident. He remembers it this way: "Andron Konchalovsky was going to shoot" Soviet Western "and wrote the screenplay, which he himself did not like. But the film was already running and so we decided to quickly put together a "repair team" and write a new script. Came Valentin Ezhov, author of "Ballad of a Soldier", Lenin Prize. He liked to write co. He decided to find a person well versed in the eastern material. For me, a provincial writer, an invitation to work with the already well-known director was very prestigious to. But I understood: If the first conversation I confess that he had never been in Central Asia (where was the action takes place) and generally did not participate in the revolution, my picture will not take, and so pretended to be a seasoned. That's two already well-known artists were "equal" my fellow. So we began to write "White Sun". But then Andron very gently refused the film - he was given to shoot "Noble Nest" by Turgenev. Appeared Motyl. The film opened, closed because of "frivolous" attitude toward the theme of revolution

. And we just wanted to show the Russian people intimately, . soldier, . revolution which shook a strange world, . but it is still a normal person with common sense and acumen, . reliable and good, . with a very Russian sense of humor, . ability to take such circumstances, . they are, . reconciled with, . not breaking, . maintaining its national character,
. A revolution for us was not the topic, and the circumstances in which there is a people's hero. The ability to save humanity in terrible circumstances, was for us the main thing ".

After the "White Sun of the Desert R. Ibragimbekov was seen in the film circles.

His first film "A quiet day at the end of the war" Mikhalkov took the script Rustam Ibragimbekov. Then there was the basis of their creative relationship. The result of their community has a number of significant, great work: "Urga. Territory of Love "- was awarded the main prize" Golden Lion in Venice, . State Prize of Russia, "Burnt by the Sun" - painting, . received the "Oscar", . Grand Prix of the Cannes festival jury, . State Prize of Russia, and, . Finally, . The Barber of Siberia, . also received the State Prize,

. His greatest achievement, he believes that, . he, . Azeri writer, . formed in a large Russia, . lost nothing of its national and gained the opportunity to work at a sufficiently high professional level in Russia and world cinema,

. Results from the pen of R. Ibrahimbeyov out scripts for more than 30 feature and television films, . among them: "In this young city" (1970), . "White Sun of the Desert" (with V. Ezhov, . 1971), . "And then I said - no ..." (1974), . "Heart ... My Heart" (1976), . "Garden house for one family" (1978), . "The strategy of risk" (1979), . "Interrogation" (1979), . "Mystery ship hours" (1981), . "Birthday" (1983), . "Before the closed door" (1985), . "Keep me, . my talisman "(1986), . "Free Fall", . "Another Life", . "Detective" (all - 1987), "Air Temple" (1989), . "Hitchhiking", . "Taxi Blues" (producer, . 1989), . "Seven days after the murder", . "See Paris and die" (1990), . "Eurofocus-Eurofocus" (producer, . 1990), . "Urga,
. Territory of Love "(producer, . 1992), . "Destroyed bridges" (Azerbaijan-USA, . writer, . prodyuser1993), . "Burnt by the Sun" (written by, . together with N. Mikhalkov, . 1994), . Man, . who tried to "(directed by, . co-authored with O. Safaraliyeva, . writer, . Producer, . 1997), . "The Barber of Siberia" (written by, . together with N. Mikhalkov), . "Family" (script, . director, . Producer, . 1998), . "East-West" (written by, . with S. Bodrov, . 1999), . "Mysteries" (script, . with M. Kalatozashvili, . 2000),

R. Ibragimbekov wrote 15 plays, set in more than 100 theaters around the world. Plays - "The woman behind the closed door," "Funeral in California," "House of Sand," is like a lion "- a huge success came in Prague, Berlin, Sofia, Budapest, New York (" Circle Repetory Theatre ", 1987), Baku and Moscow. He is author of 10 books and collections of "Ultimatum" (1983), "Waking up with a smile" (1985), "Cottage" (1988), "Selected stories" (1989), "solar plexus" (1996) and others, who went circulation. More than 500 thousand copies.

. R. Ibragimbekov - Honored Artist of Russia and Azerbaijan, . People's writer of Azerbaijan, . USSR State Prize Laureate (1981), . Laureate of State Prizes of Russia (1993, . 1998, . 1999, . 2000), . State Prize Winner of the Azerbaijan SSR (1980), . Laureate of Lenin Komsomol (1979),
. He - Chairman of the Confederation of Unions of cinematographers of CIS and Baltic, . Secretary of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, . Chairman of the Jewish Film Festival in Moscow, . Chairman of the Union of Cinematographers of Azerbaijan, . Member of the European Film Academy "Felix", . member of the Academy Award "Oscar".,

. In 1998 he received the Grand Prix of the first interstate Teleforum "Commonwealth" for the film "The man who tried"
. In 1999 he was awarded the Order of Merit First Name "III degree. In 2000 was awarded one of France's highest decoration - Commander of the Order of literature and art.

Literature, art, he says, little has changed in this world. But they do not exist for the entertainment of those who wrote, and to maintain the human element in people. Including them in everyday life helps a person to maintain a spiritual form.

"Every time I sit down in front of a sheet of white paper with the intent to write something - says R. Ibragimbekov - I feel uneasy, remembering that Shakespeare was up to me and all the other great. And helps me only one thing: in this world there are things that only I know. And nobody, except me, they are not write. In this sense, my experience is not less valuable than the experience of Shakespeare. With all the inequality of our ability to tell that I know, I can only ".

Lives and works in Moscow and Baku.

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Ibragimbekov Rustam Mamedov Ibrahimovic, photo, biography
Ibragimbekov Rustam Mamedov Ibrahimovic, photo, biography Ibragimbekov Rustam Mamedov Ibrahimovic  State Prize Laureate, People's writer of Azerbaijan, Honored Artist of Azerbaijan Republic, Professor, photo, biography
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