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Menshikov Nina E.

( Actress)

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Biography Menshikov Nina E.
photo Menshikov Nina E.
Born Aug. 8, 1928 in Moscow. Father - Eugene A. Menshikov (1898g.rozhd.). Mother - Menshikov Tatiana G. (1903g.rozhd.). Spouse - Rostotsky Stanislav I. (1922g.rozhd.), Film director, People's Artist of USSR. Son - Rostotsky Andrey (1957g.rozhd.), Actor, director, stuntman, Honored Artist of Russia. Granddaughter - Olga.

In 1947, Nina Men'shikova entered the All-Union Institute of Cinematography at the Acting Department. Studying for her evolved initially not very successful. The former head of the course, . where she studied Nina, . not seen in his pupil nor garish beauty, . no standard loveliness, and he praised her future as an absolutely hopeless and, . declaring, . that she nekinematograficheskaya appearance and she was "unpromising", . it entrusted the training of assistant teacher,
. All course work Menshikova leader was not satisfied, and he assessed them no higher than "satisfactory"

. This went on for almost two years, . and, . perhaps, . we are not fated to have known of the future People's Artist of Russia Nina Menshikov, . if it were on its own initiative did not pass on rate below, . the studio Apollinarie Sergei Gerasimov, . which opened its completely new life in the institute,

It is in the studio Gerasimov truly revealed the peculiarity of her talent, discovered acting charm, increased professionalism. In characteristic from which released Nina Menshikov from the Institute, stated: "gifted young actress, capable of solving tasks of independent actors. Well-educated and inquisitive, gifted with a sense of humor and keen observation. Played a lot of variety of roles, of different ages and distinctiveness. All the roles performed by it during the course, we always received an excellent evaluation. Good dancing, singing, creative problem solving, shows volitional quality "

. All this is clearly evident in her graduate studies - in the role of Dashi and the role of Anna Mons from the play "Peter's Youth", . where Menshikov was a worthy partner Nicholas Rybnikova, . flashing when his promising talent in the role of young Peter,

Screen work for the degree of protection from Menshikova not yet been. But when his comrades in the studio - Film Director Student V. Orda and J. Segel began staging at the studio Gorky his graduate short film "Lissi" (from a story by Anton Chekhov), . they invited the lead role of Nina Menshikov,

Despite the parsimony limit remarks and actions, the role of governess Masha singer gave an interesting dramatic material. Three times in a small kinorasskaza changing the psychological state of the heroine, and each time the actress had to search and find precise, the spectacular colors for the transfer of this state. And she found these colors in order to fully convey mediocrity Mashenka nature and thereby make the heroine more lively, and its tragedy - more typical

. This is the first work on the screen showed, . that the young actress not only able to work professionally - to move plastically, . mime accurately express the state of the heroine, . well wear a suit, . - That it is not only very sensitive to the idea of directors, . but really able to address self-creative tasks, . a peculiar reading of roles,

There was another role at the beginning of creative way Menshikov, was largely determined by its further fate. This is the role of Xenia Rogozin - the wife of a professional revolutionary from the film "First of joy" ( "Mosfilm", 1956). This work showed that the actress and the role of available high drama, even tragic glow

. The road Nina Menshikova in film formed from the interchange of roles, . requiring lyrical colors, . heartfelt communication with the principal actors (friend-confidant, . loving older daughters and sisters, . faithful, . patient's wife) and the roles of the dramatic nature of the (abandoned wives, . Victims of crime and incurable diseases, . resentful mother),
. Sometimes met with the role, where the two lines - the lyrical and dramatic - interwoven.

In this series there are three roles, where the professional capabilities of Nina Menshikova received its fullest expression on the screen.

The first of them - the role of a good home, loving mother in the movie "Big and small". In this role, there is one attractive quality: the heroine is represented in various ways: at work (in the library) and at home. In the first case Ignatyevna Korobov - Hobbies case, a respected man in the second - a dreary housewife, which ordered about a grown daughter and almost did not notice even more bleak and colorless husband. Despite schematism distribution emotional aspects of the role, Menshikov was able to make his heroine a credible and touching.

Another role, allowing the actress widely and clearly demonstrate their capabilities - the role of Barbara - mother of the village boy, accidentally found its old miraculous icon ( "Miraculous"). This image - the most tragic in the creative biography of Nina Menshikova. Her Varvara - woman, torn by internal divisions. An abandoned boy with her husband at the hands, . poorly adapted to independent living, . timid and accustomed to obedience, . Barbara is ready to believe the assurances Babkin, . that only the miraculous icon, . sent down to her son, . can bring peace and joy of her ravaged soul,
. The actress convincingly conveys the emptiness and humility Varvarino existence, . very accurately and reliably make transitions from animal boredom and fear of life, . are permitted sob, . to try to manifestations of evil power over her son - and again - to helpless tears, and a blunt heavy reverie,

And, finally, the third of the major roles played Menshikova - is a teacher of literature Svetlana in the film "live to see Monday". The actress was able to show this seems to be purely negative heroine difficult and subtle way to reveal different and sometimes contradictory character traits Svetlana. Instead of condemning his brutal actress tried to explore her character, her human destiny. And the spectators were able to self-reflect on the fate of Svetlana and over the circumstances of her drama. The work of Nina Menshikova over this role once again proved the truth of allegations that the character and drawing a negative character, the actor may adopt their ideals of life.

Total Nina Menshikov played over 60 roles in films and performances set such directors as Kulidzhanov, Seguel, Don, Bouna, Fedorova, Urazbaev, Sakharov, Rostotsky, Chukhrai, Lioznova, war, love, etc.. The most significant of them: "commotion" (Masha, . 1954), . "First of joy" (Xenia Rogozin, . 1956), . "Memory of the Heart" (Maria Ivanovna, . 1958), . Man from Planet Earth "(Lyuba Tsiolkovsky, . 1958), . "Gloomy Morning" (Chesnochiha, . 1959), . "Ballad of a Soldier" (telegraph, . 1959), . "The first day of peace" (Frau Fischer, . 1959), . "First Date" (Tonya, . 1960), . "Miraculous" (Barbara, . 1960), . "Battle of the way" (Nina, . 1961), . "Girls" (Mama Vera, . 1962), . "Large and small" (Korobov, . 1963), . "Where are you now, . Maxim "(Mother, . 1965), . "Mother's Heart" (Anna Ulyanov, . 1966), . "Loyalty to the mother (Anna Ulyanov, . 1968), . "Live till Monday" (Svetlana, . 1968), . "Farm in the steppes" (Tatyana, . 1970), . "A man in his place" (Anna Pavlovna, . 1971), . "The Adventure of the violin" (Maria P., . 1972), . "One hundred days after the child" (Ksenia, . 1974), . "School Waltz" (Mother, . 1978), . "Ivantsov, . Petrov, . Sidorov (Xenia, . 1979), . "In the sky at night witches" (the Commissioner, . 1980), . "Sixth" (Mother, . 1981), . "Open Heart" (Head Nurse, . 1981), . Mister schoolboy "(Mother, . 1991), . "Ghosts of the green room" (Madame Leblanc, . 1991), . "The loan to the marriage" (Varvara Petrovna, . 1991), . The Return of the Minotaur "(Wife, . 1991), . "Cap" (Wife, . 1991) and others,
NE Menshikov - People's Artist of Russia (1977), laureate of USSR State Prize (1970). She was awarded medals "For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War", "Veteran of Labor", "Fifty Years of Victory in Great Patriotic War". She is a member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia.
Nina E. fond of floriculture and knitting.
Lives in Moscow.

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Menshikov Nina E., photo, biography
Menshikov Nina E., photo, biography Menshikov Nina E.  Actress, photo, biography
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