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Motyl Vladimir Yakovlevich

( State Prize winner, Honored Artist of Russia)

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Biography Motyl Vladimir Yakovlevich
photo Motyl Vladimir Yakovlevich
Born June 26, 1927 in the Belarusian town of Lepel. Father - Motyl Yakov Danilovich, a Polish immigrant. Mother - Bertha Levine Antonovna, a graduate of the Petrograd Pedagogical Institute. Wife - Podarueva Lyudmila, a former stage actress, has left the scene in the 70 years, devoting himself to the family. Daughter - Irina, artist-designer of costumes in film. Grandson - Arkady, avant-garde artist, since 1998, working in Amsterdam.

Three years after the birth of her son's father was captured by the KGB, and sent to concentration camps at Solovki, where less than a year died. The fate of the sisters and brothers, mother, her parents was also a dramatic. Motyl's grandfather refused to join the collective farm, his house, along with a strong middle peasants had been looted, and all the big families evicted in the Far North, where one of her daughters had gone mad, one of the brothers died from cancer. During the Great Patriotic War, two ex-convicts mother's brother had gone voluntarily to the front: one killed, another returned without legs. My grandfather and grandmother Motyl, returning to the war in Belarus, died in the occupation. Mother moth escaped the northern link, since she was in the days of expropriation of the kulaks in the Ukraine, as a intern with renowned educator Anton Makarenko. Only a few years later, the punishing hand of the "red" terror overtook and. With her mother preschooler Vova was in exile in the northern Urals. Mother allowed to work in a colony of juvenile delinquents as a teacher.

In remote towns where these institutions are located, no theaters, art galleries, concert hall. Mother worked for days on its own "waif" no time left, and for preschoolers and primary school children the only means of artistic knowledge of the world was shifting uzkoplenochnaya. Black and white silent movies fascinated Volodya, as a magic window reality images of Charlie Chaplin, "Gorky's Childhood", "Chapaeva" and "Funny Guys". Even then there was a passionate belief: "Grow - will do a movie". In primary schools in the city of Osa Vova organize circle, put one-act plays, where he plays a major role and painted cardboard scenery. From a modest salary mom removes the money to subscribe to the son journal "Soviet screen". But neither the Institute of Cinematography in Moscow, nor later in the Advanced Directing Courses in. Motyl missed, and graduated from the Theater Institute in Sverdlovsk, and there is absence of historical-philological faculty of the University. A dozen years in theaters in the Urals and Siberia, has put more than three dozen productions at the provincial stage and in 27 years became the chief director of the Sverdlovsk Spectators.

But children's dreams to give rest, and Motyl of glavrezhey goes to the assistants at the Sverdlovsk Film Studio, where a diploma VGIK had nothing to think about setting ... Motyl film debut occurred in Tajikistan. His film "Children of the Pamirs" (1963) earned him the unanimous recognition of the authoritative critics in the mainstream press. His second work - "Zhenya, Zhenya and Katyusha rockets, carried out in Leningrad on their own scenario with B. Okudzhava, aroused the wrath of the ideologues kinokomiteta and led to a ban on the profession. Saving for B. Moth has been established by the time a unique studio Gregory Chukhrai. She had a special status - autonomy in the selection of scenarios and director.

Experimental studio invited the disgraced director to stage the script "Desert" ... Russian "Western" Motyl "White Sun of the Desert" (1969) was a bestseller in both national and global box office in the Soviet film production. During three decades on television does not terminate the annual screening of the film, recognized by critics and viewers classics. Foreign companies periodically renewed buying the rights to this film. The film "White Sun of the Desert" became the mascot of the conquerors of the cosmos, including its views in the complex of cosmonaut training for flight. As a result of mass electronic survey of viewers Russia in 1995 RTR TV film. Motyl has surpassed all the most popular competitors in the nomination "The most favorite Russian film viewers".

Sustained and proved the popularity of large-scale two-part tape "star of captivating happiness" (1975), also unanimously recognized by film critics and the public. However, the success of films leading moth became increasingly irritated by the party leadership. His film has the function of the replenishment of foreign exchange reserves from foreign contracts, but the systematic rejection of "modernity", from agitsyuzhetov, glorifying the Soviet way of life, the director could not forgive. He was not included in the delegation going abroad, where they showed his movies, infringe upon the wage, keep his films to international competitions, avoided, decoration. Shared the attitude of the authorities and the leadership of the Union of Cinematographers of the USSR, consisting of colleagues Motyl. They liked, . that unlike the vast majority of colleagues, this director has lived in a special mode - refuses to enter a state of any studio, with its Party Committee, . Directorate, . trade-union, . where long ago perfected a system of coercion staff directors,
. Ultimately, the film was completed in. Motyl "Forest" (1980), loosely based on the play AN. Ostrovsky. From staging followed that much to boast of "advanced socialist system" before "noble rotten pillars of" a hundred years ago. Bigotry, hypocrisy, indifference, binge vile passions and petty tyranny too obvious resemblance to the vices of the ruling party elite end of the 70-ies. Motyl again expelled from the cinema, and for general relief in the leadership Goskino, this time, it seemed, forever. But the director was tenacious and through personal and business rivalries chapter Goskino V. Ermasha and teleministra C. Lapin was invited to the Ostankino in a creative association "Display the post of artistic adviser TV films by young directors. V. Motyl can write a script and remove the tragicomic fantasy explanations of Chekhov's short stories "The incredible bet" (1984). Also for television on a script written by him together with a. SALYNSKY IN. Motyl put two-part TV movie "Once upon a Shishlov (1987), dedicated to ugly distortions of public life in Russia's heartland by the Bolshevik breaking traditional values.

In cinema Motyl returned only in the perestroika years, writing a movie script two-part romantic parable on the story by F. Iskander and putting the film leave you - still good "(1991). Some vicissitudes of the events of the last century as it anticipated the tragedy of the collision in the North Caucasus in the 90-ies of XX-th century. The only tape removed in the current reality, the picture began to "bear my horses" (1996), established an independent studio "serial", whose leader is himself V. Motyl. Based on stories, . ideas and characters of Chekhov's prose, . Motyl created a script in the genre of melodramatic love story with a deeply modern moral task: the hero's repentance was possible only, . when he saw the enemy, not outside, . but in himself and realized the blame for almost trampled them life of his beloved,

Director writes scripts, not only for their own productions: "I have the honor" is written in conjunction with M. Zakharov for the studio "Moldova", and "Okhlamanov" (1994) - together with E. Redzhenovym for Turkmen studio. In 1997, the competition of the Ministry of Culture of Russia in. Motyl was awarded a grant of the President of Russia and created two-part scenario of historical kinoromana "Crown of the fate of the hostages". In 1999, also in competition with Motyl E. Mitko received a grant from the Soros for a project Artistic-publicist script in two parts: "The martyr delusion" and "The righteous spirit".

Since 90-ies Motyl repeatedly elected to the board of the Union of Cinematographers, he is the secretary of the Union of Cinematographers of Moscow. Over the past ten years the director teaches at the School of Film, Television, conducted workshops Higher Courses of Scriptwriters and Film Directors.

Motyl exercised artistic direction of productions kinodebyutantov "Where are you, BagiraN" (Odessa Film Studio, 1973), "No smoke without fire" (Turkmenfilm, 1977), "On Taganke walking tanks" (Studio Ars, 1991), "Okhlamanov ( Turkmenfilm, 1995).

In 1992 alone, the creator of the masterpiece "White Sun of the Desert", a recognized master was awarded the official state status. He was conferred the title of Honored Artist of Russia (1992), awarded the Order of Merit (1997). Almost three decades after the painting "White Sun of the Desert," he became a laureate of State Prize of Russia. B. Motyl also winner of the Rudaki State Prize for his film "Children of the Pamirs (Tajik SSR, 1964), Honored Artist of Tajikistan (1998), honorary citizen of the republic's capital - Dushanbe (1998). At various festivals B. Motyl honored with many awards: Prize of the USSR Union of Cinematographers of the film "Children of the Pamirs", . All-Union Film Festival prize "Leningrad" (1964); prize in the Jakarta International Film Festival for his film "Children of the Pamirs" (1965); honorary diploma "The best movies of the world" at the International Festival in 1977 (Belgrade, Yugoslavia) for his film star of captivating happiness "; prize Festival "Golden Ostap" (St. Petersburg, . 1995) for the film "White Sun of the Desert", the prize festival "Golden Ticket" (1996) for the film "White Sun of the Desert", the main prize of the festival "kinorivera Crimean (Yalta, . 1996) for the film "The bear my horses, prize of the festival" Listopad "(Minsk, . Belarus, . 1997) for the film "The bear my horses",

Spending in. Motyl - Travel. He traveled half the world and all the republics of the USSR, Russia - from Severomorsk and Kuril Islands to the Wrangel Island.

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Motyl Vladimir Yakovlevich, photo, biography
Motyl Vladimir Yakovlevich, photo, biography Motyl Vladimir Yakovlevich  State Prize winner, Honored Artist of Russia, photo, biography
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