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Hutsiev Marlene Martynovich

( People's Artist of USSR, State Prize Laureate of Russia, President of the Directors Guild of Russia, Professor)

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Biography Hutsiev Marlene Martynovich
Born Dec. 4, 1925 in Tbilisi. Father - Hutsiev Levanovich Martyn (1900-1937), a communist with pre-revolutionary veteran, died in the years of repression. Mother - Utenelishvili Nina (1905-1957), actress. Wife - Irina Solovieva Semyonovna, graduated from the Cinematography Institute, worked as a member of the editorial board of the scenario, the Gorky Film Studio. Son - Hutsiev Igor Marlenovich, graduated from the directing department VGIK studied with M. Rohm and L. Kulidzhanov. Granddaughter - Hutsieva Nina, graduated from the Chinese Department of Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov Moscow State University. Sister - Hutsieva Irina, a civil engineer.

He graduated from the directing department VGIK workshop IA. Savchenko.

Marlene Hutsiev was a key figure in the film 60-ies. This elegant man with a soft, slightly husky voice did not look like the famous directors, which is not by chance compared with the commanders of large joints. All who described the wizard, pointed his contemplative nature. And it is not a stamp, and, indeed, the very first impression of a typical meeting with him.

Mid 60-ies. Sweeps rumor that the film Marlena Hutsieva "I Am Twenty," has undergone several years ago severe criticism, converted, equipped with a new name - "I'm twenty years, finally comes to the screen. And one of the first, yet private views. Impression absolutely amazing! It can be expressed in two words - a film about me. That is "about me" - not by plot but by a complex sense of life, which then we all have been. In this mixed feeling of anxiety, joy, pride. Pride in the fact that we seemed to us, clearly defined their relationship to the past and were confident that will not repeat its mistakes. Joy - because we are many, and we have our own poets, their songs, and now - his film.

At the same time, more than 30 years ago, in Moscow for the International Film Festival for a demonstration of his new film "Eight and a half" came Federico Fellini. Immediately after his arrival he asked to meet with Marlene Khutsiev, which said that hutsievsky film "I'm twenty years old, struck him as remarkably close in spirit. "You know, when you go into a foreign country, always fear that your motives were not separated, not support and do not understand. That is why I am glad such a coincidence of motives ". A Hutsiev replied that the film Fellini helped him better understand himself and that this cinema - it is a profound philosophical meditation on life. The last words can serve as an epigraph to the entire creative Marlena Hutsieva. His name is widely known in Russia and abroad. High artistic, psychological authenticity, attention to the inner spiritual life heroes - the always bright personalities, extraordinary - that distinguish the films of high masters of their profession. Each new picture of M. Hutsieva became a significant event not only cinema, but often public life. Hutsiev not just a filmmaker in a narrow sense, his films - is a special world, particular worldview, his view of the reality around us. Master unique lyrical talent, . existing in the invention of a system of images and characters, . he gives us his discoveries, . so easily and organically, . that is one ten years film scholars and critics involved in the analysis of these films, . looking for the secret of their charm and longevity,
. And the audience just look as if they are made today.

The main theme of creativity M. Hutsieva, all his films - is people's desire for spiritual communion and vzaimoponimanriyu, even in the most dramatic situations, he claims faith in life and the goodness of people. All work Hutsieva one thing in common: the truthfulness and accuracy, depth, ability to convey emotion to the audience plan, to disclose the complexity of the characters. His work is always sings the beautiful human qualities of man: kindness, tolerance, compassion, love for the Motherland and invariable concern for its future. He is fully endowed by nature and all the subsequent development of his life the ability to distinguish, . highlight the critical features of the life around, . human characters, . as well as the ability to prove their desire for truth is not in the declarations, . in artistic form,

. At the very beginning of his professional path, . learning VGIK, . he attracted the attention surrounding their particular concentration, . and many thought, . that he will engage in research being, . it will be the artist-scientist, . but he was a man of very thin emotional structure,
. It became clear in his thesis work - the film "Urban planners". Already it felt more possibilities of his talent. Next work, which immediately placed Hutsieva in a number of talented masters of the national direction, became the "Spring on Zarechnoj Street", taken together with his classmate Felix Mironerom. The film have a unique poetic tone and subtle manner of empathy heroes. "Spring on Zarechnoj Street" was the first picture of the workers made no false pathos and moralizing. No wonder many years now all look with a special sense of this tender, lyrical tape. It was followed by: "Two Fedor" - one of the first (if not the first) truthful picture of the post-war life, . which debuted Basil Shukshin, "I Am Twenty" - the first real modern painting, . opened many tricks of plot, . actors mannerisms and plastic solutions, . which the camera enters the thick of life depicted,
. This work first raised the issues of youth "as zhitN."

The July rain "- a new discovery in the modern material. Over the years, this picture is not only aging, but is becoming more modern, so there was divined and foretold of today's life. In this soft, leisurely film society was raised sharp and hard questions: "What is wrong with us proishoditN". And viewers are looking for, and sometimes find an answer.

"It was the month of May" - a film that not all the questions posed by the war, resolved, not all bonds are untied. This is a film about memory and forgetting, and the clash of these two concepts are born subject to which our cinema has touched the first time. We do not forget and do not forget, however oddly did not change the life of.

"Epilogue" - one of the most prophetic and bitter films. Maybe the first time on screen with a soft-power was the subject of alienation as in "July Rain", the film opened a new type of young pragmatist, as though looking to the future. In this movie, played one of his best roles R.YA. Plyatt.

"Infinity" - this movie can be said for a long time, it pulled down, it explained, interpreted and analyzed. One can say that this film kind of textbook Film Directing, which Marlene Martynovich all could not get to write. In this movie a long and difficult way of Hope was built there, - so necessary to us today. Finally fascinating finale - a philosophical view of life in the fast current, which shares with us nesuetlivy and the wise wizard.

Pictures Hutsieva simfonichny, each frame - a complex chord, in which one tool, without the support of others, Mass. melody, and only together they create the necessary harmony. If we continue the comparison, we can say that the director is equally attentive to the party of the first violin and drums to the party. The heroes of his films are far from prosperous tranquility. They are in search of themselves and their purpose, and this is achieved without disorder and can not - long or short - lead to inconsonant with the surroundings, to that inconsonant whose origins are not always clearly definable formula. But the world of his films - the world of harmony, everything in it is correlated and proportionate, everything has meaning: and as if non-significant cue, and choice of action, and the score of the noise. Movies M. Hutsieva repeatedly represented the national cinema abroad, and noting the call for international and domestic film festivals. But the main thing - they love the audience. They have won his love and appreciation for the sincere kindness and attention to the man for the director's desire to always uphold the highest moral principles.

More than 20 years teaching Hutsiev VGIK, released five directors workshop. Many of his students today are active in film and television. Professor M. Hutsiev manages VGIK Department of directing a feature film. Among his students a lot of talented people. Their fate is composed differently: some have been more successful in other - less. But their coach, by his own admission, not even trying to teach, but to focus, to suggest that they should not do anything nasty and vulgar.

About creativity M. Hutsieva widely reported by domestic and foreign press. In addition to periodicals, it is covered in numerous publications. That is not an exhaustive list of them: "Young directors of Soviet cinema" (Moscow, 1962),. Demin, film without intrigue "(Moscow, 1965), H. Zorkaya "Portraits" (Moscow, 1965),. Shukshin "Morality is truth" (Moscow, 1979), M. Chernenko, Marlene Hutsiev "(Moscow, 1988), A. Anninsky "of the sixties and we" (Moscow, 1991), "Kinovedcheskie note" (N 14, 1992), "Cinema of the Thaw" (Moscow, 1995).

MM. Hutsiev - People's Artist of the USSR, USSR State Prize Laureate, President of the Guild of Film Directors Russia wasps its foundation. He has repeatedly been elected secretary of the Union of Cinematographers of the USSR, is the secretary of both the Union - Moscow and Rossiyskogo. In 1994 elected full member of the Russia Academy of Arts. Marlena Hutsieva long and widely recognized is considered a classic of national cinema.

Cinema - the most important passion in life MM. Hutsieva. In his spare time he likes to just wander the city streets, remembers very well the topography of the city. Musical tastes - classical music, jazz, Russian and Georgian songs, songs of war and the prewar years. Books, socializing with friends - not a mere hobby, it is life itself.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Hutsiev Marlene Martynovich, photo, biography
Hutsiev Marlene Martynovich, photo, biography Hutsiev Marlene Martynovich  People's Artist of USSR, State Prize Laureate of Russia, President of the Directors Guild of Russia, Professor, photo, biography
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