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VEDERNIKOV Alexander Filippovich

( People's Artist of USSR, State Prize laureate)

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Biography VEDERNIKOV Alexander Filippovich
photo VEDERNIKOV Alexander Filippovich
Born December 23, 1927 in the village Mokin Soviet district Kirov region. Father - Vedernikov Philip S.. Mother - Vedernikov Anna D.. Wife - Vedernikov (Gureeva) Natalia. Children: Alexander, Boris, Marina.

Native Vedernikova lived in Vyatka single clan: five brothers, and among them the father of Alexander. The whole family engaged in a trade - have coaches working and ceremonial, the exit. Worked day and night, they themselves were blacksmiths, joiners, carpenters, saddlers ... When the work of singing, the whole village gathered to listen.

After moving the family to the city Kopeysk that in the Chelyabinsk region, his father found work as a carpenter, then he graduated from the workers' school, became a builder - built the house and mine facilities. Mother, after studying for many years worked as a nurse.

Sasha childhood attracted art. He liked to draw, sing, all the time, asked his father to buy him a violin, but he somehow bought a balalaika ... and paint. Entering in 1943 Korkinsky Mining College, he immediately joined the local club "Big miner," which were various circles amateur: theater, dance, choir, art ...

Alexander joined the circle of Fine Arts, but always sought to get to the chorus. However, it did not take place - a young man just broke his voice. When he tried to sing a song, a teacher, trying unsuccessfully to accompany him, told him: "What have you got for sluhN You are not listening to music. You play one, and you sing another ". So sing in the choir Vedernikova never happened. But later, when he developed a true clear voice - bass guitar, he began to sing a solo ...

In 1947, Vedernikov graduated from college, receiving specialty mountain master. His desire to become an artist led him to the Sverdlovsk Art College. However, exams have ended there, and Alexander decided to try his luck in the music school, which is opposite. Successfully passing the exam singing, he was undocumented enrolled the first course. Managing Trust, where he was sent to work after college, knowing it is for amateur, did not insist on its work in the trust. So Alexander Vedernikov began to study music

. In 1955 he graduated from the Moscow State Conservatory named after P. Tchaikovsky, . received an invitation to the famous Opera and Ballet, the Kirov in Leningrad, . and in 1958 became a soloist of the Bolshoi Theater, . where he worked until 1990,
. In 1960 - 1961 years Vedernikov trained in Italy, in Milan La Scala, where his teacher was Maestro Barra

. One of the unique Boost Russia, . Alexander Vedernikov already at the dawn of his creative career, attracted the attention of the public and professionals, . who noted it rare ability to combine the good voice and great ability to master them, . gift of reincarnation, . highest artistry, . combination of his nature as an artist, . musician and artist,

While working in the theater they were filled with almost all the leading roles in the Russian bass repertoire of classic and modern operas. Truly tops performing arts demanding public and meticulous critics say the images created Vedernikov Khan Konchak and Vladimir Galitsky in "Prince Igor" A. Borodin, . Ivan Susanin in "Ivan Susanin", . Ruslan and Farlaf in "Ruslan and Ludmilla" by Mikhail Glinka, . Melnick in "Rusalka" and Leporello in "The Stone Guest Dargomyzhsky, . King Boris, . Barlaam and Pimen in Boris Godunov ", . Dosifei and Khovansky in Khovanshchina, . Sobakin in "The Tsar's Bride", . Prince George in "Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh" Rimsky-Korsakov, . Gremin in "Eugene Onegin" by Tchaikovsky, . Kutuzov in War and Peace Prokofiev, . Dalanda in the "Flying Dutchman" by Wagner, . Don Basilio in Il Barbiere di Siviglia Rossini, . Mephistopheles in "Faust" by Gounod, . Ramfis in Aida Verdi, . King Philip and the Grand Inquisitor in "Don Carlos", . Leporello in "Don Juan" by Mozart, . as well as roles in operas by contemporary composers: "Unknown Soldier" (commander) and Dawns Here Are Quiet "(Sergeant Vasco) K. Molchanov, . "October" V. Muradeli (Ivan Timofeyevich), . Katerina Ismailova Shostakovich (Boris Timofeevich) and many others,

Alexander Vedernikov always combined work in the theater with an active concert activity. He spent countless philharmonic concerts and recorded over 30 CDs with romances, songs, arias, oratorios. His repertoire includes works of many Russian and foreign composers: A. Borodin, . Glinka, . A. Grechaninov, . Dargomyzhsky, . Mussorgsky, . Rakhmaninov, . Rimsky-Korsakov, . Tchaikovsky, . V. Gavrilina, . Kabalevsky, . Oksana R., . Nikolayev, . B. Rubin, . G. Sviridov, . Lebedev, . O. Taktakishvili, . Shostakovich, . and Bach, . Beethoven, . Brahms, . Wagner, . Haydn, . Handel, . Grieg, . Debussy, . Massenet, . Schumann, . Schubert, . Bartok, . Britten, . Purcell, . Scarlatti, . De Luca, . Monteverdi and others,

Vocal literature bears great content, the truth that extends to the listeners in all its timeless beauty and vitality. Vedernikov - chamber musician is capable not only to the exact reading of the text. He has the gift of penetrating into the depths of words and music in their compound, the gift of detecting symbolic meaning, a prisoner in a composition. For him, all created by people's genius, the great composers of the past and the best artists of this is the vital material that helps to show the different sides of life and through this to show the audience their own world. This way, a single closed loop: the life - artist - art - artist - scene - the people - the life ...

Every truly great artist in the modern world must find a modern composer. Thus, Sviatoslav Richter Prokofiev found. For Vedernikova this composer Georgy Sviridov was. For the singer's creative interaction with the composer of great significance. Their collaboration began with the young singer is in the conservatory years poem "Land of the Fathers" on the verses Avetik Isahakyan. This was followed by many works. One of the most remarkable - execution cycle of 9 songs on poems by Robert Burns. Here Vedernikova achieved great expressive power, especially in such songs as "All the land was shrouded in darkness," "Findlay", "Returning Soldier," "honest poverty". Here - strength, honesty, extraordinary brightness, nature, philosophy ...

The greatest artistic achievement Vedernikov, who had a significant importance for the national art, was rebuilding the image of the poet's "Pathetique oratorio" Georgy Sviridov the words of Vladimir Mayakovsky. Alexander Vedernikov, first performed this solo role on Oct. 15, 1959, has managed to perfectly understand and express the spirit, character, nature and inner meaning Sviridovskij music. In the power opened his epic gift. Since then, Alexander Vedernikov has consistently performed many solo works by Sviridov: a cycle of 9 songs to words by Burns, . 7 songs to words by A. Isahakian from the poem "Land of the Fathers", . Songs to words by A. Pushkin ( "forest sheds its crimson dress", . "Arriving at Izhora, . "Crow to crow flies", . "The Winter Road"), . C. Esenina ( "Love"), . F. Tyutchev ( "These poor villages), . A. Block ( "Vision", . "Voice from the Chorus, . "St. Petersburg's song", . "Weathervane", . "Over the mountains, . forest ..."), . William Shakespeare ( "The human ingratitude", . "Winter", . "Soldier toast and a song Iago", . song Fool's comedy "Twelfth Night", . "Iago's song about King Stephen"), . AP-Zh.Beranzhe ( "As an apple, . Rouge ") and others,

Talking about the performing arts Vedernikov, Georgy Sviridov, the excellent bass singer, "rich shades of timbre, warm and expressive, courageous and some especially soulful". "For him to sing - then reveal the essence of the musical image. In my opinion, Vedernikov an exceptionally sensitive and acute understanding of the Russian national elements in music. Therefore, it is natural to hear his Russian folk songs. It affects the power and epic sweep of Parties of the Russian classical repertoire. At the same time enough to hear how he sings Schumann or Sebastian Bach, to make sure that it is close to internally and the world of music of the great German composers ".

Performing skills A. Vedernikov highly noted domestic and foreign music community. In 1956 he won a gold medal and first prize at international competition after Schumann in Berlin. In the same year was awarded first prize at the All-Union competition for the best performance of Soviet music. He - People's Artist of the USSR (1976), People's Artist of the RSFSR (1967), Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1961), laureate of USSR State Prize (1969), Chevalier of the Order of Labor Red Banner (1971) and the Friendship of Peoples (1988). He was awarded with the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Daniel of Moscow II degree (1997), Grand Duke Vladimir III degree (1999), and the Honorary Order of the sign of Russian Academy of Art and musical performance (1998).

A. Vedernikov is an active member of the Academy of folk music and the Russian Academy of Art and musical performance, member of All Theatrical Society. On his many years of creative work, he said in a published book of 1989 "To the soul is not missed"

. Alexander Vedernikov - nature, . endowed by nature for a serious observation of life, . able not only to observe what is happening, . but see, . feel something new, . that is born in life and in art, . understand the essence of this new, . its depth, . its origin, . direction, . purpose,
. He is gifted to preach a positive ideal, making it unobtrusively, simply, naturally. It is this ideal in itself. He is equally abhorrent to every vulgarity and impudence. Through all his life, Alexander carried a passion for painting Filippovich. There he parted with his easel and still. Even in my dreams Vedernikov sees plots have not yet written his paintings. He was especially good at portraits of loved ones. Vedernikov likes to relax in nature. Once built countrymen and gave him a house on the shores of his native river Vyatka, and more than 30 years, he is resting here with my family. Likes to work in the garden and the garden, from his youth fond of fishing.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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VEDERNIKOV Alexander Filippovich, photo, biography
VEDERNIKOV Alexander Filippovich, photo, biography VEDERNIKOV Alexander Filippovich  People's Artist of USSR, State Prize laureate, photo, biography
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