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Lisitsian Pavel Gerasimov

( People's Artist of the USSR, Professor)

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Biography Lisitsian Pavel Gerasimov
photo Lisitsian Pavel Gerasimov
Born November 6, 1911 in Vladikavkaz. Father - Lisician Gerasimos P.. Mother - Lisician Srbuhi Manukovna. Wife - Lisician Dagmar Alexandrovna. Children: Rusanna Pavlovna, Ruben P., Karina Pavlovna, Gerasimos P.. All received a higher musical education, became well-known performers, winners of international competitions, have the title of National Artist of Armenia, Honored Artist of Russia.

Santa PG Lisitsian, too Pavel Gerasimov, was engaged in carting. Father worked as a drilling foreman. Then he organized a factory to produce cartridges for cigarettes (the money for this enterprise he was offered the father of the great theatrical director Vakhtangov - Bagrationi Vakhtangov). Gerasimos P. Equipment purchased in Finland, established a production and two years later, fully paid the debts. However, after the revolution, the factory was nationalized and the father was forced to return to the profession rig

. Home Lisitsian enjoyed special respect in the Armenian community is due to exceptional musicality and all family members, . - Mother, . father, . and sister Ruzanna, . and from an early age Paul himself - all sang in the choir of the Armenian Church, . were filled with music and hours of home entertainment,
. Even in the age of four, the future singer, sitting on his lap senior, gave the first concert - performed solo and duet with her father not only Armenian, but also Russian, Ukrainian and Neapolitan folk songs. Later - a few years of training in the choir under the guidance of highly sensitive mentor - Composers Sardaryana and Manoukian - played an important role in the artistic development Lisitsian. Musical education boy was versatile and intense - he learned to play the cello, he took piano lessons, played in an amateur orchestra ... Invaluable brought him home and making music: in a hospitable family liked to visit the carriageways on tour, and the evening ended with an improvised concert. For Paul, as he can remember, singing was as natural as talking or breathing. But to the musical career of the child's parents did not prepare. Locksmith and carpentry tools from the early years were just as common for boys and are subject to it, as well as musical.

Fifteen-year teenager after school devyatiletki, Paul left home to work independently. Began a nomadic life in the exploration, diamond drilling parties. 1927 - Sadonskie mines near Vladikavkaz, Paul - apprentice driller, Handyman, Auxiliary worker. 1928 - Mahuntsety of Batumi, works as an assistant master. 1929 - Akhalkalaki, Taparavan construction of hydropower stations, Pavel - drilling foreman and a constant participant of amateur talent, the soloist in the folk choir. After one of the chief speeches of the Party handed eighteen master ticket Tiflis geological controls on workers' school of the Leningrad Conservatory. In Leningrad Paul arrived in the summer of 1930. It turned out that before the entrance exam was still a few months, and he immediately began working on the Baltic Shipyard. Boy mastered the profession riveter and electric welder, blacksmith. But with the Leningrad Conservatory had to leave as soon as they started their education.

Paul received an extra in the Bolshoi Drama Theater. Theater began universities, still had to climb one of the occupational ladder - from the mute to the premiere. The work provided the opportunity daily to see the masters, to breathe the air wings is attached to the traditions of Russian school of acting. Interestingly, the diploma of higher education singer was already an adult, being educated man and a People's Artist of the USSR - Yerevan State Conservatory, he graduated as an external student in 1960.

In the theater, the young statistician trusted execution of solo numbers - romance SHAPORINA Night Zephyr ". These performances in the Bolshoi Drama Theater can be considered a professional vocal debut of actor. In 1932, Paul resumes regular singing lessons with a teacher MM Levitskaya. Finally, the nature of his voice - baritone. Levickaya Paul prepared to enter into a music college, where he was engaged in ZS Dolsky. On the development of vocal wisdom and voice processing Lisician spent only three years - from 1932 to 1935. It was then that he fully mature vocal art praised AI Orfenov. Vocal teacher, . excluding Battistini, . have Lisitsian were two, . but among teachers, . helped him to develop different areas of performing, . he calls too many, . and, . primarily pianists pianists A. Meerovich, . M. Sakharov, . composer A. Dolukhanyan, . Conductors S. lynchings, . Ter-Ovanesyana.V.Nebolsina, . A. Pazovskogo, . Melik-Pashayev, . directed by Boris Pokrovsky ..,

Just beginning to study in college, Paul became a soloist of the First Youth Opera. Debuting in "The Barber of Seville" by Rossini in a tiny party, he did not go unnoticed. Print review at the Leningrad newspaper "Change" was enthusiastic. But, unfortunately, soon due to lack of material resources Youth Theater was disbanded. Another year of study in music college that aligns with the hard work - welding of huge gas holders at the plant - and again the theater, now a youth group of the Leningrad Maly Opera Theater.

1935-1937 years - perhaps the most important and decisive in the creative biography of the artist. It marks the second and even third parties, but it was a wonderful school! Samuel Abramovich Lynching, chief conductor of the theater, a prominent expert in the opera business, carefully watched over the young artist, walking with him, even the most modest of the Party. And gave a lot of work under the direction of Austrian conductor, in those years the head of the Leningrad Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra Fritz Stiedry. Especially happy was to meet with Lisitsian choirmaster Aram Ter-Hovhannisyan.

In 1933 began, statements in workers' clubs, houses of culture, schools ... Lisitsian concert activity, which lasted 45 years. He - a soloist of the concert-theater Bureau Lengosakteatrov. In 1936 Lisician produced and sang in the concert hall of Capella in the ensemble with AB Meerovich her first solo department - songs by Borodin, Balakirev, Rimsky-Korsakov, Glazunov. Despite the enormous pressure of work, the singer finds the time and opportunities for intellectual growth. He studies museums and architecture of the city, read a lot. Invaluable brought Lisitsian "school" of the Leningrad Philharmonic.

1937 brought new changes in his artistic destiny. The singer was invited to Yerevan Opera and Ballet Spendiarova the first installment. Three and a half years of work in Armenia were very fruitful - he played fifteen games in classic and contemporary plays: Eugene Onegin, . Valentine, . Tomsk and Eletski, . Robert, . Tonio and Silvio, . Marolesa and Escamillo, . and Mitka and Listnitskogo in the Pacific Donje ', . Tatul in the opera "Almast", . My in "Anush", . Tovmas in Eastern Dentist ", . Grikor in the opera "Lusabatsin",
. But the success of a particular share has fallen to the singer during the Decade of Armenian art in Moscow in October 1939. He played two heroic party - Tatul and Grikor, and participated in all the most demanding gigs. Competent metropolitan audience warmly received the young singer, spotted him and the leaders of the Bolshoi Theater and is no longer allowed out of sight. Lisitsian awarded the title of Honored Artist of Armenian SSR, he was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor, was elected deputy of the Yerevan city council, became a candidate member of the Communist Party.

Soon began a new important stage of work - the singer was invited to the Bolshoi Theater, where for twenty-six years he was destined to be a soloist. Debut Lisitsian onstage branch of the Bolshoi Theater was held April 26, 1941. Reviews were ecstatic. Before the Great Patriotic War, he had to sing Eugene Onegin and Yeletsky. Strictly speaking, the singer's debut was a performance of "The Queen of Spades, which was held a month earlier" Eugene Onegin ", but missed the metropolitan press statement and responded only to the performance as Onegin, a month later, projecting it as a debut.

The war. From July to October 1941 Paul Lisician with the team traveled on assignment GlavPURKKA and the Committee to serve the Western Front, . Reserve Front Army General Zhukov, . Cavalry Corps under General Dovatora and other parts in the Vyazma, . Gzhatsk, . Mozhaisk, . Vereya, . Borodino, . Baturin and other, . performed in aircraft parts, . hospitals, . Evacuation post at stations,
. He sang at the forefront of the front under fire, in the pouring rain for 3-4 times a day. In September 1941, after one of the battlefront, where the actor played unaccompanied Armenian folk song, a soldier gave him a bouquet of wildflowers. So far, Pavel Gerasimov recalled this bunch, as the most expensive in my life.

For outstanding work on the front of PG Lisician was marked appreciation of the Political Management of the Western Front, the command of the army, as well as personal weapons from the general Dovatora. At the front and rear, he has sung more than five hundred concerts and is proud of fighting awards - medals "For courage", "For the liberation of the Caucasus". By the end of 1941, he was taken to the Yerevan hospital in serious condition and quite a long time hovered between life and death.

Recovering from illness, Lisician a year and a half years singing on the stage of the Yerevan Theater. During this period he adds to his repertoire parties Kiazo in Daisi "Paliashvili and Count of Nevers in Les Huguenots, Meyerbeer, and in 1943 he returned to Moscow, where on December 3, the first time after a long break in favor of the Metropolitan Opera stage. Victory Day memorable for the family Lisitsian not only popular jubilation at the end of the bloody war, but also another joyful event: 9 May 1945 came to light twins - Ruzanna and Ruben.

In 1946, P. Lisician he sang Germont in "La Traviata" by Verdi, Kazbich in "Bela" Aleksandrova. Following this, he performed in opera Muradeli "great friendship" party of the Extraordinary Commissioner. The premiere took place in November 1947. Press was unanimous in commending the work Lisitsian. The same was assessed, and his other work - the image of Ryleeva in opera SHAPORINA "Decembrists" at the Bolshoi Theater in 1953. Another three parties in the operas of Soviet composers were performed Lisitsian at this stage: the Belgian patriot anti-fascist Andre "Jalil" Nazib Zhiganov, Napoleon in "War and Peace" by Prokofiev. At Dzerzhinsky's opera "The destiny of man", he sang the mournful requiem "Memoriam".

In June 1959 the Bolshoi Theater staged Bizet's opera "Carmen" with Mario Del Monaco. Carmen performed IK Arkhipov. She shared the triumphant success with Italian partner, . and PG Lisician in the role of Escamillo in ordinary times could be convinced, . that love and respect for the audience to him unchanged regardless of whether, . who sings with him, . - Each of its output and departure from the scene accompanied by a standing ovation,

. Pavel Gerasimov for his long and eventful life of the opera scored a lot of victories, . ovation in his honor sounded under the arches at La Scala, . Metropolitan, . Bolshoi, . all the other thirty-two opera houses in our country and many foreign,
. He has toured more than thirty countries. In one only the Bolshoi, he spent 26 seasons, . 1800 performances! Among dozens Lisitsian sung baritone parties are equally well represented as a lyrical, . and dramaticheskie.Ego record and to this day remain unsurpassed, . reference,
. His art, overcoming space and time, now a truly modern, relevant and effective.

PG Lisitsian, utterly in love with the opera, a perfect master of the profession of chamber activities, performances with solo concerts.

P. Lisician paid tribute to ensemble played music: he sang in the chamber duets with colleagues in the Bolshoi Theater (in particular, on tour in Vienna - Varlamov and works by Glinka with Valeria Barsova), and sang in quartets. Family Quartet Lisitsian - a unique phenomenon in the domestic professional performing. As a team, in 1971, they made their debut, performing all the parts - soprano, alto, tenor and bass - in the "Requiem" by Mozart. Father - Paul Gerasimovitch, two daughters - Karin and Ruzanna, and his son Ruben brings unity in music, art principles, good taste, love of the great classical heritage. Pledge huge success of the ensemble in the overall aesthetic position of its participants, a common approach to the technical and sound problems in the polished skills of each team member.

Spent 26 seasons at the Bolshoi Theater, living most of life in Moscow, Lisician nonetheless never forgets that he is Armenian. There was not a season throughout his creative life when he has not sung in Armenian, not only in opera but in concert, not only in large cities, but also to workers of remote mountain villages.

Touring the world, Pavel Gerasimov liked to bring in different countries and give the owners of their folk songs, performing them in the original. But his main passion - the Armenian and Russian songs.

From 1967 to 1973 Lisician was connected with the Yerevan Conservatory: first as a teacher, then as a professor and head of. While touring in the U.S. (1960) and Italy (1965), . however, . as in many other foreign trips, . he, . addition to participating in a previously scheduled concerts and performances, . found time and energy to speak in Armenian zemljachestva, . and in Italy even had time to attend a variety of Armenian children, . to select suitable for a professional singing education,

PG Lisician repeatedly participated in international competitions as a member of the jury, including the competition in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), competitions Schumann and Bach in East Germany. For 20 years, participated in the Weimar music workshops. The winner of the Schumann Prize (Zwickau, 1977)

. Several years ago, Paul Lisician final farewell to the operatic stage and the concert stage and singing is only in ballet class, but still remarkable, showing students how to perform a particular phrase, one or another exercise

Underlying all activities of Paul Gerasimovitch Lisitsian - principled life position working man in love with chosen profession. In his appearance there can be no hint of the "dignitaries", he thinks only one thing - to be necessary and useful to people, their work. It lives a holy concern for the music, creativity, goodness, beauty.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Lisitsian Pavel Gerasimov, photo, biography
Lisitsian Pavel Gerasimov, photo, biography Lisitsian Pavel Gerasimov  People's Artist of the USSR, Professor, photo, biography
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