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Pankov Tatiana

( People's Artist of Russia.)

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Biography Pankov Tatiana
photo Pankov Tatiana
Born Dec. 27, 1916 in Leningrad. Father - Pankov, Peter Ilyich (1881 g.rozhd.). Mother - Chizhov Zinaida (1898 g.rozhd.). Male - Agarkov Oleg Mikhailovich (1916-1987) - Ph.D. in art history, Professor Institute Gnesinyh, director and conductor of the Opera Studio, conductor Chamber Orchestra of the Institute, received the trophy G. Karajan.

In the family spirit of punk has always prevailed Theater. Despite the fact that the head of the family was a man of exact sciences, engineer-technologist, and his mother - a teacher, mathematician. Father - an extremely poetic nature, with his usual artistry often recited poems for children, managing to alter a verse Russian folk tales. But parents do not want the children went to art, believing that one has to master a more serious profession. The family had four children - two brothers and two sisters - and they all eventually linked their lives with the theater.

The elder brother Basil first appeared on stage and, as a man fascinated and in love with theater, a passion for theater and junior. He played in the Bolshoi Drama Theater, the family never missed a single rehearsal, not a premiere. The war found him an actor theater of the Baltic Fleet. In August 1941. He died heroically in the Baltic Sea. His younger brother Paul (who died in 1987) played in the BDT, was a famous actor (one of its undoubted successes - Tetrao role in 'Philistines' in a glamorous setting G. BDT), many appeared in films. Sister, Nina (1923 g.rozhd.) Also played in the BDT, taught in GITIS.

In school, Tanya was fond of mathematics, followed in the footsteps of mother. There have been good successes, winning the Olympic Games (took first place in the country among girls). She loved the theater, played in a school initiative. Embarrassed by only one serious thing, says EPIKHODOV in 'Cherry Orchard': she was afraid to think about the scene 'because of their appearance'. It is no secret she was not beautiful. Receiving the certificate, was admitted to the Leningrad University in Physics and Mathematics. But soon realized that because of his natural temperament, to engage in scientific work will not. Its more enthusiastic about the practical activities, the possibility of more contact with people. Tatiana goes to the Polytechnic Institute in the Department of Metallurgy. Yet in 1939, fulfilling his family's debts, putting their father diploma from the Institute, she goes to Moscow to enroll in college under Schepkinskoe Maly Theater. On the road, the Maly Theater in Leningrad, Tatiana saw the play 'Children Vanyushina', where he played a prominent actor NN Rybnikov. She was so shocked by his performance that she decided: 'Only small, I want to play as actors in this theater'.

Arriving in Moscow, covering her passion income, and wanted to test myself - except Schepkinskogo she take the test and in the studio with realistic theater in Shchukin, and in the studio of the Chamber Theater, and was accepted everywhere. But his dream has not changed, went to study in college Schepkinskoe. She was lucky she got to the course remarkable teachers Konstantin Zubov and Alexander Pavdovicha Georgia. During the war the Little Theater and School were evacuated to Chelyabinsk. Here, a student, Tanya first appeared on stage in the role of women in the play Vasilisa 'Patriotic War of 1812' by Leo Tolstoy. Here is received and baptism. Immediately joined the work of front-line teams, and when the branch was organized by the Front of the Maly Theater, traveled with him on all fronts. She has appeared in parts of the army for seven or eight hours a day, sometimes seven hundred meters from the Germans, under the open sky, usually in trucks with open sides. For two years she went on many fronts, playing on the verge of mental and physical strength. But she was happy that among the blood and death, could give people a moment of rest, memories of a peaceful life. Came the first acting experience. Tatiana was very fond of playing comedy roles on the front, . They were taken to 'cheer' - and Merchutkina of Chekhov's 'Jubilee', . Anfisa in 'Marriage Bal'zaminova' and Arina Fedotovna in 'Not in my sled did not sit down' by Alexander Ostrovsky (for this role at the Moscow show of wartime theaters, she was awarded first prize),
. Pankov, and was proud of his first military medal "For Defense of Soviet Arctic '.

In 1943, Mr.. Tatiana Pankov was accepted into the troupe of the Maly Theater. And since half a century, it is the only theater in her life. That is, almost old-fashioned word 'service' is best characterized by a vibrant, sacred relationship to the stage, the inherent old masters, among them, and Tatyana Pankov.

And in those early years, Nicholas Pogodin brought to the Little Theater play, 'The Creation'. Pankova was assigned the role of 'old' Semyonovna. She withdrew from the front-line branch, and she returned to Moscow. She already knew that his parents were killed in besieged Leningrad, never seeing his daughter on stage. It was hard on the soul, but she had to live, work. Pogodinskaya play helped her to get a second wind. Pankov never played the young heroines, she has always been an actress Distinguishing. Soon came to the theater, began to play the role of age. And this requires not only special talent and professional skills, but also some self-sacrifice. On the role of age, while they were alive, appointed by the 'grand old lady', which was famous for Small Theater. It was then, and it was necessary not just to show patience, but also to keep a constant input ready for any role. Her teacher KA Zubov told her: 'Tatiana, I can give you any role in the first part of. But after school with me, you're going for old women, pass university '.

No one took the role of 'hands' of Vera Nikolaevna Pashennaya young actress: Boyarynia Staritskiy in 'Ivan the Terrible', Kukushkin in 'plum', Kabanihu in 'Storm'. From Helena Mitrofanovna Shatrova moved to Pankova Matryona in 'Power of Darkness' and Volokhova in 'Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich'. Introducing these were not formal. Pankov, and nobody ever tried to imitate. It was based on the capabilities of their own personality and always cared about, not to destroy the ensemble on stage. She was always fun to play 'their old women' who had the experience of life, rich world of feelings and sensations. Actress played more than a hundred roles on the stage of the Maly Theater. Roles Pankova, often close in age criteria and the inherent features of many of her heroine a strong-willed nature, totally different in nature and form of their manifestation. It does not look like a violent darkly ambitious Yefrosinya Starytska in 'Ivan the Terrible' in ingenuously has committed iniquity, . resourceful Matrona in 'Power of Darkness' or ritual and ceremonial in his tyranny Kabanihu in 'Storm', . Tinker greedy old woman in 'Vanity Fair' on fanatically devoted to her mistress Oenone in 'Phedre', . chinnaya, . Eloise closed in 'Mamour' on the sly, . with a natural sense of humor in Yevseyevna 'menials' ..,

One of the best roles Pankova - Telba in 'Morning Fairy' A. Casoni. The actress has made this grim simplicity, captivated their steadfastness in the mother's grief, and at the same time inherent indestructible vitality.

Tatiana Pankov - one of the most unique actresses of our time. In her game combines sharp specificity and drama, it brings with him to the stage a unique harmony, simplicity and the true culture of the great 'old' Little. From them she inherited most lively traditions of performance skills in plays by Ostrovsky, rotund and full-blooded images, because of temperament, a mischievous element of the game, expressive speech. All this determined and exceptional scale of its creation: Kabaniha ( 'Thunderstorm'), . Kukushkin ( 'Money-place'), . Bobylikha ( 'Snow Maiden'), . Stepanida ( 'Shines, . yes no heat '), . Krasavina ( 'Marriage Bal'zaminova'), . Fetinya Mironovna ( 'Not a penny, . then suddenly altц?n '), . 'Anfusa' ( 'wolves and sheep') and many others,
. She's the actress outside the age. It all genres are subject to the stage, why it is so mischievous, easily, in a true comedy vein, it is his aunt Atuevu in the musical 'Wedding Krechinsky' A. Kolker on A.Suhovo-Kobylin.

Theatrical creativity Tatiana Pankov combines with work in film and television. One of the most brilliant of its Movie parts, have won public acclaim - Annenkov in the film 'Star of captivating happiness' director V. Motyl (1975). During the years of creative life Pankova co-starred in many films. Among the most famous work actress in films: dressmaker ( 'Anna on the Neck', . 1954), . Anna Terentievna ( 'Honeymoon', . 1957), . Nanette ( 'Eugenie Grandet', . 1959), . Madame Storozhenko ( 'Farm in the steppes', . 1969), . Louise Broneslavovna ( 'Sphinx', . 1990), . aunt Torkel ( 'All red', . 1997), . aunt of the hero ( 'impostors', . 1998) and other,

. Tatiana Pankov - People's Artist of Russia (1984), . Cavalier 2-orders of 'Honor' (1949, . 1974.) And the Order of Merit (1998), . awarded medals 'Veteran of Labor' (1984), . 'In memory of 800 anniversary of Moscow' (1948), . 'In memory of the 850 anniversary of Moscow' (1997),
. She - the participant of Great Patriotic War, . awarded medals "For the Defense of Soviet Arctic ', . "For the victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.", . "For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War ', . 'Medal of Zhukov' (1986), . as well as commemorative medals,

By its very nature, Tatiana - a very busy. Since 1951, she is a member of the Union of Theater Workers, deputy chairman of the social and consumer commission. To her people go for advice and help, and also selflessly, with the same passion and irrepressible temperament, as well as on stage, it is someone somewhere comfortable, takes trips to a health spa, drugs, visit the sick or their fellow veterans of the scene.

Tatiana always open to new. Almost as much as the theater, she loves to travel. Drove nearly all of Europe, was in Japan, India, China. Her erudition, breadth of spiritual needs, the generosity with which they share knowledge, to be envied. Enjoys mountaineering.

Her husband was a professional musician in the house always classical music. Favorite composers - Mozart, Beethoven, Prokofiev, Scriabin. The cast her idol for life remained genius A. Ostuzhev. It says the actress herself, does not matter how many times she looked Ostuzhev in 'Othello' and 'Urieel Acosta', could not understand what means the actor so much influence on the audience, the audience is entirely dominated by their emotions.

Today, Tatiana lives in the theater Pankov and enthusiasm, with the same diligence and vigor as the debutante, for which this is the role decides her fate. It is much employed in the theater: plays, rehearsing. Worthy in its own way and continues the tradition of the oldest Russian theater, for Maly past - is part of this. And, perhaps, fitting that now Tatiana Pankov takes grimoubornuyu Vera Nikolaevna Pashennaya. Portrait of the former mistress on the wall - it all seemed to live a thread connecting 'the present century a century past'.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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