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Vyacheslav Ivanovich Polunin

( Winner of National Award 'Triumph')

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Biography Vyacheslav Ivanovich Polunin
photo Vyacheslav Ivanovich Polunin
Born June 12, 1950. Father - Polunin, Ivan Pavlovich. Mother - Maria N. Polunin, sales. Wife - Elena Ushakova, actress, working together with her husband. Children: Dmitry Ushakov; Polunin Paul, a student at music college in St. Petersburg, Polunin, Ivan, played on stage together with parents.

He is spoken of as a genius, his performances are called classics, the world has its aficionados. All this is now, when he was knocked fifty.

It all began in childhood, in a small town Novosil that in the Orel region. In class, he thought of his and rarely listened to teachers. That he has survived to this day: he always thinks about her while listening to over the years, he still learned. Especially - auditorium. He hears it every breath, because his performance varies depending on this breath.

Intermittent troubled breathing room can provoke his most unexpected windfall prank. And then he can go straight to the viewer. Or suddenly hangs over the room incredibly huge pause. About poluninskih pauses can write essays, for in them all his wisdom. As he paused - mime - is able to say everything that we can not say any words or actions.

With my school he was often kicked out for what was inattentive and constantly amused the whole class of their hilarious antics. In the 2 nd or 3 rd grade, he first saw the movie "Babe" with Chaplin. But my mother did not give it up to watch the end: the film went on television late at night, and she turned off the TV. He wept until morning. A few months had already gone to great shoes, a cane, Chaplinskaya walk around the school. And then he began to compose all sorts of things and show them. First, in the courtyard of a friend, then at the district contests. Despite the fact that some of the lessons he spent in the school yard, school, graduated and went to Leningrad, with the secret hope to enter the Theater Institute.

Maria was delighted with this choice, she wanted his son to become an engineer. To act in a theatrical institute could not, in his own words, because "any sounds that he could not pronounce". I had to study engineering.

But an engineering career did not take place. Vyacheslav threw Institute and enrolled in the Leningrad Institute of Culture, which later became a teacher. His Leningrad period was marked by the establishment in 1968 the first group with the beautiful name "Litsedei" and self-employed while the new art of mime.

Passion pantomime emerged not just as a fashion. Her fluid movements replaced often too specific, and therefore almost meaningless in those days the word. When everyone and everything has been subject to censorship, when every word had to be zalitovano, pantomime remained free. All this, including the failure of the entrance exams in Theater Institute, an interest sparked by Vyacheslav Polunin to the silent art of mime.

Then "Litsedei headed by Polunin has successfully worked in the field of an eccentric comic pantomime. They were invited to the large combined concerts and even on TV. All free time Vyacheslav spent in libraries, which seriously engaged in self -. He now holds every free minute with a book. Going to a bookstore - is a ritual.

Among these books a lot of album art, because the painting, sculpture, architecture, design, graphics, cartoon - the most important food for his imagination. And that fantasy creates their pictures on the stage, which have nothing to do with imitation and repetition.

Vyacheslav began turning point for New Year - 1981 th. He called the editor "New Year's lights" and said that he has a completely new room. No room at this point, however, was not there, but it was a premonition predoschuschenie. There was speculation that the need new, anyone not like the character. Thus was born Asisyay - a small, naive and trembling man in a yellow jumpsuit with a red scarf and red tattered sneakers. Born at a time when poluninskie miniatures gained recognition in their own author - a variety of prizes, including second place at the National competition of entertainers. He was born because there was compelling need to break through to something new, unknown, unusual.

Since then, the move toward the unknown, sometimes seeming unreal, it became the norm for him, the answer to many, sometimes very difficult situations in life and work.

In 1982, Polunin collected in Leningrad, about 800 artists pantomimes from around the country to become a legend now, "Mim-parade". In 1985, the Festival of Youth and Students, . in which the workshop was organized by the mime and clowning, . he brought to Moscow clowns with the then inaccessible West, . among whom were titled "King of Fools" Jango Edwards of Holland and most epatiruyusche serious and sarcastic - Franz Josef Bogner of Germany,

V. Polunin became the organizer of the All-Union festival of street theater in Leningrad (1987). More than 200 participants, including children and critics have been abandoned on an uninhabited island in the Gulf of Finland. On this island were organized attacks on a boat to different parts of Leningrad and the area in which the actors and the plastic clown theaters mastered the difficult art of street Comedians

. In 1988, "Litsedei", . created during its existence of five performances - "Dreamer", . "Churdaki", . "From the Life of Insects", . "Asisyay-Revue" and "catastrophe", . - Celebrating 20 years of his theater's own funeral, . Stanislavsky believed, . who said, . that the theater after 20 years of its existence, dies,
. On the occasion of the funeral was convened the first All-Union Congress of Fools ", at which it was discussed in detail, the rights of a great reformer of the stage. The funeral took place all over the form: first speech at the tomb, more precisely - the coffins, then the mourning procession through the streets and, finally, - a solemn alloy burning coffins on the Neva.

In 1989, a miracle happened, whose name "Caravan of Peace" - European Festival of Street Theater. It was a unique theatrical city on wheels, which plied the roads of Europe for six months. Poluninskie efforts made possible the implementation and the project, which was not equal, either before or after ...

Then he created the Academy of Fools ", which started an ambitious project to revive the carnival culture in Russia, the tradition which is preserved at home Polunin. The first phase of the project Vyacheslav spent their own money. At the second stage of the money was gone, and then he left Russia to tour the world. These tours have been going on for more than seven years.

Today Polunin lives in London, where he takes a big house. But his main house - in the car, which with him roam the world, not only family and his friends, colleagues, and library and video library, which are the envy of the serious collector. In the same trailer-car live his books and films based scenery and props, is equipped workshop. Always with a small TV with VCR, fully equipped office, which can be deployed anywhere

. Western press Russian clown Slava Polunin is called "the best clown world", , . he received in different countries most prestigious theater awards, . among them Edinburgh Golden Angel ", . and the Spanish "Golden Nose", . and Laurence Olivier Award,
. At home, in Russia, in 2000 he was awarded the prize "Triumph".

My head V. Polunin many new zadumok and plans. This is work together with I. Shemyakin over performance of "diabolo", and hope to organize with the support of the Metropolitan Municipality in 2002 in Moscow International Theater Olympics. "Invite the people, street, areal theater, mimes, circus, jugglers, - dreams Polunin - and something like that uchudim. Say zabem and fry on skewers over a huge bonfire ... bus, car - a monster of XX century. I love that was crazy, carefree life, endless improvisation ... "

Recently, Vyacheslav Polunin, often from London to Moscow. The fact that the old dream of Vyacheslav Ivanovich about creation in Russia's own cultural center under the auspices of the Academy of Fools "is close to the implementation. Moscow government decided to allocate the funding for this. Apparently, not far off when the young talent will be able to learn wisdoms clown on a special system Polunin. Of course, there will be a regular act beloved by all Asisyay and other famous clowns.

Polunin very much working and she can not rest. But the inability to live in pleasure - and on stage and off. It can be tough, calculating, invulnerable, but only because in fact he, like every true artist, and vulnerable, and not adapted, and trembling. He - the person who creates a holiday.

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  • Kolinko Julia, book graphics, black and white photograph (under the pseudonym Bonner, essays for Vyacheslav Ivanovich Polunin
  • There is a script, but is there a way to send it Vyacheslav Ivanovich? .. I would be grateful for a response. Y.
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    Vyacheslav Ivanovich Polunin, photo, biography
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